Michael Jackson Estate / Nachlassverwaltung

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    • Jackson Custody Lawyer Files Small Claim
      Posted Nov 16th 2009 8:30AM by TMZ Staff
      The law firm that represented Michael Jackson in his custody battle against Debbie Rowe back in 2005 is going after the singer's estate big time, to the tune of ... $1,419.70. Wait, what?

      The Law Offices of Michael L. Abrams filed a creditor's claim against the Jackson estate last week, claiming the singer owed the firm for a little bit of legal work earlier this year. And by "little" we mean just 4.35 hours, according to the claim.

      Jackson paid part of the bill, the claim indicates, which includes a $14 parking charge.

      Considering most creditor's claims against the estate have been six and seven figures, we figure it's easier for the estate to just pay it rather than fight it.

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    • Joe Jackson Appeals -- The Fight Isn't Over!
      Posted Nov 16th 2009 6:02PM by TMZ Staff
      Joe Jackson will ask the California Court of Appeal to teach the Superior Court judge in the Michael Jackson estate case a thing or two .... We've learned Joe has filed legal papers setting the stage to challenge the decision throwing out his challenge to Michael's will.
      Joe claims Michael's name was forged on the will ... and he wants John Branca and John McClain booted as executors.

      Stay tuned ...

      ..... wußte nicht ob es in den Hayvenhurst Thread gehört oder in diesen.... wenn ich es an falscher Stelle poste, bitte verschieben !!
    • MJ Estate Pounded by New Creditor's Claim
      Posted Nov 17th 2009 4:15PM by TMZ Staff
      Get your currency converters out -- the law firm that filed the latest creditor's claim against Michael Jackson's estate wants to get paid in pounds.
      The firm of Arnold & Porter -- which has an office in London -- just filed papers in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming MJ owes them for legal services rendered between February and June of '09.
      The total bill: £103,179.10.
      And this is interesting: In the docs, it shows Michael initially hired the firm in connection with a "dispute with Abdulla Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa" -- the son of the King of Bahrain.
      The sheikh sued Michael in 2008 for $7 million -- after Michael allegedly accepted a bunch of money and perks from the sheikh in exchange for two new albums.
      The case was settled shortly after.

      .... der nächste bitte !!
      Und schon wieder Leute die Geld einfordern .......
    • Michael Jackson's nephew to distribute singer's estate
      Music producer and former boyband singer Taj is secret $1bn estate manager

      By James Desborough, 21/11/2009

      Michael Jackson's nephew Taj has been secretly invited onto the board of executors looking after the star's $1bn fortune.

      Tito's son Taj, 36, has been asked by administrators John McLain and John Branca to decide on how to distribute his cash.

      The deal - done behind closed doors - came hours after Katherine Jackson dropped challenging *****'s estate last week.

      Insiders say the move was "a trade off " to keep upset Katherine from months of legal battles against the will.

      Music producer Taj will act as a voice for Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket in deciding on future MJ projects and deals.

      One insider claimed Taj - who became famous in 1990s boyband 3T - will have a veto vote.

      However, Michael's furious dad Joe, 80, still wants to challenge the validity of the 2002 will, which empowered McClain and Branca to oversee his son's fortune.

      This week LA Judge Mitchell Beckloff approved the estate set-up - after Katherine agreed to the set-up was fine.

      A source close to the family said: "Taj has been invited onto the board. It seems to be a trade off to keep Katherine from challenging the estate in the long term.

      "She dropped her objection, ad now Taj will represent the family in estate matters.

      "Taj is close to the children and to her grandmother, so this is a compromise to keep everyone happy. The children will have him as their mouthpiece on future decisions about their dad.

      "He is there to protect the family's interests."

      Taj - who ***** described as his favourite nephew - has helped the three kids cope with their dad's death.

      The singer - who lived at Neverland in the 90s - had planned to work on a movie project after the This It Is tour.

      Taj said: "He had his next chapter mapped out.

      "He wanted to do this and get on to directing. The last words he said to me were, 'We're gong to do film after this.'"

      Tito Jackson, the late Michael Jackson's brother poses at the Churchill Hyatt Regency Hotel in London in September 2009

      Taj was one of the family members opposed to Michael's proposed burial at his Neverland estate, as "It brought so much pain to him."

      This week Joe was rebuffed in a bid to get an allowance from the estate.

      Now he is determined to overthrow McClain and Branca, claiming the will was incorrectly filed.

      Family lawyer Brain Oxman has filed papers to the Superior court detailing inaccuracies in the paperwork.

      Oddly the will appeared to be signed by Jackson in Los Angeles in 2002. At the time the star was in New York.

      Other paperwork shows that Jackson demanded Branca resign as his lawyer in July 2002.

      He also ordered private investigators look into his business dealings.

      Other paperwork shows that Branca banked large percentages on Jackson music and commercial deals in the 1990s.

      Jackson also paid Branca $15m (£11m) to sever a deal for percentage rights on the Sony/ATV catalogue. Joe says that his involvement in the will is "a conflict of interest".

      Another statement claims the 2002 three page will was completely inappropriate and insufficient for dad of three Jackson, who had multiple business interests.

