More Michael Jackson Belongings on Auction

    • More Michael Jackson Belongings on Auction

      More Michael Jackson Belongings on Auction next November
      October 7, 2016

      Julien’s Auctions will be holding another auction on November 5th in Los Angeles. The Auction called “Icons and Idols Rock N’ Roll will feature items from Eric Clapton, Prince, Madonna and of course Michael Jackson. Some of the items were already for auction back in 2013 part of the Tompkins and Bush Collection and some of you might have seen some of them in the Exhibition in LA, London and Tokyo. Here some of the item available in November:

      Here above the Jacket that Michael wore on the HIStory World Tour for the performance of the song “Blood On The Dance Floor”. The Song was rarely performed but the Jacket is now one of the kind for the fans!

      “Leave Me Alove” is one of the most iconic Music Video from the Bad Album and whole outfit is now going to be sold and might never been seen ever again by the fans:

      More personal items like personal shirts and wedding treats from Michael and Lisa-Marie’s wedding day and some of the awards owned by the King of Pop.
      Source: Julien’s Auctions…on-auction-next-november/

    • More Michael Jackson Belongings in Auction
      May 4,2017

      Julien’s Auctions have just announced a new auction “Music Icons 2017 which includes a lot of music artists including Michael Jackson! Among the items, there is personal items such as shoes, drawings, awards but also the “In The Closet” Video outfit from 1992 including the black jeans, the boots and the vest; and the jacket worn during the filming of “Leave Me Alone”

      Public Exhibition & Live Auction will take place at the Hard Rock Café New York (1501 Broadway, Times Square) on Monday May 15, Friday May 19 from 11am to 9pm.
      The Auction will take place on May 20. More Information at Julien’s Auction

    • Michael Jackson Iconic items sold
      May 20, 2017

      Following the news from last week that Julien’s Auctions will sell some personal items from Michael Jackson, the auction took place today and the 2 iconic pieces have been sold as follow:

      JUST SOLD FOR $112,500! Michael Jackson’s jacket worn in the video for “Leave Me Alone”!

      JUST SOLD FOR $62,500! A Michael Jackson music video worn ensemble from “In The Closet” with Naomi Campbell!

      Music Icons 2017 auction happened at Hard Rock Cafe New York, featuring hundreds of iconic items of music memorabilia for sale.

    • More Michael Jackson Items on Auction
      August 17, 2017

      This time is items from Films and short films!
      3 items will be auctioned on September 26 part of a “Treasure from Film & Television” form Propstore, the auction house dedicated to movie and TV sets and costumes.
      The highlight of this auction for MJ fans is a magnificent (and scary) Werewolf mask used for “Thriller”! Yes, this is Thriller… Thriller year! Just be aware, this was not wore by Michael but only use to get the make-up right! Still, a great insight of the work done on the 35 years old Music Video (I know, short film) that changed the Music industry!

      A Michael Jackson ‘Cat-Face’ paint-test mask made for the classic John Landis-directed music video Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This mask was made to test the paint scheme for the cat monster Michael (Michael Jackson) turned into during the fake film at the beginning of the music video.

      Made of latex, the mask resembles a sharp-fanged beast with yellow cat eyes. The piece is coloured with acrylic paints that stops at the edges. Taped inside the mask is a handwritten note which is dated 2/24/1988 and outlines the steps to accomplish the paint scheme. The lot shows minor wear to the latex, with a small tear at the corner of the mouth. However, it remains in overall very fine condition. Dimensions: 25 cm x 22 cm x 14 cm (10″ x 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″)
      £2,000 – 3,000

      The second item is from Moonwalker and again this is a mask:

      A Michael Jackson robotic facial appliance from the production of his music anthology film Moonwalker. This appliance was made for the scene when Jackson transformed into a robotic spaceship.

