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    • Siedah Garrett X 보아 (BoA)' "Man in the Mirror :heart (LIVE)"

      In honor of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, K-pop singer BoA (South Korean Pop Singer) will release a live rendition of “Man in the Mirror,” sung with the song’s writer Siedah Garrett. S.M. Entertainment announced Monday that “Man in the Mirror (Live)” will be released via local music streaming websites at 6 p.m. Tuesday. It is part of the agency’s SM Station project, which involves S.M. artists releasing a song every week. Garrett, who jointly wrote the song with Glen Ballard, will provide the vocals for the track that was rearranged by Myron McKinley.

      Prior to the song’s release, S.M. will release the teaser video for “Man in the Mirror (Live)” via its official SM Town pages on YouTube and Naver TV at 6 p.m. Monday.
      The latest project is to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the song, a track from Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for two weeks upon its 1988 release. It remains one of Koreans’ favorite Michael Jackson songs, with its hopeful and inspirational lyrics and pleasant melody.
    • Daichi Miura Pays Homage to Michael Jackson in New 'DIVE!' Video: Watch

      J-pop singer and dancer Daichi Miura released the music video for his new song "DIVE!" from his upcoming first greatest-hits album, BEST, dropping March 7.

      The video is a relatively simple one that focuses on his incredible dance skills, but in keeping with the theme of greatest hits, the choreography and visuals highlight some iconic moves and scenes from his past releases. It's basically a best-of video showcasing the "EXCITE" singer's solo career so far.

      The opening sequence -- where the camera zooms in from the sky into a building -- is an homage to Michael Jackson's video for "Black or White." Miura first saw the video when he was still a young student in dance school and was struck by how Jackson could make the various dances from around the world look original. He says he still remembers thinking how he longed to become an original artist just like his idol.

      Three versions of BEST will be released March 7. All three will contain two CDs, and two versions will come with either a DVD or Blu-ray Disc.…kson-new-dive-video-watch
    • Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Will Rock Your World With Their Michael Jackson Ice Dancing Routine
      April 7, 2018

      After totally knocking our socks off at the 2018 Winter Olympics, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are back at it with another incredible ice dancing routine. The dynamic duo made an appearance at the Stars on Ice tour in Yokohama, Japan, and put their fun and flirty relationship on display during a routine set to Michael Jackson’s “You Rock My World.” This is quite the interesting song choice, considering the fact that it features lyrics like “I cannot explain the things I feel for you, but girl, you know it’s true.” Even though they’ve denied all relationship rumors, this certainly makes us wonder what the truth is.

      Anyway, back to their routine. Tessa and Scott’s Stars on Ice performance mixed their usual smooth and sensual moves with more upbeat moments that pay tribute to the King of Pop. It’s safe to say we’ve never seen these two ice dance like this before. Watch the Canadian pair crush their Michael Jackson routine below, then check out Nathan Chen’s Stars on Ice performance, which is sure to leave you with some serious chills.
      SOURCE: PopSugar
    • Christina Aguilera samples Michael Jackson with Maria
      June 15, 2018

      Neue Musik von Christina Aguilera bringt Sample von Michael Jackson.

      Christina Aguilera just released her new album “Liberation” and one of the song on the album called “Maria” samples
      the song of the same title from Michael Jackson’s album “Got to be there” (1972).

      You can even hear Michael Jackson sing on the new Aguilera tune which was produced by Kanye West and Hudson Mohawke.
      More than a sample, this song sounds more like a sort of remix of 1972 Song featuring Aguilera. Not bad, but we leave you to be the judges…

      Have a listen here: For more information, visit the Official Christina Aguilera Website

      Christina Aguilera hat gerade ihr neues Album "Liberation" veröffentlicht und einer der Songs auf dem Album "Maria"
      sampelt das gleichnamige Lied aus Michael Jacksons Album "Got to be da" (1972).

