Prince - Paris - Blanket

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    • Paris hat dieses süße Video mit ihrem Bruder aus Kindheitstagen
      gepostet. Michael hört man sprechen.

      Kannte ich bislang noch nicht.

      Unbedingt LInk anklicken:

      Zudem noch dieser lange Text von ihr:

      it’s not your birthday for another half hour but i flew to the east
      coast today so technically i’m already two and a half hours late! so i’m
      posting this now.
      my dearest brother. i could fly to the moon and back a thousand times
      and the distance still wouldn’t amount to how much i adore you. i’ve
      always looked up to you, and to this day you’re still the greatest role
      model i could ever hope for. i miss these days where we could wrestle
      and i’d still have a chance at winning, though. i miss playing hot
      wheels and my little pony with you, i miss fighting like pirates and
      trying to cast spells with our harry potter wands. i miss the saturdays
      where we would sleep in and eat porridge and OJ and watch gargoyles and
      transformers (and sometimes cartoons in arabic?), and staying up late
      listening to you tell us wild bed time stories that always had a crazy
      twist at the end. you’ve always been my best friend in the whole wide
      universe and i’m so lucky to have you in my life. i couldn’t have wished
      for our friendship to turn out any better. we may not have our water
      guns and crash bandicoot, but we have so much more. you’re the most fun,
      genuine, determined and hilarious person i know. and it makes ma soul
      happy to know dat i can always count on you, and no matter where we are
      in the world and in life, my home is with you and the little guy. i love
      you so much, gooko. i’m so proud of you. happy birthday.
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      Paris & Prince Jackson als Kinder: Dieses süße Video drehte Papa Michael Jackson
      Rührende Liebeserklärung zu seinem 21. Geburtstag

      Jahrelang wusste niemand, wie die Kinder von Michael Jackson aussehen. Er versteckte sie vor der Öffentlichkeit, um ihnen ein normales Leben zu ermöglichen. Nach seinem viel zu frühen Tod traten Prince, Paris und Blanket jedoch ins Rampenlicht und zeigten sich der Welt. Nun feierte der Älteste von ihnen seinen 21. Geburtstag und für ihre Glückwünsche auf Instagram grub Paris ganz tief im Archiv.

      Sie postete ein Video von sich und Prince, das von ihrem Vater Michael Jackson aufgenommen wurde, wie man an der Stimme erkennt. Die beiden streiten sich um die beste Position vor der Kamera, albern herum und kichern, während ihr Daddy immer wieder „Ich will euch tanzen sehen“ ruft.

      Dazu verfasste sie eine rührende Botschaft, die eine Liebeserklärung an ihren älteren Bruder ist und zeigt, wie nahe sich die beiden stehen. „Dein Geburtstag ist erst in anderthalb Stunden, aber ich flog heute an die Ostküste, also bin ich technisch gesehen anderthalb Stunden zu spät! Also poste ich das jetzt hier. Mein liebster Bruder, ich könnte tausend Mal bis zum Mond und wieder zurück fliegen und die Distanz würde nicht die Größe erreichen, wie sehr ich dich anhimmle. Ich schaute immer zu dir auf und bis heute bist du immer noch das größte Vorbild, das ich mir je vorstellen könnte.“

      „Ich vermisse diese Tage, an denen wir miteinander kämpfen konnten und ich noch eine Chance hatte, zu gewinnen. Ich vermisse es, mit dir Hot Wheels und My Little Pony zu spielen. Ich vermisse es, wie Piraten zu kämpfen und Zaubersprüche mit unseren Harry Potter Zauberstäben aufzusagen. Und ich vermisse die Samstage, an denen wir lange aufblieben und ich dir zuhörte, wie du uns wilde Bettgeschichten erzähltest, die immer am Ende eine verrückte Wendung hatten. Du warst immer mein bester Freund im ganzen Universum und ich bin so glücklich, dich in meinem Leben zu haben“, schwärmte die 19-Jährige.

      Auch wenn die beiden nicht mehr unter einem Dach wohnen, ist Prince für Paris Jackson noch immer einer der wichtigsten Menschen in ihrem Leben. „Ich hätte mir keine bessere Freundschaft vorstellen können. Wir mögen keine Wasserpistolen und Crash Bandicoot [Computerspiel] mehr haben, aber wir haben so viel mehr. Du bist die lustigste, aufrichtigste, hingebungsvollste und witzigste Person, die ich kenne. Und es macht meine Seele glücklich, dass ich immer auf dich zählen kann. Egal, wo wir uns auf der Welt und im Leben befinden, mein Zuhause ist immer bei dir und dem Kleinen. Ich liebe dich so sehr. Ich bin so stolz auf dich. Happy Birthday.“ :blumen

    • Paris Jackson stuns in plunging dress as she gets cosy with Chris Brown at her star-studded birthday party
      7 April 2018

      She's the daughter of legendary performer Michael Jackson. And Paris Jackson rang in her milestone 20th birthday surrounded by friends and family at celebrity haunt Hyde Sunset on Friday night. The A-List bash included the likes of Chris Brown, Paris Hilton and Ashlee Simpson, while the celebrity offspring made sure all eyes were on her in a retro 60s inspired getup.