      This latex mask was cast from a mould and is detailed with geometric, robot-like cheeks. The mask is painted silver to appear metallic. The appliance shows minor wear due to production use and age, but remains in very fine condition. Dimensions: 18 cm x 13 cm x 20 cm (7″ x 5″ x 8″)
      £1,000 – 1,500

      The last “little” piece is from the miniature of the planet where Captain EO land. A very small piece of that is on auction joined with few copy of documents and drawings:

      Here the copies of documents:

      A section of model miniature, concept artwork and behind-the-scenes photographs from Francis Ford Coppola’s sci-fi amusement experience Captain EO. The miniature formed part of the expansive set used for the scene in which Captain EO (Michael Jackson) and his crew descended to the planet’s surface.

      Made of plastic with a board backing, the piece is finished in grey paint, with assorted electronics used for additional detailing. The model miniature is accompanied by six sheets of printed concept artwork, some with pencil annotations, along with seven photographs detailing the construction of the trench set and a length of 70mm film from the filming of the trench scene. Dimensions (miniature section): 6 cm x 37 cm x 44 cm (2 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ x 17 1/2″)
      £500 – 700

      Auction information HERE
    • AUCTION: More Michael Jackson Items for grab
      October 13, 2017
      Julien’s Auctions will have more items for grab for their “Icons and Idols, Rock’N’Roll” auction which will take place in LA on November 4th!
      Michael Jackson will take center stage once again as several of The King of Pop’s most thrilling and unforgettable pop culture moments will be showcased in this auction. His signature single white glove was all his own; a white rhinestone version worn during the Triumph Tour in 1981 by Jackson and on stage at the historic Motown 25 television special in 1983 is just one centerpiece item (estimate: $60,000-$80,000)

      His jackets worn in his most iconic music videos and performances throughout his career became fashion trends copied by millions of fans around the world are here, with Jackson’s red snakeskin “Beat It” jacket worn on his Bad tour in 1987 (estimate: $20,000-$40,000); a glow in the dark leather “Thriller” jacket worn during the History tour in 1996-1997 (estimate: $6,000-$8,000) and a black leather jacket with gold piping and badges worn for (ON?) the Dangerous World Tour program and at the 21st Annual AFI Lifetime Achievement Awards honoring Elizabeth Taylor in 1993 (estimate: $40,000-$60,000)

      Other clothing connected to Jackson’s iconography include his black fedora (estimate:$2,000-$4,000), the Egyptian style costumes and headdresses worn by Eddie Murphy and Iman in Jackson’s 1992 music video “Remember The Time” (each estimated at $2,000-$4,000); his silver sash and belt worn at various events including the 1993 NAACP Image Awards (estimate: $10,000-$20,000), as well as furniture and décor from his last residence on 100 N. Carolwood Drive in Los Angeles, gold record awards, a “Thriller” video fang mold and more.

      805 North La Cienega Boulevard
      Los Angeles, CA 90069

      Monday, October 30th – Friday, November 3rd, 2017
      10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time Daily

      Icons & Idols: Sports
      Friday, November 3rd, 2017
      Session I: 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time

      Saturday, November 4th, 2017
      Session II: 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time
      Session III: 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time
      SOURCE: Julien’s Auctions

    • Fuzzball for sale!
      December 6, 2017

      A new Auction will take place on December 16 but this time, it’s all about Disney! In this Auction you will find 100s of items, posters, staff costumes, signs, manuals, props and so on and as part of Disney, Captain Eo is there too! The most exciting item is the actual Fuzzball!

      Eine neue Auktion wird am 16. Dezember stattfinden, aber diesmal dreht sich alles um Disney! In dieser Auktion finden Sie 100 Stücke, Plakate, Kostüme, Schilder, Handbücher, Requisiten und so weiter und als Teil von Disney ist Captain Eo auch da! Der aufregendste Artikel ist der eigentliche Fuzzball!

      (Disney, c.1986) An original radio-controlled animatronic puppet of Fuzzball used during the creation of the film “Captain EO”. This prop includes a signed letter by Rick Baker, certifying the authenticity of the item. The letter reads, “Having personally inspected this piece, I can certify that it is an original radio controlled Fuzzball puppet, created by my studio for the production of the motion picture Captain EO”. This puppet is composed of various materials including foam and latex, and was animated via remote control for the film. The puppet comes displayed in a custom frame box along with imagery from the film and an engraved plaque. The puppet measures approximately 18″ tall, including the tail, and is in very good condition with some minor wear from use.
      The little Captain Eo friend is already at $50,000!!! CRAAAZZYY!!

