Michael`s Einfluss auf die Kunst - Londoner Kunstausstellung in 2018

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    • VIDEO: Mark Ryden talks about making The Dangerous frame
      August 3, 2018

      Following up Mark Ryden’s sketches shared on July 11, Mark just posted a video showing how the new frame for the Dangerous album cover painting was made.
      From the drawing, the wood carving, the gold leaves covering the frame and mounting the painting on the frame. The full details in this amazing video:

      In Anlehnung an Mark Rydens am 11. Juli veröffentlichte Skizzen hat Mark gerade ein Video veröffentlicht, das zeigt, wie der neue Rahmen für das Coveralbum Dangerous entstanden ist.
      Aus der Zeichnung die Holzschnitzerei, die goldenen Blätter über dem Rahmen und die Montage des Gemäldes auf dem Rahmen. Die vollständigen Details in diesem erstaunlichen Video:

      More information about “Michael Jackson: On the Wall” Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London, UK:
      Opening Thursday 28 June 2018
      Open daily 10:00-18:00. Open late Thursday and Friday until 21:00.

      Wolfson and Lerner Galleries
      National Portrait Gallery, St Martin’s Place, London, WC2H 0HE

      Tickets with donation from £17.50 – £22Tickets without donation from £15.50 – £20

      The exhibition runs from June 28th, through October 21st, 2018. The show then travels to:

      Paris Grand Palais, Paris, France, Nov 23, 2018 – Feb 14, 2019
      Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, Germany, March 22 - July 14, 2019 :top
      EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Espoo, Finland, August, 2019

      SOURCE: Mark Ryden Facebook / Photo of the real deal: Pez Jax
    • “On The Wall” Highlight: Andy Warhol and Michael Jackson
      August 18, 2018

      As MJVibe is spending so much time at the National Portrait Gallery’s new exhibition “Michael Jackson: On The Wall”, we just decided to do some flash highlights on some of the items throughout the next few months.

      This will give some fans who cannot attend to check some of the pieces present at the Exhibition, some stories behind the arts for those who went or planning to go or even get the undecided to book their tickets!

      One of the key item present at the National Portrait Gallery is from Andy Warhol. Not to mention that Andy Warhol gets a full room dedicated to him and his relationship with the King of Pop.

      Andy Warhol painted different people for different reasons. His early 1960s pictures of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley and Natalie Wood – made when Andy Warhol was still finding his own fame.

      However, by the 1970s, Warhol’s portraits focussed less on earlier, Hollywood stars, and instead portrayed the socialites, industrial personalities and pop stars well within the artist’s social circle.

      Many of these later portraits were commissioned by their subjects, or by entrepreneurial patrons, such as the American investment banker Richard Weisman, who paid for a series of sports portraits from Andy in 1977, including his now well-known picture of Muhammad Ali.

      The pictures served as an important income stream for Andy Warhol, and some disregarded the works’ artistic merit; “less a history of painting than a history of publicity” was how the New York Times’ Hilton Kramer described a 1979 Warhol portraits retrospective.

      Nevertheless, when the art directors at TIME magazine sought to sum up the monumental degree of fame Michael Jackson enjoyed following the success of Thriller, they knew who to turn to.

      Warhol had met Michael Jackson on a number of occasions, at places such as Studio 54, and the artist immediately accepted TIME magazine’s March 1984 cover commission, which was to be published shortly after the single Thriller peaked (surprisingly given its subsequent success) at number 4 in the US Billboard Hot 100.

      In his diaries Andy Warhol mentions Michael Jackson more than two dozen times, most often discussing chance meetings at Studio 54. However, on two moments in 1984, Warhol actually talks about the portrait of Michael Jackson.

      March 7, 1984: I finished the Michael Jackson cover. I didn’t like it but the office kids did. Then the Time people came down to see it, about forty of them. And they stood around saying that it should increase news stand sales. . . . Then later the Time guy called me . . . and said they were going to use it. I think the yellow one. And I told him to cross his fingers that it wouldn’t get bumped on Saturday and he said he would.

      March 12, 1984: Time came out and the Jackson cover made it, it didn’t get bumped. And the article inside was crazy. It had them asking if he was going to get a sex-change operation and he said no. The cover should have had more blue. I gave them some in the style of the Fonda cover I did for Time once, but they wanted this style.

      Exhibition curator Nicholas Cullinan from the National Portrait Gallery commented during the Press day:

      “Andy Warhol always had a keen eye for coming talent and he was the first artist to use Michael as a subject, We have a whole room devoted to his images. Their relationship extended for around a decade until Warhol died in 1987. The exhibition isn’t really about Jackson memorabilia but we do display some that Warhol collected. When, in October 1982, Michael appeared on the cover of Interview magazine (which Warhol owned) it was a major step up for him. And there is also the Warhol silkscreen from 1984 which was used on the cover of Time magazine. It’s probably one of the more familiar images in the exhibition.”

      "Andy Warhol hatte immer ein scharfes Auge für kommende Talente und er war der erste Künstler, der Michael als Thema benutzte. Wir haben seinen Bildern einen ganzen Raum gewidmet. Ihre Beziehung erstreckte sich ungefähr ein Jahrzehnt lang, bis Warhol 1987 starb. Die Ausstellung handelt nicht wirklich von Jackson Erinnerungsstücken, aber wir zeigen einige, die Warhol gesammelt hat. Als Michael im Oktober 1982 auf dem Cover des Magazins Interview erschien (was Warhol gehörte), war es für ihn eine große Steigerung. Und es gibt auch den Warhol Siebdruck von 1984, der auf dem Cover des Time Magazine verwendet wurde. Es ist wahrscheinlich eines der bekannteren Bilder in der Ausstellung. "

      In the room dedicated to Andy Warhol, you are there for a treat! Not only 3 of the Michael Jackson portraits are present but also some of Warhol’s personal items of the King of Pop, like a doll form 1984, some personal magazines, press shots and other memorabilia.

