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    • Michael’s 60th birthday at Michael Jackson ONE on August 29, 2018
      April 25, 2018

      The Estate of Michael Jackson invites the fans to celebrate Michael’s 60th birthday at Michael Jackson ONE on August 29, 2018.
      Make sure to RSVP on the event page so you are the first to know as details about this special celebration emerge.
      More info to follow on this post…
      SOURCE: MJOnline The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™

      Michaels 60. Geburtstag am 29. August 2018 bei Michael Jackson ONE

      The Estate of Michael Jackson lädt die Fans ein, Michaels 60. Geburtstag am 29. August 2018 bei Michael Jackson ONE zu feiern. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie auf der Event-Seite antworten, damit Sie als Erster wissen, wie Details zu dieser besonderen Feier entstehen.
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      Quelle: MJOnline Das offizielle Online-Team des Michael Jackson Estate ™
    • Michael Jackson One Celebration of the King of Pop's Birthday

      Der Estate of #MichaelJackson lädt am 29. August 2018 zur 6. Michael Jackson ONE Geburtstagsfeier nach Las Vegas ein. Gäste der MJ Scream Party letzten Oktober in Los Angeles trafen auf Mitglieder des MJOnline-Teams, die berichteten die diesjährige Geburtstagsfeier wird die größte überhaupt. Denn Michael wäre dieses Jahr 60 Jahre alt geworden. Der Michael-Jackson-Tag beginnt um 12.00 Uhr und endet um 24.00 Uhr in der Nacht! Volles Programm, welches nur über die FB-Eventseite zu erfahren sein wird. Hier sich unbedingt registrieren - als "Zusage" oder "Interessiert". Eine Promo-Aktion für reduzierte Tickets gab es Anfang März - und da waren schon einige Tickets für diesen besonderen Mittwoch im August verkauft. Dieses Event kommt offensichtlich auch ohne Werbung aus!

      The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil will host the 6th Annual Michael Jackson ONE celebration in honor of the King of Pop’s birthday on Wednesday, August 29. Join fans from around the world at Mandalay Bay and get ready for a celebration unlike any other! Special events to celebrate Michael will be announced in the coming weeks.

    • Spotlight on artist Christina Lovisa
      July 6, 2018

      With the brand new Exhibition kicking off at the National Portrait Gallery in London, inspired by the legacy of Michael Jackson, we look back on other artists who were also inspired by the King of Pop.
      Like Christina Lovisa, a visual artist who made it to the MJ ONE Boutique in Las Vegas.
      Lovisa has created a special Fedora for Cirque du Soleil which has an unique look and design representing not only Michael Jackson but also the spirit of the show and here is her story:

      “But sampling for a company like Cirque du Soleil was different in that they’re show-specific. They wanted me to develop something for the Michael Jackson ONE show. That was my first contract with them. They had asked for a handmade souvenir to be sold in the gift shop, and I was trying to think of all kinds of things, and this is where I honestly believe that the spirit of Michael Jackson visited me himself.

      “Normally my milieu is painting, so I kept thinking in terms of painting. But I was driving down the highway and, just like watching a YouTube video, I actually watched this fedora, which has become one of their best-selling items since the inception of the show. I watched the construction of it, I knew the materials, I knew everything — so much so that I actually turned the car around and went searching for the parts so I could start putting this hat together.

      “When it was done, I showed it to Cirque. There were 15 artists that were competing, and once they saw the hat, they just loved it. It had a little camera on it, and exploding pixels all over it. A mixed-media piece. They tried to get me to do other renditions — do it in white, do it in pink — but none of the others took off. Just the one that was shown to me in that little video in my head.

      “They asked me, ‘How many can you make? Do you have a factory?’ And I was like, ‘No, I’m just one person.’ So I actually set limits for how often they can order, and the quantities, and they have been ordering that hat consistently since the inception, which I think is six or seven years now. I think I’ve made close to 2,000 hats now, each one by hand. I think I could make them in my sleep.”

      The Fedora is available only at MJ ONE Boutique at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas to promote the show ONE by Cirque du Soleil.

      Fore more information on Christina Lovisa, CLICK HERE
      MJ ONE Tickets and Information, CLICK HERE
      Also visit Michael Jackson “On The Wall” Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London, CLICK HERE for more information and tickets

    • Michael Jackson ONE celebrates 5 years of the King of Pop
      July 13, 2018

      Choreography is important in all Cirque du Soleil’s Las Vegas productions, but only Michael Jackson ONE was entirely inspired by an icon of dance who directly influenced most, if not all, of its cast members. Whether emulating Jackson’s style, paying tribute to his trademark moves or expressing his spirit through entirely fresh and original choreography, the fleet feet that touch the stage at Mandalay Bay belong to seasoned professionals who all came of age after the King of Pop’s influence on the world of dance had become both widespread and well-established.