      Other items from Captain Eo are there too but a bit less expensive like:

      The Captain EO Poster: (Disneyland, 1986) A beautiful souvenir poster featuring imagery from Disneyland’s “Captain EO” attraction. This 28.5″x18.5″ poster was available in Tomorrowland during 1986 in conjunction with the opening of the attraction. It features the characters and ride elements found in the attraction and has Disney’s 1986 copyright in the lower-left corner. The poster is in very good condition with little to no wear.

      A Promotional Sign: (Disneyland, 1987) A double-sided hanging promotional sign for the “Star Tours” and “Captain EO” attractions. This paper sign is created so that the center imagery can rotate slightly from its border. The sign measures 10″ in diameter and is in very good condition with minimal wear from use. It comes with a hook and cord for hanging.

      Ticket to the Premier: (Disneyland, 1986) A very rare ticket to the Galactic Premier of “Captain EO” at Disneyland for September 18, 1986. This ticket features a beautiful shiny gold surface with dark brown lettering. The ticket still retains its meal voucher for either The Space Place or Tomorrowland Terrace, as well as the Premier Party admission stub to Disneyland. This complete ticket measures 8.5″x2.5″ and is in very good condition with minor edge-wear and the word “void” punched into each of the three stubs.

      Invitation to the Premier: (Disneyland, 1986) A pair of variant invitations for the premier opening of “Captain EO”. These invitations, one gray and one white, feature pop-out imagery of the attraction’s logo inside. The gray invitation lists the details inside for the Disneyland event on September 13, while the white invitation is a more general invitation without a specific date listed. Both invitations measure 5″x7″ and the pair is in good condition with minor wear including some separation to the pop-out portion of the gray invitation.

      For more information and bid CLICK HERE SOURCE: MJ France
    • Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Train Is Coming to Auction
      Minimum bid is just $2,000.

      James Tarmy2. März 2018, 18:37 MEZ

      Michael Jackson. Photographer: VINCENT AMALVY/AFPMichael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch (now named Sycamore Valley Ranch) has sat on the market for almost three years without a buyer. The contents that once filled the 2,700-acre property, in contrast, have been more fortunate.
      Even before his death in 2009, Jackson had slowly begun to sell the estate’s decorations, furniture, dozens of bronze statues, and hundreds of toys and arcade games, both privately and (in an abortive attempt) at auction.
      One such item was an electric train set, custom-made in Germany, which Jackson originally purchased for his children to ride. (This set should not be confused with the life-size train that ran throughout much of the ranch.)

      Eine Google Übersetzung dazu:

      Michael Jacksons Neverland Ranch (heute Sycamore Valley Ranch) ist seit fast drei Jahren ohne Käufer auf dem Markt. Die Inhalte, die einst die 2.700 Hektar große Liegenschaft füllten, waren glücklicher.Noch vor seinem Tod im Jahr 2009 hatte Jackson langsam damit begonnen, die Dekorationen, Möbel, Dutzende von Bronzestatuen und Hunderte von Spielzeugen und Arcade-Spielen zu verkaufen, sowohl privat als auch (in einem missglückten Versuch) auf einer Auktion.Ein solcher Gegenstand war ein in Deutschland maßgefertigter elektrischer Zug, den Jackson ursprünglich für seine Kinder zum Fahren gekauft hatte. (Dieser Satz sollte nicht mit dem lebensgroßen Zug verwechselt werden, der einen Großteil der Ranch durchlief.)
      Source: GWS Auctions Inc.
      “It went around a tree,” says Brigitte Kruse, owner of GWS Auctions Inc. in Agoura Hills, northwest of Los Angeles. “I’d say there are about 40 feet of track,” on which the train and its four cars would run round in circles. Each car fits two children—or one fun-loving adult.
      The train was purchased in either 2008 or 2009, Kruse says, by a devoted Jackson fan. “He’s been collecting Michael Jackson memorabilia since he was 5 years old. Now he’s in his mid-30s.”
      The collector, she says, has a deep nostalgia for childhood. “He had a child come from the Netherlands who had autism, and he showed him the collection. He does cool things like that all the time.”
      When the train was purchased, its new owner put it directly into storage. “It hasn’t been touched, or run, ever since,” Kruse says.
      Now it’s coming up for auction at GWS with a starting bid of $2,000. The consignor “has health problems, and he wants to exhibit the rest of his collection in a museum,” Kruse says, adding that the sale of this and other Jackson memorabilia from his collection is an attempt to raise the funds to do so.