      Also you can watch a short clip of the Michael Jackson’s video “Scream” where Andy Warhol makes a quick appearance and show how Michael respected Andy Warhol as an artist.

      Check out the full review of the Exhibition “Michael Jackson: On the Wall” HERE
      Opening Thursday 28 June 2018
      Open daily 10:00-18:00. Open late Thursday and Friday until 21:00.

      Wolfson and Lerner Galleries
      National Portrait Gallery, St Martin’s Place, London, WC2H 0HE

      Tickets with donation from £17.50 – £22Ticke

    • Diamond Birthday Celebration at the National Portrait Gallery
      August 25, 2018

      Celebrate the King of Pop’s Birthday with Michael Jackson: On the Wall at the National Portrait Gallery.

      To coincide with our landmark exhibition we’re planning a week of special offers and events to mark what would have been Michael Jackson’s Diamond birthday on August 29, 2018.

      Throughout the week one hundred diamond tickets will be hidden across London. Each ticket will offer the lucky winner and up to five friends, free entry to Michael Jackson: On the Wall, and a copy of the Michael Jackson: A Celebration book. Follow the Gallery’s social media channels and #MJOntheWall for hints about the location of the tickets, as well as other prize giveaways.

      On Michael Jackson’s birthday, Wednesday 29 August, visitors to the Gallery can enjoy:
      • A special Jackson themed DJ set with resident DJ Eddie Otchere playing from 12.00 – 18.00. Can’t make it to the gallery? Then have a say on what we play by heading to the Gallery’s social media channels and voting for your favourite track.
      • Those who can moonwalk their way to the ticket desk will also have the chance to win an exclusive limited edition On the Wall poster.
      • Younger visitors can join in the fun and create their own Jackson inspired white glove in a free family activity running throughout the day.
      • Head online to watch a Facebook live tour of the exhibition with Gallery Director and curator of the exhibition Dr Nicholas Cullinan.
      SOURCE: National Portrait Gallery
    • Ausstellung “Michael Jackson: On the Wall” in Paris
      4 Oktober 2018

      Die Ausstellung zeigt den Einfluss Michael Jacksons auf Künstler des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts.

      Fast 10 Jahre nach seinem Tod erkundet das Grand Palais den Mythos von Michael Jackson in einer Ausstellung, die den enormen Einfluss des King of Pop auf die zeitgenössische Kunst hervorhebt.

      Michael Jackson ist eine unumstrittene Referenz in der Welt der Musik, Videoclips, Tanz und Mode und auch eine der am meisten vertretenen Persönlichkeiten in der bildenden Kunst. Nach der National Portrait Gallery in London, die die Ausstellung organisiert hat, begrüßt das Grand Palais in Paris die Pop-Ikone vom 23. November 2018 bis zum 14. Februar 2019. Sie zeigt seinen Einfluss auf mehrere Generationen von Künstlern des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts.

      Gemälde, Zeichnungen, Skulpturen, Fotografien, Videos und sogar Performances... Die Ausstellung, deren Titel eine Anspielung auf das erste Soloalbum von Michael Jackson 1979 „Off the Wall“ ist, vereint zum ersten Mal die Werke von mehr als 40 Künstlern aus öffentlichen und privaten Sammlungen.

      Die Besucher werden das berühmte Gemälde von Andy Warhol im Jahr 1982 finden, das auf der Titelseite von Time im Jahr 1984 veröffentlicht wurde, oder das erstaunliche "Reiterporträt von Philip II" von Kehinde Wiley, posthum veröffentlicht, wo der King of Pop als König von Spanien auf einem weißen Pferd thronend und in Weiß und Gold gekleidet dargestellt wird.

      Die Ausstellung ist chronologisch aufgebaut und zeigt die außergewöhnliche Karriere dieser Weltlegende, von seinem Debüt als begabter Jugendlicher in der Jackson 5, bis zu seiner Wandlung zu einem Künstler von einzigartiger Extravaganz.

      Thematische Räume laden die Besucher auch dazu ein, die ästhetischen, sozialen oder politischen Aspekte des Werkes dieses afroamerikanischen Künstlers zu hinterfragen, der vor allem Barrieren aller Art abschaffen wollte, von der Trennung der verschiedenen Musikgenres bis hin zu Rassentrennung.


      #MichaelJackson #mjonthewall #Paris Im Vorgriff auf die Eröffnung der Kunstausstellung "Michael Jackson On The Wall" im Grand Palais in Paris, Frankreich, gibt es bereits einige französische Aktionen. Und es sind auch bereits die ersten offiziellen Rahmenaktionen bekannt geworden. Auch die Mode findet dabei ihren Platz! Ausstellungseröffnung wird am 22. November 2018 sein. Hier die bisher bekannten Daten für das Rahmenprogramm:

      28. November 2018 - Vorstellung der Ausstellung mit Vanessa Desclaux, Grand Palais
      09. Dezember 2018 - Sonarium, Grand Palais, "Inspiration Michael Jackson", Musik
      16. Januar 2019 - Isabelle Petitjan spricht über Michael Jackson
      21. Januar 2019 - Führung durch die Ausstellung "Michael jackson On The Wall"
      23. Januar 2019 - Kunsthistorikerin Sophie Orlando spricht über Michael Jackson
      30. Januar 2019 - Annabelle Ténèze, Direktorin "Abattoirs et du Frac Midi-Pyrénées" über MJ
      31. Januar 2019 - Aufführung des Films " Prince" von Wojtek Doroszuk