2012 California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year

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    • 2012 California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year


      "Criminal Law

      In the pressure cooker of a trial under TV lights and with a mob of music fans outside the courthouse, Brazil and Walgren scored a major prosecution victory in one of the most closely watched criminal cases of the year. The jury's conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray of involuntary manslaughter in the drug death of the "King of Pop," Michael Jackson, came after 49 witnesses and 23 days of trial spread over six weeks. More than 2,200 reporters from around the world obtained credentials to cover the proceedings - more than for the O. J. Simpson and Scott Peterson murder trials, combined.

      The scientific challenges of the trial required the prosecutors to become experts in anesthesiology and the proper use of the drug propofol, which was found at high levels in Jackson's system after his death. Propofol is commonly used during surgery, but Murray administered it as an at-home sedative for Jackson.

      During the trial, Walgren questioned most of the prosecution's 33 witnesses. He also handled both the opening statement and closing argument.

      Though both Brazil and Walgren have significant experience with homicide cases, a death from propofol toxicity was unknown to them and to the coroner's office. Lead trial lawyer Walgren focused on the science, presenting a clear picture to jurors that Murray had been infusing Jackson with propofol nightly for weeks to help him sleep, even though the doctor was not well trained in its use and failed to monitor Jackson once the drug was administered. Brazil presented witnesses at trial and helped to devise the county's legal strategy. "

    • AW: 2012 California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year

      Na, wer von euch möchte vor Gericht? ;D

      Next Move -- Judge


      File under "Nothing succeeds like success."

      David Walgren, the L.A. County Deputy District Attorney who put away Dr. Conrad Murray ... has thrown his hat in the ring to become an L.A. County Superior Court judge.

      Walgren -- who is considered one of the best prosecutors in L.A. County -- has submitted an application to the Governor's office.

      Sources connected with the process tell TMZ ... Walgren's application is being taken "very seriously."

      If you place a bet that Governor Jerry Brown will send Walgren shopping for a black robe, your money is probably safe.

    • AW: 2012 California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year



      Prosecutor in Conrad Murray case is appointed a judge
      May 18, 2012 | 3:03 pm

      A Los Angeles County deputy district attorney who helped win the conviction of Michael Jackson's personal physician was appointed a judge Friday.

      David Walgren, the lead prosecutor at last year's trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, was among eight attorneys named to the L.A. County Superior Court bench by Gov. Jerry Brown.

      Walgren, a 43-year-old Democrat from Calabasas, worked on several high-profile cases during 16 years at the district attorney's office. He prosecuted a photographer accused of trying to blackmail actress Cameron Diaz and headed an unsuccessful 2009 attempt to extradite director Roman Polanski from Switzerland for sentencing in a three-decade-old child sex case.

      His greatest attention came during Murray's manslaughter trial, a six-week televised proceeding covered by an international contingent of reporters.

      In a closing argument that was widely praised, Walgren humanized Jackson by reminding jurors that the larger-than-life celebrity with a history of drug problems was a father whose three children adored and missed him.

      Jackson fans applauded the prosecutor when he walked down the courthouse halls, and his performance sparked Facebook fan pages, including "David Walgren Is Hot."


      :lol: oh yeah..he's hot ..