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      Conrad Murray Under Tight Security: Lawyer
      Thursday, 15 December 2011 17:27

      The doctor convicted of killing Michael Jackson is coping with tight security and isolation and remains optimistic that he will win an upcoming appeal, his civil attorney said Tuesday.

      Charles Peckham said sheriff's deputies appear to be subjecting Conrad Murray to more security than other inmates at Men's Central Jail and that the physician was left heavily shackled during their jailhouse meeting.

      "Treating him like Hannibal Lecter is offensive," Peckham said, referring to the fictional serial killer from popular books and films. A sheriff's officials defended the security measures, saying they were for Murray's safety.

      The attorney had to obtain a court order Tuesday to meet with Murray to discuss strategy on a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Jackson's father. Peckham said despite the judge's order, he was denied entry to the jail, but officials relented after speaking with the civil trial court handling the case.

      He said their initial 30-minute meeting was cut short when the jail was placed in lockdown, but Peckham said the time was enough to upset him and see that Murray's fortunes had dramatically changed.

      "This man who saved lives made a mistake, and they're going to him pay like a mass-murderer," Peckham said. The doctor spoke extensively to documentary filmmakers before his conviction, but few details of his life behind bars have been divulged.

      Murray "is a real target because of his notoriety and because of the Michael Jackson connection," sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said. "We're just being extra cautious right now."
      He said jail officials will evaluate how to handle Murray's incarceration, but that he may not serve his whole sentence in isolation from other inmates. He noted that without a recent change in state law, Murray would be serving his term in state prison, not a county lockup.

      Peckham said Murray, who has been jailed since a jury convicted him of involuntary manslaughter on Nov. 7, is optimistic that an appellate court will grant an appeal on the case.

      Peckham's visit came hours after the physician, who was never paid the $150,000 a month he expected for serving as Jackson's personal physician, asked a court to provide a publicly funded attorney to handle his appeal because he is indigent.

      J. Michael Flanagan, who was one of Murray's criminal defense lawyers, agreed with Peckham's description. He said that when he visited Murray recently, four deputies escorted the physician into the meeting room and shackled him to a table.

      "He can't even scratch his nose," the attorney said. Flanagan said he saw another inmate who was charged with murder meet with his attorney without the same restrictive measures.

      "This is because of his notoriety," Whitmore said. "It's not so much the crime itself."

      Peckham said he didn't "think the sheriff's department is being anything but professional. I do however believe the amount of security for Dr. Murray is vastly out of proportion with the potential threat."

      He said Murray told him he appreciates the support and prayers he's received from former patients and friends.

      In the early days of his confinement, Murray was classified as suicidal in jail records, according to a probation report. Peckham said he saw no indications that the physician intended to take his own life and that he seemed to be in control of his mental health.

      Murray indicated in a two-page court filing Tuesday that he would rely on a court-funded attorney to help craft his appeal. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that felony convicts have a constitutional right to assistance of counsel.

      Flanagan and Murray's other criminal attorneys had sought to present evidence to jurors about Jackson's finances, details of his deal for a series of comeback concerts, and information about other doctors treating the pop superstar. But the judge refused and ruled the trial would be about Murray's care of the singer.

      The Houston-based doctor had been giving Jackson nightly doses of the powerful anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid. The drug is normally given in hospital settings with extensive monitoring equipment, but testimony showed Murray had only basic equipment and left Jackson's bedside on the morning of his death.

      Pastor has scheduled a hearing for Jan. 23 to decide whether to order Murray to pay any restitution to Jackson's family or reimburse them for funeral expenses, which totaled more than $1.8 million.

      Jackson's estate estimated the singer would have earned at least $100 million if he had performed his "This Is It" concerts planned for London's O2 arena.
      Murray will lose his medical license as a result of the conviction is upheld.
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      :tatort..poor Conrad Murray..

      Conrad Murray trifft sich mit Seelsorger

      Schwer: Conrad Murray (58) soll sich mit einem Gefängnis-Seelsorger getroffen haben, um über seine Zukunft zu sprechen.

      Der ehemalige Leibarzt von Michael Jackson (+50) wurde wegen fahrlässiger Tötung zu einer vierjährigen Gefängnisstrafe verurteilt, nachdem der King of Pop ('Heal the World') unter Murrays Aufsicht im Juni 2009 an einer Propofol-Vergiftung verstorben war.

      Gegen das Urteil hat der Mediziner inzwischen Berufung eingelegt und pocht auf seine Unschuld. Während die Berufung geprüft wird, sitzt Murray jedoch weiterhin ein.