      Sie können sogar Michael Jackson auf der neuen Aguilera-Melodie singen hören, die von Kanye West und Hudson Mohawke produziert wurde.
      Mehr als ein Sample, klingt dieser Song eher wie eine Art Remix von 1972 Song mit Aguilera. Nicht schlecht, aber wir lassen dich die Richter sein ...…chael-jackson-with-maria/

    • Beautiful :sternchen

      Parma/Italien .. una lapide per Michael Jackson/ Eine Gedenktafel für Michael Jackson

      18.Juli 2018

      Una lapide in memoria del re del pop Michael Jackson è esposta all'ingresso dell'attività di un marmista in viale della Villetta, a pochi passi dal cimitero. La lastra è stata realizzata nel 2016 come campione per una gara d'appalto dell'Ade che ne doveva approvare la dimensione, la forma e i caratteri. Il produttore, grande fan di MJ, l'ha conservata come ricordo in memoria dell'artista che ha scritto la storia della musica e della dance. Michael Jackson, inserito per due volte nella Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, è stato l'artista più premiato nella storia della musica popolare e il suo album Thriller è in assoluto l'album più venduto al mondo avendo superato i 100 milioni di copie certificate. E' morto a soli 50 anni a Los Angeles nel 2009. (foto Marco Vasini)

      Eine Gedenktafel für den König von Pop Michael Jackson ist am Eingang eines Marmorarbeiters in der Viale della Villetta, wenige Schritte vom Friedhof entfernt, ausgestellt. Die Platte wurde 2016 als Vorlage für eine Ausschreibung der Hades erstellt, die ihre Größe, Form und Charaktere bestätigen musste. Der Architekt , großer Fan von MJ, hat es als Erinnerung an den Künstler, der die Geschichte der Musik und des Tanzes schrieb, aufbewahrt. Michael Jackson, der zweimal in der Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame aufgeführt wurde, war der meist ausgezeichnete Künstler in der Geschichte der Popmusik. Sein Album Thriller ist mit Abstand das meistverkaufte Album der Welt und hat 100 Millionen zertifizierte Exemplare hinter sich . Er starb 2009 im Alter von 50 Jahren in Los Angeles. (Foto von Marco Vasini)

    • Cops groove to “Black or White” during viral lip sync challenge
      July 19, 2018

      An Iowa police station had a very strong showing for the viral lip sync challenge, using music from the King of Pop. Most of the video is shot in black and white — which is appropriate, given the song choice “Black or White” by Michael Jackson. Two officers dance, drive, and sing their way through Indianola, Iowa, a city of about 15,000 people located south of Des Moines, USA. The lip sync video includes some air guitar skills and some incredible dance moves — including the “Floss” and Jackson’s own famous moonwalk.

      Eine Polizeistation in Iowa zeigte eine sehr starke Show für die virale Lipsync-Challenge mit Musik vom King of Pop. Der Großteil des Videos wird in Schwarz-Weiß aufgenommen - was angesichts der Songwahl "Black or White" von Michael Jackson angemessen ist. Zwei Beamte tanzen, fahren und singen ihren Weg durch Indianola, Iowa, eine Stadt mit etwa 15.000 Einwohnern südlich von Des Moines, USA. Das Lipsync-Video enthält einige Luftgitarren-Fähigkeiten und einige unglaubliche Tanzbewegungen - einschließlich der "Floss" und Jacksons berühmter Moonwalk.

      SOURCE: NBC…viral-lip-sync-challenge/
    • Chris Brown Samples Michael Jackson in New Song “Had To Do It… Sorry DJ Khaled”
      August 5, 2018

      Indeed, the nod to Khaled is fairly unclear, though it seems like it could be a collaborative record that Brown elected to leak himself.
      While Brown doesn’t clarify the Khaled apology in the song—except for using his catch phrases, “we the best music” and “
      another one”—Brown does flip Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You,” re-imagining the line “I wanna rock with you” as “I wanna wake up naked next to you.”
      :wau :top…to-do-it-sorry-dj-khaled/

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