Murrays Aktionen (nach Entlassung aus dem Knast) Interviews etc.

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    • Murrays Aktionen (nach Entlassung aus dem Knast) Interviews etc.

      Killerarzt von Michael Jackson verlangt 300.000 engl.Pfund für autobiografischen Buch-Deal…r-autobiography-book-deal

      Auszüge aus dem Artikel im link:

      A senior source at one highly respected publishing house in New York said yesterday: “We passed on this without reading a word of his partial manuscript. Handling that man’s memoirs is not on our agenda.
      “I happen to know he has spoken with other publishers but I believe anyone who allows him to profit from his crime will only be buying Trouble and risking public opprobrium.”

      Eine „hochrangige“ Quelle eines hochangesehenen Verlagshaus in NY sagte gestern: „Wir verzichteten auf dieses ohne ein Wort des Teil-Manuskripts zu lesen. Die Bearbeitung der Memoiren dieses Mannes ist nicht unsere Agenda (Absicht).“
      Ich weiß, dass er auch mit anderen Verlegern gesprochen hat, aber ich glaube,jeder, der ihm ermöglichen würde von seinem Verbrechen zu profitieren, würde sich nur Ärger einhandeln und öffentliche Schmach riskieren.“

      Los Angeles media analyst Mike Raia said: “It is far from uncommon in America for criminals, even Mafia mobsters, to walk out of prison and sign a lucrative book deal but Murray is almost universally reviled.
      “I would be incredulous if any reputable publishing house would even contemplate writing him a cheque for $500,000.”

      LA Medien Analyst Mike Raia sagt: „Es ist keinesfalls ungewöhnlich für Kriminelle in Amerika, sogar für Maffia Bosse, aus dem Gefängnis zu kommen und einen lukrativen Buch Vertrag abzuschliessen, aber Murray ist fast universal verschmäht. Es wäre unglaubwürdig wenn irgend ein angesehenes Verlagshaus auch nur erwägen würde ihm einen 500.000$ Scheck auszustellen."
    • Conrad Murray Won’t Be Able To EVER Practice Medicine In U.S. —
      He Can’t Get Medical Malpractice Insurance!

      Posted on Nov 1, 2013 @ 4:15AM | By Jen Heger - Assistant Managing Editor

      Conrad Murray has sued the state of Texas in an effort to get his medical license back after being released from jail earlier this week for his conviction in the involuntary manslaughter death of Michael Jackson — but has exclusively learned that even if the disgraced former cardiologist is successful in legal efforts to have his medical license reinstated, the convicted felon won’t be able to obtain medical malpractice insurance which is needed to practice medicine.

      “Conrad Murray’s medical malpractice insurance was revoked as soon as he was convicted of the involuntary manslaughter death of Michael Jackson. Murray won’t be able to obtain medical malpractice insurance because no company would cover him. He used horrible judgment in giving propofol to Michael Jackson in a home setting,” a source close to the situation told Radar.

      “It doesn’t matter if Conrad had a blemish free record prior to Michael’s death….the facts don’t change, he gave anesthesia to a patient for sleep purposes. So Murray can file all the appeals he wants, and it’s highly unlikely he will be given his medical license back… At the end of the day, he won’t be able to get the necessary medical malpractice insurance.”

      Murray was sentenced in 2011 to four years in prison for his involuntary manslaughter conviction in Jackson’s 2009 death from an overdose of propofol. He walks out of the facility having served two years, to the chagrin of the Jackson family.

      The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office will be closely monitoring Murray to make sure he isn’t able to practice medicine.

      “If he tries to get a medical license in the U.S. or anywhere around the world, the D.A. will make sure the appropriate officials are aware that he was convicted of killing someone because he used propofol in a house,” a source previously told Radar.

      “He is a danger to any potential patients because he lacks proper judgment skills.”

      Since being released from jail earlier this week, Murray had his hair dyed from grey to black, and has been lamenting that he isn’t to blame for Jackson’s death.

      According to court docs filed by Murray in Texas, he claims he is more than $400,000 in debt and needs his medical license back so he can earn a living.

    • Soll er doch die dreckigsten Klos putzen gehen, die man finden kann... so kann man auch Geld verdienen!