      'RadarOnline' konnte von einem Insider erfahren, dass der ehemalige Star-Arzt letzte Woche nach einem Seelsorger verlangte: "Tränen stiegen ihm in die Augen, als er dem Seelsorger gegenüber saß. Dieser sagte ihm, er bräuchte Hoffnung. Conrad greift gerade nach allem, was ihn durch diese Sache bringen kann."

      Zu seiner eigenen Sicherheit und wegen seines Bekanntheitsgrad wird Conrad Murray, der sich bei einer Berufungsverhandlung selbst vertreten will, abseits der anderen Insassen untergebracht.…ger.121668.html
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      Zu seiner eigenen Sicherheit und wegen seines Bekanntheitsgrad wird Conrad Murray, der sich bei einer Berufungsverhandlung selbst vertreten will, abseits der anderen Insassen untergebracht.

      Schade. :sad

      [FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,

      Love leaves a memory no one can steal[/FONT]
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      Dr. Conrad Murray
      Back to Court to Prove
      MJ Partly Caused His Own Death

      Dr. Conrad Murray is asking the judge in his criminal case to deny Michael Jackson's family full restitution, on grounds MJ caused his own death.

      Murray filed legal docs yesterday -- obtained by TMZ -- asking for evidence the defense never received during the trial ... evidence that could show Michael self-administered the fatal dose of Propofol.

      Murray's lawyer, Michael Flanagan, argues that in deciding how much restitution the family gets, it's appropriate to consider the victim's responsibility for his own demise.

      So Murray will concede he's partly to blame -- he can't argue otherwise because of the conviction -- but he still wants to prove that MJ ultimately caused his own death.

      The prosecution is asking for around $100 million in restitution, but the judge hasn't decided on a figure. But once the figure is set, if Flanagan gets his way and the judge were to decide MJ was 50% responsible for his death, the judge would reduce the restitution award by 50%.

      So the fat lady hasn't sung ... yet.…ackson-death-restitution/
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      Da wird man doch blind wenn man sowas lesen muß :brüll

      Denkt er, wenn man Michael eine Teilschuld zuspricht und er dann nicht die volle Entschädigungssumme zahlen muß, wäre sein Leben im Lot? Was sollen da noch für Beweise kommen? Sie konnten doch schon im Prozeß nicht darlegen, daß Michael eine Mitschuld trifft.

      Ich glaube, er benötigt eine psychiatrische Behandlung. :voodoo :voodoo
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      Karin schrieb:

      Da wird man doch blind wenn man sowas lesen muß :brüll

      Denkt er, wenn man Michael eine Teilschuld zuspricht und er dann nicht die volle Entschädigungssumme zahlen muß, wäre sein Leben im Lot? Was sollen da noch für Beweise kommen? Sie konnten doch schon im Prozeß nicht darlegen, daß Michael eine Mitschuld trifft.

      Ich glaube, er benötigt eine psychiatrische Behandlung. :voodoo :voodoo

      ..DAS seh ich als rausgeschmissen Geld...der braucht ne ganz andere "Behandlung" ..wo is den dieser "schöne"smilie..:such..ok..nehm mer deinen einstweilen :voodoo..
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      :lol: Ja, ich wünsche ihm auch die Pest an den Hals :devil, aber letztendlich glaube ich, daß die wirkliche Strafe für ihn ein erkennen seiner Tat wäre. Ich glaube, wenn ihm irgendwann mal bewußt wird in seiner Zelle, was er da eigentlich getan hat, dann wird sein Leben bitter für den Rest seiner Tage. Darauf warte ich. Gottes Mühlen mahlen langsam, aber sie mahlen - sagt man so schön und ich glaube an die ausgleichende Gerechtigkeit.
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      ..und das ganze nochmal..:never

      Conrad Murray geht wieder vor Gericht

      Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012 | 22:57 Uhr |

      Eigentlich war die Gerichtsverhandlung zum Fall der Todesursache von Michael Jackson (†50) abgeschlossen und sein behandelnder Arzt Conrad Murray (58) schuldig gesprochen worden: Vier Jahre Haft und der Entzug der Arztzulassung waren die Folge. Doch hat der Verurteilte nun wieder etwas mitzuteilen.

      Denn er verweigert Michael Jacksons Familie nun die volle Rückerstattung der Kosten, die durch das Verfahren entstanden und für die er hätte aufkommen müssen. Deshalb trat er sogar wieder mit dem zuständigen Richter in Verbindung. Die Staatsanwaltschaft fordert im Namen der Jackson-Familie um die 100 Millionen Dollar, obwohl das Gericht zuvor noch keine Summe festlegte. Doch Murrays Vertretung möchte nun beweisen, dass Michael Jackson eine Mitschuld trug und der Familie das Geld deshalb nicht zustehe.

