9 years without michael

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    • 9 years without michael

      Vielen Dank an den King persönlich, Michael Jackson. Deine Kunst, deine Magie ist unsterblich.
      Du bringst Menschen jeder Rasse, jeder Religion, jeder Hautfarbe, jeden Glaubens und jeder Nationalität, aus der ganzen Welt zusammen.
      Du schenkst uns allen so viel Licht und Glück. Du hast viele besondere Menschen in unser Leben gebracht.
      Du hast unsere Treue, unsere Liebe, unseren Respekt und unsere Unterstützung für immer und alle Zeit.

      Wir werden Dich als Menschen immer in unseren Gedanken halten, Deine Seele wird immer unsere Seelen begleiten,
      und uns hoffentlich zu den werden lassen, wofür Du ein ganzes Leben lang gekämpft hast... das wir nicht nur mit unseren Augen sehen,
      sondern auch mit unserer Seele die Menschen aller Nationen lieben. Du warst neben deiner hervorragenden Leistung,
      als Künstler einer der sich dazu bekannt hat, dass alles im Leben ohne die Liebe in verschiedenen Versionen, nichts wert ist.

      Danke :blumen .......an den östereichischen Fanclub

      I Miss You ...Michael :heart :heart

    • Wer legt bei sowas denn bitte eine verdammte Pepsi Dose hin???
      "Solange es Leute gibt, die nichts können, nichts wissen und nichts geleistet haben, wird es auch Rassismus geben. Denn auch diese Leute wollen sich gut fühlen und auf irgendetwas stolz sein. Also suchen sie sich jemanden aus, der anders ist als sie und halten sich für besser. "
      - Farin Urlaub
    • The world pays tribute to Michael Jackson
      June 26, 2018

      9 years already since the King of Pop Michael Jackson has left us but the world doesn’t forget.

      Jackson Family members, friends, celebrities and fans have paid tribute all day yesterday to mark the 9th anniversary of Michael Jackson passing.

      Brooke Shields, Siedah Garrett, Lady Gaga, Debbie Allen, Reverend Al Sharpton, Michael Bearden, Quincy Jones, Daymond John, Timbaland, and even Whitney Houston’s Estate have paid tribute on social media showing the love and how much they are missing the King of Pop.

      The music industry and companies like Motown, BET or Essence, have shown their tributes to Michael.

      Fans around the world have gathered in multiple places such as Forest Lawn – Michael’s resting place, Neverland Ranch, the Michael Jackson Hollywood Star, the family home at Gary Indiana and other places in Europe, Asia and Africa. Flowers, cards, drawings, poems and other tributes have been displayed by the fans.

      Others have spent the day listening to Michael’s music, watching Michael’s videos and movies or even plant trees or spent a quite reflective day alone.

      It is clear the Michael Jackson is deeply missed in this world but his music, his dance, his videos, will be forever his legacy.

    • Do You Remember the Time?' Michael Jackson died nine years ago

      By Azuka Jebose Molokwu

      June 22, 2018 11:57 AM

      Did you ever think that we would be blessed with an octogenarian Michael
      Jackson? Did you fantasize that one day he might be your neighbor at a
      retirement or nursing home?

      He died June 25, 2009, at age 50. He was human.

      I imagined him in later life as a sage, retiring in my beautiful Onicha-
      Ugbo hometown in Nigeria, as the head of my village. I would have the
      privilege of attending village meetings and watching him, blessed, as he
      broke kola-nuts and toasted the earth with palm wine.

      You might not have been privileged to watch him moonwalk, challenging
      human physicality. He came, he "Rocked My World." No matter where your
      world was, he was "Gone Too Soon." The world held onto the faith that
      this American whiz kid from Gary, Indiana, was not dead.

      Like Elvis Presley, Bob Marley and Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

      It still feels like yesterday.

      Michael Jackson was one of a few: everyone felt he belonged to them. In
      whatever ways we chose to separate ourselves from his strangeness, he
      always found passages to overcome. We expected more from him than he
      could manifest. I will not gloat in his demise because we are a lesser
      culture by his loss.

      The body bag containing his remains was wheeled out, live on television,
      from the perched helicopter into a van headed for the coroner's office
      for autopsy. He came with nothing; when he expired, he left us with
      catalogs of inestimable music and creative values.

      Whether we were “Black or White," as concert goers, we witnessed his
      intense artistic and creative inventions. We sat back and enjoyed the
      results of those preparations, especially when he called us to "Leave
      your nine to five jobs on the shelves and enjoy yourselves. Let the
      madness in the music get to you, life ain't bad at all."

      He sacrificed his childhood for the universe. Do "You Remember The Time"
      he gyrated as a child in that famous Motown black and white studio
      video, capturing the innocence of an icon as he imitated the dance
      routines of his idols: Jackie Wilson and James Brown?

      Or when he ascended from BBC studios as a 21-year old, dressed in a
      black velvet suit with a bow tie, smiling and commanding us to "Don't
      Stop Till You Get Enough," or his defining moment when he moon-walked
      and for brief seconds, suspended our breath with a legendary sliding
      dance steps at the Motown 25th anniversary.

      These were memorable performances by Michael Jackson, gifts that engaged
      and enchanted us and would continue to remind us that, Michael, "You're
      just another part of me".

      As Africa faced famine of the Eighties, Michael gloved his palm,
      assembled the best performers and led a massive humanitarian effort to
      eradicate hunger in Ethiopia and other poor nations because "We are the
      ones that make a brighter day, so let's start giving." The world
      massively responded to that call to action through the power of his
      music, his emotional and passionate pleas.

      Soon after, the negative reports about his sexuality, financial and
      legal problems resurfaced: He begged us to "Leave Me Alone" and just
      "Beat It."

      Two summers after his death, I saw a beautiful video of Michael Jackson
      being a dad to his children on TV: a very powerful moment.

      Nine years still, the troubles of this great entertainer continue. Why
      don't we give him the peace and respect that he earned and "Keep It in
      The Closet."

      Every June, the world pauses in remembrance. As we celebrate his music, I
      thank MJ for being a "Thriller," for making "History" and bouncing our
      sorrows "Off The Wall." Thanks for being beautifully "Bad," for
      reminding us that "We Are The World" and wanting us "Back" while
      encouraging those on planet earth to "Heal The World."

      Thank you for teaching us the ABCs and 123s of one love. You were never
      "Dangerous" to us. You were and will forever remain our "Man in the

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