      "Es ging um einen Baum herum", sagt Brigitte Kruse, Eigentümerin der GWS Auctions Inc. in Agoura Hills, nordwestlich von Los Angeles. "Ich würde sagen, dass es ungefähr 40 Fuß Gleis gibt", auf dem der Zug und seine vier Autos im Kreis herumlaufen würden. Jedes Auto passt zwei Kindern - oder einem lebenslustigen Erwachsenen.Der Zug wurde 2008 oder 2009 von einem engagierten Jackson-Fan gekauft, sagt Kruse. "Er sammelt Michael Jackson Erinnerungsstücke, seit er 5 Jahre alt ist. Jetzt ist er Mitte 30. "Der Sammler, sagt sie, hat eine tiefe Sehnsucht nach Kindheit. "Er hatte ein Kind aus den Niederlanden, das Autismus hatte, und er zeigte ihm die Sammlung. Er macht solche Sachen die ganze Zeit cool. "Als der Zug gekauft wurde, hat sein neuer Besitzer ihn direkt eingelagert. "Seither ist es nicht mehr angefasst oder gelaufen", sagt Kruse.Jetzt wird es bei GWS mit einem Startgebot von 2.000 Dollar versteigert. Der Versender "hat gesundheitliche Probleme, und er möchte den Rest seiner Sammlung in einem Museum ausstellen", sagt Kruse und fügt hinzu, dass der Verkauf dieser und anderer Jackson Erinnerungsstücke aus seiner Sammlung ein Versuch sei, die Mittel dafür aufzubringenThe Memorabilia Market

      Source: GWS Auctions Inc.
      The works are part of GWS’s March 24 Legends of Hollywood & Music Auction, which includes Jackson items such as a Swarovski crystal Billie Jean glove worn during his 1997 “History” tour (starting bid: $2,000), as well as other, more esoteric pieces, like a prescription pill bottle made out to Milton Berle ($25).
      While the more personal elements of these items might raise eyebrows, there is, more generally, a thriving market for Hollywood collectibles.
      Julien’s Auctions, the Los Angeles-based showcase known for its hardcover catalogs and elaborate exhibition displays, is probably at the forefront of the celebrity memorabilia business. (The auction house was enlisted several years ago with selling the bulk of the Neverland estate privately.)
      “Michael Jackson’s collectibility, since his passing, has continued,” says Darren Julien, president and chief executive officer of his namesake auction house. “Asia is a big market, as is Russia. And then there’s obviously the United States.”

