offener Brief von Bryan Loren

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    • offener Brief von Bryan Loren

      Hello. I hope this note finds all of you well.

      As many of you know, I have been making music for a long time, both as
      an artist and creator of music for many other artists, including
      ‪Whitney Houston‬ and Sting. In the late eighties, it was my great
      fortune to be pursued by a very persistent ‪Michael Jackson‬, who was
      extremely interested in making music with me.

      Michael had heard songs from an album I wrote and produced on a talented
      young artist named Shanice Wilson. For the next couple of years, from
      about ‘89 to ‘91, I worked on tracks for what would become Michael’s
      “Dangerous” album. Among the songs/tracks I created for this project:
      “Work That Body”, “Serious Effect”, “She Got It” and “Man In Black”.
      And there are many others. During that time, through my association with
      Michael, I was gleefully enlisted to write and produce the Simpsons’
      track, “Do The Bartman”.

      I’m not sure what MJ fans know about my history as a songwriter,
      instrumentalist and producer, but regarding the MJ tracks I created,
      these are unfinished MASTERS, not mere “demos” (as in a demonstration
      tape; the tracks out there are from actual MASTERS, the real thing).

      The recordings are of live performances, not sequenced tracks, and I am
      (other than MJ) the only performer. Many long hours/days/weeks/months
      went into the creation of this music. MY music.

      And yet, while this music has been and continues to be pirated and
      bootlegged, I have not profited one cent. Nothing. Even as you read
      this, the music is posted in forums, on YouTube, and passed around
      hundreds of thousands of times in many ways.

      I’ve actually had people write me asking for copies and requesting--for
      their own purposes-- a break-down on how I created the tracks.
      Seemingly, they are unaware (or don't care) that they are asking me to
      literally hand over to them my livelihood.

      Online, I have seen Ebay auctions. Of MY music. I am astonished that
      people so willingly attempt to profit from someone else’s life endeavors
      (it’s not like I’m dead).

      Which brings me to this: Dear friends and music fans, I am an artist
      who is also a professional—meaning, my creativity is my livelihood.
      When you go to work, you expect to be paid. It’s no different for the
      creative artist.

      It is in this spirit that I humbly and respectfully ask: If you have
      downloaded this music, shared this music, posted this music, even
      edited your own versions of this music (as some of you have), then I
      graciously ask that you please support the creator of the music.

      Pay me. Something. Make a donation. Whatever you think monetarily fair.

      To be honest, I’ve thought long and hard about this. Why now? Would
      such a request come off as tacky? Uncouth? I discussed it with friends;
      went back and forth about it in my head. Frankly, I was—and
      remain--concerned about the optics of it all.

      And then I considered fairness.

      For years, these bootlegged tracks that I wrote and created—which MJ’s
      Estate and Sony have made clear they have NO plans to release--have been
      distributed illegally around the world. These tracks have become the
      pirated, global equivalent of multi-platinum hits in their own,
      unauthorized right.

      I have decided that some compensation from anyone who downloads, shares,
      and otherwise has engaged with this music, is not too much to ask.

      Because of the undying interest in this work, at some point soon, I
      shall post clean, HQ copies of all of these tracks, including what you
      may not have heard. At that time, I will even answer questions and

      Meanwhile, I am presently completing new music, work that I am most
      excited about. I'm certain that among the new tracks to come are things
      MJ fans will enjoy. Stayed tuned.

      I appreciate your taking the time to read and hopefully understand this letter and consider my request.

      Talk soon,

      Bryan Loren

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