      Cool, dass die Verlage sich da auf nix einlassen! :top

      [FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,

      Love leaves a memory no one can steal[/FONT]
    • :OO :kotz

      Making up for lost time: Just days after he was released from prison Conrad Murray dressed up as a gorilla for Halloween in order to take his young son Che Giovanni trick or treating

      Michael hätte das mit seinen Kindern auch gern gemacht... kann er jetzt aber nicht mehr... :sad

      [FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,

      Love leaves a memory no one can steal[/FONT]
    • badwoman schrieb:

      und wtf hat der mit seinen haaren gemacht... :blossnet :away

      Damit die dreckigen Läuse bei ihm bleiben....

      vielleicht meint er, dass er so nicht erkannt wird. Er hat sicher Angst vor den MJ-Fans... alles böse menschen.... :fear

      [FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,

      Love leaves a memory no one can steal[/FONT]
    • :tatort..was da dran is ?

      EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jackson's mother is a hypocrite about Dr. Conrad Murray, says source

      Now Katherine Jackson's lawyers say she is against his efforts to be a doctor again. But in an earlier proposed declaration she stated, 'I believe Dr. Murray has suffered in jail for over a year and cannot pose a threat to our community.'
      Comments (9)

      By Nancy Dillon / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
      Monday, November 11, 2013, 6:40 PM

      Michael Jackson's mother Katherine Jackson leaves the sentencing hearing of Dr. Conrad Murray, whose legal team now says she is being a hypocrite about trying to block his effort to get his medical credentials back.

      The King of Pop’s mom is a royal hypocrite, so says a source close to the doctor convicted of killing Michael Jackson.

      The matriarch’s legal team responded to Dr. Conrad Murray’s release from prison two weeks ago, saying Katherine Jackson was dead set against his plans to regain his medical license.

      A source close to Conrad says that Katherine’s legal team presented a secret draft letter when it wanted the doctor's support during the wrongful-death lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live.

      But less than 12 months ago, Katherine’s reps were singing a different tune when they offered to file a highly sympathetic declaration related to his criminal appeal, the source said.

      Conrad Murray reunites with his son for a hike following his release from jail. The proposed declaration, obtained exclusively by the Daily News, said she believed Murray was not a threat to others and deserved to get out of prison on bail during his appeal.

      Conrad Murray was convicted of unintentionally killing Michael Jackson. “I know that Dr. Murray was held criminally responsible for taking Michael away from me. But I do not object, however, to the court granting him bail pending his appeal,” the letter stated. “I believe Dr. Murray has suffered in jail for over a year and cannot pose a threat to our community.”

      The well-placed Murray source said Katherine’s legal team presented the secret draft letter when it wanted Murray to sign a declaration supporting Katherine’s wrongful-death lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live.

      Murray didn’t sign, and Katherine’s lawyers never filed the declaration for his bail motion.

      Controversy still follows Michael Jackson, even in death. He is seen here in 2009. “At no time has Katherine or any member of (the) Jackson family said Dr. Murray should be allowed to practice medicine,” Katherine’s lawyer Brian Panish said Monday.

      Read more:…e-1.1513521#ixzz2kS13nosh
    • laut TMZ klagen Kathrine & Co. weiter. Hoffen wir mal, dass sie das richterliche Urteil kippen kann.
      "Mein Herz...mein Verstand...sind gebrochen. Ich liebte Michael mit meiner ganzen Seele und ich kann mir kein Leben ohne ihn vorstellen. Ich glaube nicht, dass jemand wusste, wie sehr wir einander liebten. Oh Gott, ich werde ihn so vermissen!" Elizabeth Taylor
    • danceoflife schrieb:

      ...Murray plant.... einen Film zu machen.. der die letzten Geheimnisse des Stars offenbart....:kotz
      ..Denzel Washington! soll die Hauptrolle spielen..(:rofl) dann plan mal schön und träum weiter...Mistkäfer..:bla…spx#.UokDtT66xu0.facebook

      *kreeeeiiiiiiiiiisch* Das halt ich nicht aus :lmao :lmao :lmao Es wird Zeit, daß der in die Güllegrube fällt.