      Wie TMZ berichtet, füllte Murray nun gerichtliche Dokumente aus, in denen er die Herausgabe bestimmter Beweismittel verlangt, die der Verteidigung bisher nicht vorgelegt wurden und die bezeugen würden, dass Michael sich selbst die tödliche Dosis des Propofols verabreichte und deshalb mitverantwortlich für seinen Tod ist. Bisher ist noch nicht bekannt, ob das Gericht den Forderungen des ehemaligen Arztes stattgegeben hat und wie die Geldangelegenheit gehandhabt wird.


      10.1.2012: Conrad Murray kämpft gegen Schadenersatz-Forderung

      Dr. Conrad Murray hat in einem gestern ausgefüllten Antrag den Richter in seinem Strafprozess gebeten, die Schadenersatzforderung der Anklage vollständig zu verweigern. In dem Antrag fordert Murray Beweise an, die seine Verteidigung während dem Verfahren nie erhalten habe. Diese sollen beweisen, dass sich Michael die verhängnisvolle Dosis Propofol selbst verabreicht hatte.

      Da eine rechtsgültige Verurteilung vorliegt, ist zu verstehen, dass Murray seine Verschuldung teilweise eingestehen wird, aber noch immer beweisen möchte, dass letztendlich Michael seinen eigenen Tod verschuldete. Murrays Anwalt, Michael Flanagan, argumentiert, dass in der Entscheidung, wieviel Schadenersatz Murray bezahlen muss, angebracht sei, die Verantwortung des Opfers für seinen eigenen Tod mit zu beachten. Murray könnte in diesem Fall auf eine Reduktion der Entschädigungs-Summe hoffen.

      Die Staatsanwaltschaft forderte bei der Strafmassverkündigung gegen Murray USD 100 Million Schadenersatz, eine Summe, die Michael Jackson mit seinen This Is It Konzerten hätte einnehmen können. Da die Anklage aber nur eine kurze Mail vom MJ Estate vorlegte, forderte der Richter detaillierte Dokumente, die diese hohe Summe rechtfertigen beziehungsweise genauer erläutern. Noch hat Richter Michael Pastor keinen Betrag festgelegt, möchte diesen aber am 23. Januar verkünden.

      In diesem Zusammenhang nochmals unsere ausführliche Zusammenfassung der Schlussplädoyers im Murray Prozess, in deren Anschluss die Jury Dr. Murray für schuldig befand.

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      :tatort..seid wann is Flanagan wieder oder noch für Murray tätig..:grübel…20Angeles&source=trending

      LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A judge will soon decide how much money Doctor Conrad Murray must pay to Michael Jackson’s family for the pop star’s death.

      A jury convicted Murray in November of Jackson’s death after the singer died of a prescription drug overdose.

      Murray’s attorney Michael Flanagan talked exclusively with CBS2 about his plans to fight for a lower restitution amount.

      “I don’t think that he should be responsible for any restitution,” said Flanagan, who’s filed a motion to contest the amount of restitution Murray was ordered to pay at his sentencing.

      (credit: CBS)

      “For example, if you’re 50 percent responsible for the death that might be good enough for the causation necessary to convict you of the criminal offense,” said Flanagan, adding, “However, as far as a portion of the damages, he’d only be responsible for the percentage you were responsible, such as the 50 percent.”

      Flanagan said Jackson carries half the blame for his death.

      “When it comes down to restitution the question comes down to: What percentage responsible are you?”

      Now that Flanagan is battling over the restitution the public can expect to see the final scenes of Jackson’s death play out all over again in the courtroom. The judge will also need to assess the true worth of Jackson’s estate.

      “If you count the value of his assets he’s worth a negative $200 million,” Flanagan said.

      “Now the estate has got a positive balance.”

      Murray just handed over his medical certificates last week. His medical license has been revoked in California and suspended in Texas and Nevada, all places he had been licensed to practice. The doctor can reapply for his medical license in a year.

      Despite disputing the restitution paid, Flanagan is also juggling several civil lawsuits against his client.

      “This case isn’t going away, as far as I’m concerned, any time soon,” Flanagan said.

      Murray’s legal team was always split over whether Murray should take the stand. Flanagan was in favor of Murray taking the stand but attorney Michael Chernov opposed the move.

      Flanagan said Murray’s greatest regret is that he didn’t take the stand and offer his version of the events that lead the pop star’s death.