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      In 1987, there were further Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson collaborations, when two different duets were featured on their respective albums released that year. 'Get It' was included on Stevie's Characters album, while 'Just Good Friends' was a track on Michael Jackson's Bad.

      In a 1988 Japanese interview, Stevie stated that he had written a song entitled 'A Pretty Face Is' (the actual tune dated back two decades), which he envisioned as a duet with Michael Jackson. However, the song remains unreleased to this day.
      'A Pretty Face Is' is from 1974, so is "Buttercup".
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      Sehr interessant:

      Here's some excerpts from the Denver Court Hearing (1994) where Michael speaks of his vault:

      Q: Can you tell us approximately, Mr. Jackson, how many songs you've written to date?

      A: In general, a couple hundred.

      Q: And approximately, how many of those songs have been released to the public?

      A: About, fifty. Fifty -- sixty.

      Q: How many songs, Mr. Jackson, were in the Bad album?

      A: I think, nine.

      Q: And how many songs did you write for the Bad album that were not published?

      [Objection Irrelevance -- Overruled]

      A: I wrote, probably sixty, seventy songs for the Bad album that weren't published.

      Q: And how many songs are in the Dangerous album?

      A: On the album itself?

      Q: Yes, sir.

      A: I think seventeen.

      Q: And how many songs did you write for the Dangerous album, that were not released to the public?

      A: I think seventy songs.

      Q: What happens to songs that you compose, complete, but are not released to the public?

      A: Well, I put them away in a vault.

      Q: And how many songs, are you usually working on at any one time? One, more than one?

      A: Oh jeez, about five. About five songs.

      Q: Are any of the unreleased songs that you've completed ever used again for any purpose?

      A: Heh. Pardon?

      Q: Are any of the songs, that are unreleased -- songs that you composed but are not released -- are they ever used again for any purpose?

      A: Sometimes. I'll kind of resurrect them if I have an idea for what I want to use it for.

      Q: Did your song Dangerous evolve out of any previous song that you had composed?

      A: Yes. I wrote a song for the Bad album called Streetwalker. And it had a driving bass melody. Strong driving bass melody. [Cough] Sorry. And, that bass lick was taken by my engineer. I was kind of frustrated with the song in general, so, he took the bass and put new chords to the bass melody. Which is what inspired the song Dangerous.


      Q: So where did he actually get a copy of the recording of Streetwalker, Mr. Jackson?

      A: Uh, the vault.

      Q: Out of your vault?

      A: I think so, it could have been in the studio though.

      Q: Mr. Jackson, [Bill] said he had a recording of the tape. Are you positive he got it out of your vault?

      A: Maybe he got a recording of it. Probably had a copy, not the--

      Q: Did you state a number of times in your deposition Mr. Jackson, that he received the copy out of the vault?

      A: Well, I'm not sure exactly where he got it. What I do, I come to the studio and work on my songs, and then I leave. I don't know where they put them. I hear its the vault, it could be in the studio, or room where we keep all of our tapes in air-conditioned air. He could've taken a two-track copy home just to study and play with -- which I don't mind.

      Q: Do you have control over this vault, Mr. Jackson?

      A: Do I have control over the vault?

      Q: Yes.

      A: Well, my office, umm, the engineers, like, such as [Billy] and [Bruce] -- they can go in the vault. Or uh, my secretaries.

      Q: Does [Normus] have control over this vault?

      A: What do you mean by control?

      Q: Does she have the -- does she allow certain people to access the vault?

      A: Well, um if they need a tape and she knows they're working on something for me, sure.

      Q: Did she give access to [Bill]?

      A: I have no idea.


      Q: Now, does [Normus] give permission for people to come and go out of the vault, Mr. Jackson?

      A: Sometimes, but it depends on what you're calling the vault. I mean, for instance, all of the songs I did on Dangerous. Some could be in the vault, some could still be at the studio. because even though you put out an album, the album could be out a year, and there are dance mixes done, club mixes done, meaning mixing the instrumentals differently. So the engineers have to have access to these tapes all the time so that they may keep copies at the studio--

      JUDGE: Mr. Jackson just answer the question.

      A: I'm just trying to tell her--

      JUDGE: Just answer the question!

      A: I'm answering the question.

      JUDGE: You're not.

      A: Trying...

      JUDGE: You're failing.