      Die Arbeiten sind Teil der GWWS-Auktion "Legends of Hollywood & Music" vom 24. März, die Jackson-Gegenstände wie einen Blaufilliarden-Jean-Handschuh von Swarovski während seiner "History" -Tour von 1997 (Startpreis: 2.000 US-Dollar) sowie andere esoterische Stücke enthält , wie eine verschreibungspflichtige Tablettenflasche, die für Milton Berle ($ 25) hergestellt wurde.Während die persönlicheren Elemente dieser Gegenstände die Augenbrauen heben könnten, gibt es im Allgemeinen einen blühenden Markt für Hollywood-Sammlerstücke.Julien's Auctions, das in Los Angeles ansässige Unternehmen, das für seine Hardcover-Kataloge und ausgefeilten Ausstellungsdisplays bekannt ist, steht wahrscheinlich an der Spitze der Celebrity Memorabilia-Branche. (Das Auktionshaus wurde vor einigen Jahren angeworben, um den Großteil des Neverland-Anwesens privat zu verkaufen.)"Michael Jacksons Sammelfähigkeit hat sich seit seinem Tod fortgesetzt", sagt Darren Julien, Präsident und Chief Executive Officer seines gleichnamigen Auktionshauses. "Asien ist ein großer Markt, genauso wie Russland. Und dann sind da offensichtlich die Vereinigten Staaten. "Career and Market Highs
      Julien says there’s a direct correlation between each item and Jackson’s career arc; something from his Thriller period would sell at a premium, especially as his estate makes a concerted effort to repromote it every Halloween. “We sold his Thriller jacket for $1.8 million,” Julien says. “And then you look at stage performances—anything he did onstage would be most collectible.”
      Jackson had hundreds of crystal-covered gloves, for instance, but one he wore doing the moonwalk during his Motown 25 TV special performance sold at Julien’s for a record $425,000.
      Julien says he expects the train on offer at GWS to far exceed its minimum bid, as does Kruse.
      “I’ve heard numbers from $20,000 to $250,000,” she says. “I think with Michael Jackson items, there’s fans, and then there’s everybody else.”

      Julien sagt, es gibt eine direkte Korrelation zwischen jedem Gegenstand und Jacksons Karriere-Bogen; Etwas aus seiner Thriller-Zeit würde mit einem hohen Preis verkauft werden, zumal sein Gutshaus eine gemeinsame Anstrengung unternimmt, es jedes Halloween neu zu promoten. "Wir haben seine Thriller-Jacke für 1,8 Millionen Dollar verkauft", sagt Julien. "Und dann schaust du dir Bühnenauftritte an - alles, was er auf der Bühne machen würde, wäre am meisten Sammlerstück."Jackson hatte zum Beispiel Hunderte von mit Kristallen überzogenen Handschuhen, aber einen trug er während seiner Motown-25-TV-Sondervorstellung auf dem Moonwalk, der für $ 425.000 bei Julien verkauft wurde.Julien sagt, er erwarte, dass der bei GWS angebotene Zug sein Mindestgebot bei weitem übertrifft, ebenso wie Kruse."Ich habe Zahlen von 20.000 bis 250.000 Dollar gehört", sagt sie. "Ich denke, mit Michael Jackson-Artikeln gibt es Fans, und dann sind da noch alle anderen."
    • The Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction April 2018

      Diesen Monat veranstaltet die Auktionsplattform "Gotta Have Rock & Roll™" ihre April 2018-Auktion. Dabei wieder persönliche Stücke von Michael, die von Frank Cascio stammen.
      Kleidungsstücke, Zeichnungen von Michael und auch eine CD mit der Komposition "frank friday Night 3.0 Bib Sru" von Michael sind dabei.…Mouse_Drawi-LOT24067.aspx…
    • Neu

      Michael Jackson’s original moonwalk shoes to be auctioned
      April 21, 2018

      The original loafers worn by the King of Pop during his first-ever moonwalk will be auctioned off, ahead of what would have been the icon’s 60th birthday.

      Michael Jackson made history when he performed the iconic moonwalk for the very first time and now, fans may be able to take home a piece of that history.

      GWS Auctions announced Friday that several pieces of Jackson memorabilia will be put up for sale, including the pair of black Florsheim loafers he wore during his iconic “Billie Jean”
      performance during NBC’s 25th anniversary of Motown special in 1983. The King of Pop dazzled audiences with his moonwalk, which eventually became his signature dance move.

      Other items available for sale include his red Dior cardigan, personally embellished by Bill Whitten, and his Swarovski-encrusted riding helmet.

      The auction is set for May 26 at the Hilton in Universal City – just a few months ahead of what would have been Jackson’s 60th birthday – with a public exhibition beginning at 8 am.

      This is not the first time items from Jackson’s estate have been auctioned off. In 2011, furniture from his California mansion were sold by Julien’s Auctions, bringing in nearly $1 million.…lk-shoes-to-be-auctioned/

      SOURCE: NME / GWS Auctions