      Michael Jackson ONE’s fifth anniversary this month is a landmark for both the production and the careers of the people who have been involved with the show since its inception. Dance coach Tiffany Baker, who joined Michael Jackson ONE during its creation, says the show is at a strong point right now. “We’re consistently working on trying to strengthen different elements, make a storyline really visible with the audience,” she says. “With the cast constantly changing we bring in different strengths and different skills that can really help elevate a lot of our acts.”

      Baker cites the “Thriller” number as an example of one that went from good to breathtaking thanks to the growing skills of its trampoline acrobats. Like Jackson’s style itself, the show’s choreography is a mix of classical, contemporary and street styles originally developed by Olivier Simola and Rich + Tone Talauega. Signature Jackson accouterments such as spangled gloves, penny loafers, sunglasses and fedoras inspire entire scenes. Teams of Smooth Criminals, MJ Warriors, Paparazzi and Tabloid Junkies deliver synchronized moves, while Dirty Diana is brought to life as a pole-dancing siren under the spell of the malevolent machine-monster Mephisto.

      Acting scenes have been revised to strengthen the narrative of four misfits who discover hidden powers after being drawn into Jackson’s magical world. “We really try to keep faithful to what the original directors and choreographers wanted and what their vision was,” says Baker. “But then sometimes in putting something together you realize this works, and this doesn’t. If we do it this way, people will understand it better.” Slacklines, martial arts and juggling figure in the evolution of the misfits into heroes, and Jackson’s image is prevalent via video and holographic imagery. Awe-inspiring special effects and multi-directional sound add to the experience, but Michael Jackson One is primarily a celebration of Jackson through his music and body movement.

      Baker says the scene set to “Smooth Criminal” is the most difficult to pull off. Dancers don gangster suits and fedoras to transform into King of Pop avatars and evoke actual choreography created by Jackson for performing the song live. “For the dancers, you really want to look like Michael as much as you can,” she says, adding that while his inspiration was prevalent, no one can really pull off Jackson’s moves like Jackson did. “Every dancer, some time in their life has been influenced by Michael Jackson in one way or another, no matter what age you are.

      Mandalay Bay, 7 & 9:30 p.m. Thurs.-Mon., $69-$180 plus tax and fee. 877.632.7400 BUY TICKETS HERE

    • From MJ Estate
      Der Estate of #MichaelJackson und Cirque du Soleil werden am Mittwoch, den 29. August 2018, die sechste Michael Jackson One Celebration zu Ehren des Geburtstages des King of Pop ausrichten.

      Die #DiamondCelebration beginnt am frühen Nachmittag und endet in der Nacht mit einer großen Outdoor-Party. Ebenfalls anwesend werden Mitglieder des Creative Teams der Show #MichaelJacksonOne, Mitgliedern der Jackson Familie und anderen speziell eingeladenen Prominenten und VIPs sein. Der Tagesablauf ist wie folgt:

      14:30 – 15:00 Uhr: Meet & Greet mit MJ Estate und geladenen Gästen in der Lobby des Michael Jackson One Theaters
      15:00 Uhr: Buchsignierung mit Michael Bush in der "Michael Jackson One Boutique"
      Nach den Shows "Michael Jackson One", jeweils 19.00 Uhr und 21:30 Uhr, startet um 20:30 Uhr das Abendprogramm, das bis 1:00 Uhr in der Frühe geht.
      20:30 pm – 1:00 Uhr: Outdoor-Party im Daylight Beach Club

      Der Eintritt gilt nur für die Ticketbesitzer über 21 Jahre, die "Michael Jackson One" um 19.00 Uhr und 21:30 Uhr besucht haben. Der Moderator der Party wird die in Amerika bekannte Radio-Persönlichkeit Sway Calloway sein. Es wird einzelne Gigs und Auftritte von Gaststars geben. Getränke und Snacks stehen zur Verfügung, die aber gekauft werden müssen. Zudem werden Attraktionen für Social-Media-Aktivitäten zur Verfügung gestellt, die von den Kurzfilmen von Michael Jackson inspiriert sind. Wir werden sicherlich live berichten!

      Für die diesjährige ganz besondere Diamantene Geburtstagsfeier hat sich der Estate of #MichaelJackson entschieden, Michaels bekannten Wunsch zu würdigen, benachteiligten Menschen auf der ganzen Welt, insbesondere Kindern, zu helfen, indem es die Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation zu der Veranstaltung eingeladen. Ziel einer gesonderten Fundraisers-Event ist es, die Arbeit der mobilen Gesundheitskliniken der Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation im ländlichen Malawi (Afrika) zu unterstützen. Die Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation wird zudem posthum Michael Jackson mit 2018 Elizabeth Taylor Legacy Award auszeichnen. Entgegennehmen wird diesen Preis Michael Jacksons Tochter und Elizabeth Taylors Patenkind Paris Jackson. #ParisJackson hat ihre Teilnahme bereits bestätigt.

      Das Foto wurde in der folgenden Facebook-Gruppe gefunden. Vielleicht besteht Interesse an dem lockeren Treffen amerikanischer MJ-Fans :heart in Las Vegas teilzunehmen:

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