    • hm...da diese anteile ihr 'gehören' sollte es an ihr liegen, wer ihren anteil erbt. das sollte sie dann regeln.
      aber ja, es könnte auch sein, dass mj verfügt hat, dass die anteile nach dem tod von kitkat an die kinder zurück (oder wie auch immer verteilt) gehn.
      das wird im testament stehn, in einem teil, der eben privat gehalten wurde.
      jedenfalls denke ich nicht, dass diana ross etwas bekäme. (die ja von mike als 'ersatz' gewünscht is, wenn du granny ausfällt, die kinder zu erziehen.)
      da kann man aber mal sehen, wie wenig er der familie vertraute, wie wenig er wollte, dass die alle mit seinen privaten geschichten zu tun haben - wenn er, bei so vielen geschwistern, seine kinder lieber einer freundin anvertrauen würde...O.o..

    • New Claim -- MJ Was a Home Wrecker

      Posted Dec 8th 2009 6:00PM by TMZ Staff

      MJ Was a Home Wrecker Michael Jackson allegedly left his Las Vegas mansion in shambles -- this according to the latest in an endless stream of creditor's claims filed against the estate.

      Aner Iglesias is demanding $234,000 from Michael's estate, to repair damages to the exterior and interior of the home, and to replace the phone and alarm system.

      Aner claims the $234k is just an estimate -- the price tag may go up.

      Quelle: Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Celebrity News | TMZ.com
      “In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world
      filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with
      despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with
      distrust, we must still dare to believe.”
    • Michael Jackson estate administrators, lawyers seek payment for work on King of Pop's affairs

      The administrators of Michael Jackson's estate and a cadre of attorneys are seeking millions for managing the King of Pop's affairs after death, court documents filed Tuesday show.

      It's unclear how much exactly will be paid out.

      The administrators of Jackson's estate, attorney John Branca and music executive John McClain, are seeking five percent of money the estate has earned so far.

      The administrators and attorneys have not been paid since Jackson's death on June 25, the filings state.

      The estate may have earned $100 million or more with the sale of rights to the concert film "This Is It," new music releases and merchandising agreements.

      But Jackson's estate also faces significant debt and a lawsuit cites at least 10 lawsuits that are still pending. They include suits over the rights to "Thriller," Jackson's iconic song and music video directed by John Landis, and lawsuits filed by former associates.

      The filings state that a detailed accounting of the estate's earnings is not ready, but attorneys have filed some financial records for the judge to review.

      Many experts believe that Jackson's estate earnings could eclipse those of another famous, and profitable, music icon — Elvis Presley.

      "Unlike the typical estate, the operation of Michael Jackson's estate is more akin to the operation of a multimillion dollar business enterprise," attorney Jeryll S. Cohen wrote in a filing.

      She wrote that many of the attorneys working the case have spent up to 14 hours a day on the case, and that not approving the fees soon will create a financial hardship.

      Branca is asking the five percent be paid to his firm. The filing states he is not asking for a personal fee for administration of the estate.

      Payments would also go to a variety of firms, including one representing the interests of Jackson's children.

      Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff has scheduled a hearing for Jan. 4 to decide how much can be paid out.


      Michael Jackson's Executors -- Pay Us Now!

      Michael Jackson's estate has not paid the Special Administrators a penny, but the day has now come -- at least according to new court docs filed by John Branca and John McClain.

      The two men -- now officially the Executors of Michael Jackson's estate, are asking for 70% of the fees they have earned, pending court approval of the full amount.

      The papers do not specify the amount Branca and McClain want. They do say that they want the statutory amount of executor fees for the first $25 million of the estate -- that fee comes to $188,000. But the estate is valued far in excess of $25 mil and the two Executors would be entitled to a portion of that as well. In addition, Branca and McClain also want fees "for their extraordinary services," though that amount is not specified.

      According to the new documents, fees some of the law firms connected with the estate are asking for are huge. For example, the law firm of Greenberg Traurig wants $1,547,064.50. The firm of Hoffman, Sabban & Watenmaker wants $957,644. The firm of Kinsella, Weitzman, Iser, Kump & Aldisert wants $420,062.50.

    • Jackson Executors -- Beyond the Call of Duty

      Posted Dec 17th 2009 2:49PM by TMZ Staff

      The executors of Michael Jackson's estate have filed documents, explaining why they should be entitled to more than the statutory fee most executors get -- a big reason ... Joe Jackson.

      According to legal docs filed with the court, co-executors John Branca and John McClain had to defend the estate from a steady barrage of attacks by Joe Jackson and, until recently, by Katherine Jackson.

      They also claim they've been working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week since they were appointed. And, they claim, their "business reputations and the character and reputation of Michael Jackson were repeatedly assaulted by personal and unfounded attacks" which they were forced to correct publicly in order to protect the Michael Jackson brand.

      Branca and McClain say at the time Michael Jackson died ... Michael and his businesses were defendants in 11 separate lawsuits and it only got worse after his death.

      Branca and McClain want more than the statutory fee -- which is a percentage of the value of the estate. They're asking for "extraordinary compensation" for the work most executors never have to do.

      Quelle: Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Celebrity News | TMZ.com
      “In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world
      filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with
      despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with
      distrust, we must still dare to believe.”
    • Michael Jackson's Music May Get Second Chance
      Posted Dec 21st 2009 11:30AM by TMZ Staff
      Michael Jackson's estate executors want to breathe new life into an incredibly valuable asset -- the heavily-collateralized MIJAC Music Catalog.

      The Catalog -- valued this year at around $100 million -- was used by Michael Jackson to secure at least two big loans.

      According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, co-executors John Branca and John McClain have entered into negotiations with a bank to restructure the two loans with more favorable terms. The new terms could save the estate a fortune.