      A: (Laughing)

      JUDGE: Go!
    • sehr wichtig: (werde die liste also korrigieren müssen) is a very interesting website as it lists in Michael's compositions the names of TV shows that have featured his music in the background in order for him to receive royalties. these are listed as BGC = Background Cues.

      so some titles here are NOT songs at all and are connected to television shows:
      All My Children
      House Of Style
      New Attitudes
      Triple Threat Cable
      True Life

      also listed is songs that credit a Michael sample:

      maybe fortherecocrd can help me out here in listing the artists involved!!

      Can You Feel Me - Will Smith
      Cheat On You
      Creep Inn
      I Got This Feeling
      Peaceful Journey - PM Dawn
      Who Do U Be

      and then some titles could very well be songs:

      4 Tribes
      Be Me 4 A Day
      Secret Passage
      Seven Bright New Stars
      Slipped Away - see Jacksons thread
      Soldier's Entrance
      Splash We Can Get Wet Babe
      That Girl - see Jacksons thread
      You Are The Only One
    • Puff Daddy:

      During an interview with French TV station MCM, Sean
      "Puff Daddy" Combs was asked whether he was going to
      be on Michael Jackson's new album. Sitting next to him
      was rapper Mase (who participated in the project). Here's
      what the popular R&B producer said:

      "When I heard the stuff Michael has recorded for his
      new album... I'm not sure he's gonna use what we did
      because, you know, the songs I heard are so good..."

      from Wyclef Jean:

      "What I picked up on Michael Jackson - because I study people when I watch them - the way that he counts his rhythm with his feet and his neck at the same time is crazy... so he's hearing multiple things at once. And I don't know anybody who does that."

      Wyclef Jean
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      Vielleicht noch dazu:

      A Motown Christmas (1973) (Various Motown Artists) --> A Motown Christmas (1973)
      Little Christmas Tree (1973) (Michael Jackson) --> A Motown Christmas (1973)
      A Brand New Day (1978) (Various Artist) --> Soundtrack "The Wiz" (1978)
      Be A Lion (1978) (Various Artists) --> Soundtrack "The Wiz" (1978)
      Who's Right, Who's Wrong (1979) (Kenny Loggins, Michael Jackson) --> Keep The Fire, Kenny Loggins (1979)
      All I Do (1980) (Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson)
      --> Stevie Wonder: Hotter Than July (1980)
      I'm In Love Again (1980) (Michael Jackson, Minnie Ripperton)
      --> Minnie Ripperton: Love Lives Forever (1980)
      Night Time Lover (1980) (Michael Jackson, La Toya Jackson)
      --> La Toya Jackson: La Toya Jackson (1980)
      Save Me (1980) (Dave Mason, Michael Jackson)
      --> Dave Mason: Old Crest On A New Wave (1980)
      This Had To Be (1980) (Michael Jackson, The Brothers Johnson)
      --> The Brothers Johnson: Light Up The Night (1980)
      Goin' Back To Alabama (1981) ( Kenny Rogers, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie)
      --> Kenny Rogers: Share Your Love (1981)
      The Dude (1981) (Ouincy Jones, Michael Jackson)
      --> Quincy Jones: The Dude (1981)
      Somethin' Special (1981) (Ouincy Jones, Michael Jackson)
      --> Quincy Jones: The Dude (1981)
      Turn On The Action (1981) (Ouincy Jones, Michael Jackson)
      --> Quincy Jones: The Dude (1981)
      Don't Let A Woman Make A Fool Out Of You (1982) (Joe King Carrasco, Michael Jackson)
      --> Joe King Carrasco: Synapse Gap (1982)
      Papa Was A Rollin' Stone (1982) (Bill Wolfer, Michael Jackson)
      --> Bill Wolfer: Wolf (1982)
      So Shy (1982) (Bill Wolfer, Michael Jackson)
      --> Bill Wolfer: Wolf (1982)
      State Of Independence (1982) (Donna Summer, Michael Jackson)
      --> Donna Summer: Donna Summer (1982)
      Ask The Lonely (1983) (Motown Superstars)Vincent Price (1982) (Michael Jackson)
      Centipede (1984) (Michael Jackson, Rebbie Jackson)
      --> Rebbie Jackson: Centipede (1984)
      Don't Stand Another Chance (1984) (Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson)
      --> Janet Jackson: Dream Street (1984)
      Love Never Felt So Good (1984) (Michael Jackson, Paul Anka, Kathy Wakefield)
      --> Johnny Mathis: A Special Part Of Me (1984)
      Somebody's Watching Me (1984) (Rockwell, Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson)
      --> Rockwell: Somebody's Watching Me (1984)
      Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' (1984) (Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson)
      --> Jermaine Jackson: Dynamite (1984)
      Behind The Mask (1985) (Michael Jackson, Chris Mosdell, Ryuichi Sakamoto)
      --> Greg Philliganes: Pulse (1985)
      Eaten Alive (1985) (Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Maurice Gibb, Barry Gibb)
      --> Diana Ross: Eaten Alive (1985)
      Behind The Mask (1987) (Michael Jackson, Chris Mosdell, Ryuichi Sakamoto)
      --> Eric Clapton: Behind The Mask (1987)
      Get It (1987) (Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson)
      --> Stevie Wonder: Characters (1987)
      Do The Bartman (1990) (Michael Jackson, Bryan Loren) --> The Simpsons: Sing The Blues
      I Never Heard (1991) (Michael Jackson, Paul Anka) --> Safire: I Wasn't Born Yesterday (1991)
      Yeah (1992) (Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson) --> Eddie Murphy: Love's Alright (1992)
      Whatzupwitu (1992) (Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy) --> Eddie Murphy: Love's Alright (1992)
      Joy (1994) (Michael Jackson, Blackstreet) --> Blackstreet: Blackstreet (1994)
      I Need You (1995) (Michael Jackson, 3T) --> 3T: Brotherhood (1995)
      Why (1995) (Michael Jackson) --> 3T: Brotherhood (1995)
      Words Without Meaning (1995) (Michael Jackson, 3T) --> 3T: Brotherhood (1995)
      Girls, Girls, Girls Remix (2001) (Jay-Z, Michael Jackson)
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      Originally posted by TLC@Mittwoch, 28.12.05 - 16:15Â*Uhr