      Birthday girl: Paris Jackson flaunted her ample cleavage in a 60s-inspired mini dress at her star-studded birthday bash in LA on Friday

      Paris flashed her ornate chest tattoo and ample cleavage in the plunging vintage number, with the thigh-skimming design showcasing her endless legs.
      Clad in white go-go boots, the model polished off her retro sartorial choices with layers of gold chains and a tan leather belt around her svelte waist.
      The 60s inspiration didn't end there, with stylish white circle sunglasses that swept her pink dyed tendrils off her face.

      Cosy: The A-List bash included the likes of Chris Brown while the celebrity offspring made sure all eyes were on her as she sizzled in a retro 60s inspired getup

      Vintage vibes: The 60s inspiration didn't end there, with stylish white circle sunglasses that swept her pink dyed tendrils off her face

      Paris let her psychedelic design do all the legwork, as she complemented the vibrant ensemble with a smokey pink eye and delicate nude lip.
      The stunner caught all the attention with her flirty design, but did suffer a wardrobe malfunction after the psychedelic design ripped under her arm.
      With the perilously low neckline, Paris almost spilled out of the silky dress, but kept composed as she smiled for pictures with her famous friends.

      Peace signs: The Hills reality star Frankie Delagado joined Paris for her birthday celebrations

      Brother Prince was on hand to make sure his sibling had the best birthday possible, opting for a dapper black suit jacket and dark jeans.
      Evan Ross - son of Paris' godmother Diana Ross - clearly enjoyed the festivities as he beamed next to singer wife Ashlee Simpson.
      The La La hit maker rocked a more casual ensemble, with a militaristic black jacket over a red slogan T-shirt.

      Adorable moments: Paris looked over a display at the swanky haunt with Hilton matriarch Kathy

      With her golden blonde locks tied up in a high ponytail, Ashlee dazzled with her statement gold accessories, while her actor beau wrapped up in a wool-lined winter jacket. Rapper Chris Brown didn't let his recent dramas stop him from having a great time as he gave Paris a sweet hug at the star-studded bash.
      Looking eager to get his hands on a slice of cake, the Freaky Friday singer sat next to the celeb offspring as she dipped into her birthday cake - decorated with a photo of her face. Chris Brown was seen enjoying a night out on the town a week after he was pictured putting hands around woman's throat during what the star claims was a lighthearted moment of horseplay.

      Say cheese: Paris almost showed a little too much in the plunging number as she leaned forward for a fun photo alongside the Hilton family

      Make a wish: Rapper Chris Brown stuck by the model as she blew out her candles…tar-studded-birthday.html
    • WATCH: Paris Jackson makes tearful appearance in 30 Seconds to Mars’ new video

      Paris Jackson (Photo: Screengrab, YouTube)

      Cape Town – Rock band 30 Seconds to Mars have released a new music video and it stars Paris Jackson along with an eclectic mix of people.
      The video is for their song Rescue Me and according to a tweet by lead singer Jared Leto the song is “a song about pain, a song about empowerment, a song about faith, and a song about freedom.”
      The video was released on Tuesday and it is a montage of sorts featuring various people working through different emotions.


      #RescueMe is a song about pain, a song about empowerment, a song about faith, and a song about freedom.

      :heart Official Music Video | Thirty Seconds to Mars - Rescue Me

      Rescue Me is a song about pain, a song about empowerment, a song about faith, and a song about freedom. Freedom from the wreckage of your past. Freedom from the bondage of self. And freedom to embrace all the promises that life has to offer. It’s also a song about the brutal war so many of us wage against fear, depression and anxiety in the hope that we might, one day, live a life filled with happiness and dreams. Pain does not discriminate. It can affect us all. In our bodies. Our hearts. Our minds. And often, when that pain is emotional or mental, we are afraid to speak up.None of us are “ok” all the time. And there shouldn't be a stigma when we aren’t.

      Both my brother and I have had our own intense personal battles and it has, and continues to be, life changing. I try to remember that just past the darkest days await the brightest and most rewarding moments. And that change is always right around the corner. I want to thank everyone for being so brave, selfless and vulnerable in this video. The emotion and honesty shared impacted me greatly and I hope it does that same for you all. I am very proud and grateful to have worked with one of my heroes - the master filmmaker and director Mark Romanek.

      It’s the first time in 13 years I haven’t directed our videos. It was a gift to have him carry the weight so graciously and deliver something so profoundly simple and beautiful. If you think someone in your life needs help, ask them if they’re ok and make sure they they know you’re there for them. And keep showing up. Help however you can. If you are hurting, you can get through this. Tell someone you trust. And please make sure you ask for help.…o-mars-new-video-20180612

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