Petition gegen die Austrahlung der Murray-Doku in Frankreich

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    • Petition gegen die Austrahlung der Murray-Doku in Frankreich

      Petition gegen die Austrahlung der Murray-Doku in Frankreich am 20. Juni 2012

      Bitte helft mit Eurer Unterschrift mit, dass dieser Film in Frankreich nicht ausgestrahlt wird!…ad-murray-le-20-juin-2012

      Remove the Conrad Murray documentary June 20, 2012!
      No artist in the world gets the treatment Michael Jackson gets. O
      France still wants to prove that he will never be granted respect - by
      spreading the degrading story told by Conrad Murray June 20, 2012!

      To broadcast a grotesque story as a tribute is pure insult. Why spread
      the "advocacy" of a murderer pretending to pay homage to his victim? We
      know that this documentary is full of lies and cold hypocrisy. Why even
      give voice to those who are directly responsible for his death, this
      alleged doctor, now imprisoned after having been charged with
      manslaughter and reckless behavior?

      It is still shocking to have to create this type of petition!

      We are tired of having to fight against the rumors and controversy that
      the media like to nourish. Therefore, we need to write and express our
      displeasure again. As the saying goes: silence is consent! Will we
      accept the disrespect?

      Do not remain without response! O France prepares to deliver this stupid documentary on June 20th! Teach them respect!

      * We create this petition regarding France Ô for the scheduled
      broadcast of the Conrad Murray documentary on June 20. We will address
      all media that will recirculate rumors and lies. We will also address
      media that infringe on Michael Jackson's privacy by spreading unfounded
      rumors or mere speculation, or disseminating material to protect a
      criminal who refused to testify before a court for his defense in front
      of cameras, for a fee!

      Jacqueline Marie
      MJ Children Foundation