      Somethin' Special (1981) (Ouincy Jones, Michael Jackson)
      --> Quincy Jones: The Dude (1981)
      Turn On The Action (1981) (Ouincy Jones, Michael Jackson)
      --> Quincy Jones: The Dude (1981)

      Michael Jackson hat mit beiden Songs NICHTS zu tun.

      Die Stimme die etwas nach ihm klingt, ist die Stimme von Patti Austin.
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      Erstmal die GHOSTS-Kompositionen:

      - Ashes To Ashes (1997) (Nicholas Pike, Michael Jackson)
      - Dance On The Ceiling (1997) (Nicholas Pike, Michael Jackson)
      - Flinging The Ghouls (1997) (Nicholas Pike)
      - Meet The Family (1997) (Nicholas Pike)
      - Skin To The Wind (1997) (Nicholas Pike)
      - Super Ghoul (1997) (Nicholas Pike)
    • Schon etwas älter, aber sehr interessant. Habe ich grade gefunden:

      "Rodney Jerkins Speaks About "Invincible"

      The co-producer of Michael's latest album "Invincible" has spoke out about "Invincible" and about the rumors saying that Michael didn't put his best work on the album on purpose. Rodney Jerkins told Cut magazine: "There's a lot stuff, which people haven't heard. There's unfinished stuff, stuff that needs going back to. I'm confident I'll be collaborating with Michael again. I really want people to hear some of the stuff we did together which never made the cut. There's a whole lot of stuff, just as good, maybe better. People have gotta hear it." "Michael records hundreds of songs for an album. So we cut it down to 35 of the best tracks and picked from there. It's not always about picking the hottest tracks, it's gotta have a flow, so there's a good album's worth of material that could blow your mind. I really hope this stuff comes out because it's some of his best."
    • ARCHIV-POSTING (bitte NICHT löschen!)

      In 1991 an ultra rare 2 track promo was given to some Sony Executives to listen to as a teaser to the Dangerous album.

      The tracks on them were "MONKEY BUSINESS" & "MEN IN BLACK".

      Only 10 are said to exsist.

      If anyone as any information or scans of these please contact me at my messager box on this site. This is part of research for a new book coming out in August/September 2006.

      Many thanks


      Adrian Grant met Michael back in 1990 in a recording studio in LA.

      Michael played him Men In Black.. Adrian reported the story in King magazine and Smash Hits magazine a few months later.

      Adrian said the song was in the style of "The Man" [McCartney duet]

      several years later i think in 1992.. a rumour started amongst fans that Adrian had secretly taped the recording without Michael knowing using a little dictaphone.

      Lying To Myself
      Doesn't Seem To Matter
      Bottle Of Smoke
    • Habe jetzt im Internet den Song "All i do" von Lil Corey entdeckt, ,kennt den einer von euch? Mir ist aufgefallen das es der Song ist den man uns damals als Cut von "Get out of my mind" angedreht hat. Der Song ist von 2002.

      All I Do
      vocals: Michael Jackson, Lil' Corey
      drums: Chris Dave
      electric guitar: Craig Love
      producer: Jamie Portee,
      Donnie Scantz

      Label Motown
    • Originally posted by 19SunsetDriver74@Dienstag, 21.2.06 - 14:41Â Uhr
      Habe jetzt im Internet den Song "All i do" von Lil Corey entdeckt, ,kennt den einer von euch? Mir ist aufgefallen das es der Song ist den man uns damals als Cut von "Get out of my mind" angedreht hat. Der Song ist von 2002.

      All I Do
      vocals: Michael Jackson, Lil' Corey
      drums: Chris Dave
      electric guitar: Craig Love
      producer: Jamie Portee,
      Donnie Scantz

      Label Motown

      Quelle :?

      Wenn ich den Song hören könnte, wäre das hilfreich. Jedenfalls siehts erstmal nach FAKE aus.
    • Originally posted by 19SunsetDriver74@Dienstag, 21.2.06 - 20:54Â Uhr
      Is es aber nich. Ich hab den Song, is nur in USA erschienen.

      Jetzt hab ichs...

      Das ist eine Coverversion. Das ist - wie man am nicht mehr existierenden, aber noch als Marke verwendeten Label "Motown" erkennen kann (so verhält es sich auch mit Epic), ein altes Jackson 5 Stück gesampelt.

      Korgnex :top

      P.S.: Wie bist du nur auf "Get Out Of My Mind" gekommen :? Lass mich raten, du kennst keine alten Motown-Schmunzetten, richtig :?
    • New "Unknown" song added to the BMI song database

      EDIT: The entry below is for the ORIGINAL "I Have This Dream" song, I made a mistake when posting. However, please do look at my first reply for information about a brand new song that has been added to the BMI song bank very recently!

      I HAVE THIS DREAM (Legal Title)
      BMI Work #4933089

      Wait a minute, I was wrong! This is indeed the entry for the ORIGINAL "I Have This Dream" and it has been there for years. I noticed a new song had been added to the list and without thinking I naturally I assumed that the charity single must've been it.

      HOWEVER, so that my thread isn't been completely wasted, a truly new entry has been added to the database and it is simply titled "UNKNOWN" right now. So, I do think that something must be going on with Mike and his music behind the scenes.

      UNKNOWN (Legal Title)
      BMI Work #8001610

      Songwriter/Composer - Current Affiliation - CAE/IPI #

    • Hier nochmal etwas zu diesem mysteriösen Duett mit Mariah Carey, es sind ja zwei Namen im Umlauf: "Satisfy" und "Dusk In The Wind". Wer weiss vielleicht spielt dieses Duett ja noch irgendwann mal eine Rolle? Weiss jemand mehr dazu?

      Michael Jackson Duet with Mariah Carey:

      "Dust in the Wind" a remake of the Kansas song. It was a duet between Carey and Michael Jackson.


      A song written by Jam & Lewis and intended for Mariah Carey's Charmed Bracelet album in 2002 but did not make the final selection. Michael Jackson appears as a guest-backing vocalist on the track.
    • Interessantes zur Arbeit mit Freddie Mercury aus dem mjjvault-forum, überhaupt ist dieses Forum echt gut:

      "I got this from the book "Freddie Mercury: AN Intimate Memoir" by Peter Freestone with David Evans. Freestone was Freddie's personal assistant and was there for the recordings. I don't own the book but I wrote a synopsis of the section:

      Michael invited Freddie to Hayvenhurst in the summer of 1983 and took Freddie and Peter on a tour of the estate. They visited Michael's bedroom, which shocked Freddie when he saw that Michael's bed was a mattress. Michael said that he preferred "to be closer to the earth", to which Freddie replied "But you're on the first floor!"

      What impressed Freddie was that Michael had his triple platinum disc award for "Thriller" just leaning against the wall. Freddies thought it showed great style. Freddie wasn't a showoff, as he also used hiis gold and platinum awards as wall coverings than trophies.

      In the studio, Michael and Freddie were the only ones with Freddie onthe piano and Freestone palying "the toilet door". They recorded 3 songs, "Victory", "State Of Shock", and "There Must Be More To Life Than This". On "Victory", there was no drummer or drums, and Michael wasn't fond of the sound the drum machine gave so Freestone ended up slamming the bathroom door for 5 minutes in the rhythym. "On There Must Be More To Life Than This", Michael ended up composing his own lyrics as he went along. They worked for about 5 or 6 hours and ended at 6 pm.

      In the car, Freddie said to Freestone he admired Michael's creativity, but question his style in decorating the house."