Paris Jackson hat Selbstmordversuch begangen (TMZ) *von familie bestätigt.

  • Also so wie ich das lese, zeigt sie eine Art "Besorgnis", dass Debbie angeblich nicht fein genug ist in der Wortwahl.

    Aber ansonsten kann ich dir erzählen, warum ich Karen hasse... Sie ist hinterfotzig. Sie hat ihre Nähe zu Michael für Ego-Trips benutzt. Sie hat Fans Sachen ausgeplaudert, die sie nichts angehen. Und sie hat Michael hintergangen (siehe ihre vielsagende Mail an Frank DiLeo).

    In der Mail an DiLeo ging es doch aber hauptsächlcih darum, dass sie sich Sorgen um Michaels Zustand gemacht hat? (Oder war da noch was?)

    Und was denn für Ego-Trips?

  • In der Mail an DiLeo ging es doch aber hauptsächlcih darum, dass sie sich Sorgen um Michaels Zustand gemacht hat? (Oder war da noch was?)

    Da ging es darum, dass Michael alle manipuliert und sie sich Sorgen um DiLeo machte und so weiter. Alles schön in Watte verpackt - aber im Endeffekt stand sie nicht mit Michael.


    Und was denn für Ego-Trips?

    Sie hat Namedropping zu einer hohen Kunst entwickelt und hat schon viel zu oft viel zu viel über Michael rausgeplaudert. Das ist der Ego-Trip.

  • Ganz davon ab, dass sie Fans in Schubladen steckt:
    die, die ihr in den Arsch kriechen = GUTE, echte Fans von Mike.
    die, die ihr den Spiegel vorhalten und ihr ihre Unehrlichkeit/Zweizüngigkeit ankreiden = Verlogene, eifersüchtige,
    böse Fans, mit denen man zofft und sie dann blockt, unter dem Vorwand, dass die keine Ahnung von Mike haben, nichts wissen whatever.
    Da gibts noch mehr, aber das nur in kurzform.
    Dass sie Debbie nicht leiden kann, ist kein Geheimnis -
    wobei die zwei nie was miteinander zu tun hatten.
    Und sonst - hängt sie ihr Fähnchen gerne in den Wind, je nachdem
    wer grade auf ihrer Positiv- oder Negativliste steht.
    Der Punkt is, dass sie wahrscheinlich kaum Follower/Friends hätte,
    wenn sie nicht Michael immer wieder zum Thema machen würde :P

  • .... auf FB entdeckt.... - aber keine Ahnung, ob es stimmt...

    Roger Wauters: For who dont know yet, Paris returned home a couple of days ago.
    Wer es noch nicht weiß, Paris kehrte vor ein paar Tagen nach Hause zurück.

    ..edit..häng das mal hierzu ran...

    Die Quelle ist Taj Malic :rolleyes

    Debbie Rowe hat offensichtlich auf Twitter gesagt es ist nicht wahr.

    Debbie hat übrigens derzeit ihren Account geschützt, dass heißt es können nur Leute sehen, die Follower von ihr sind, habe es also nicht nachprüfen können.

  • Das hab ich dazu gefunden:ja
    Also so wie es aussieht hat Roger Wauters geschrieben, das er KEINE Infos findet, das Paris wieder zu Hause ist!
    (Wie immer bei Twitter, von unten nach oben lesen :D )

    ♛TeamMichaelJackson♛ ‏@TeamMichael777 17 Sep

    Paris is home. Praying the Lord protect and watch over her..........

    roger wauters ‏@2009roger 19 Sep
    @TeamMichael777 I cant find much information yet other than yours about Paris being home, so thanks for the info.

  • Updated: Friday, 27 September 2013 01:00 | By Bang
    Debbie Rowe threatens to sue Michael Jackson's doctor

    Debbie Rowe threatened to sue Michael Jackson's doctor over accusations she stole Demerol to feed the star's addiction to the prescription drug.

    Debbie Rowe threatened to sue Michael Jackson's doctor over accusations she stole Demerol to supply to the late star.

    The 54-year-old nurse got involved in a bitter war of words with dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein - who introduced Debbie to Michael after being employed as a nurse by him in the 1980s - on Twitter, after he alleged she took the powerful painkillers from his practice to feed the singer's addiction.

    In his blog on Monday (22.09.13), Arnold wrote: ''Debbie Rowe was giving Michael Demerol she stole from my office. She is a fraud! Just look at here.''

    Debbie - who is mother to two of Michael's kids, Prince,16, and 15-year-old Paris - strongly denied the claims in a series of furious tweets by insisting Klein was trying to deflect from what she believes is his involvement in the events that ultimately led to Michael's death from acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009.

    She wrote: ''So Klein wants to accuse me of stealing a controlled substance hmmmm I should probably be in prison since it's a felony yet I'm not.

    ''You can't stop the truth it's an injustice that Klein will never be tried for his involvement. He is a spineless enigma with a deadly touch. (sic)''

    When a Twitter user asked her if she would take legal action the over ''false'' claims, Debbie replied: ''I'm gonna.''

    The accusations come after Debbie had blamed Dr. Klein for fuelling Michael's drug addiction when she appeared in court during Katherine Jackson's billion dollar lawsuit against concert promoters AEG Live in July.

    Katherine is suing the company for damages for their alleged role in the wrongful death of her son.…michael-jacksons-doctor-3

  • :tatort..von diesem unsäglichen Stacy Brown...mal sehn was da dran is ..

    Paris Jackson will finally leave her family’s grim estate
    By Stacy BrownOctober 6, 2013 | 6:00am
    Paris Jackson will finally leave her family’s grim estate
    Paris Jackson has struck up a bond with biological mother Debbie Rowe.

    Debbie Rowe, the baby mama to the King of Pop’s two eldest children but a persona-non-grata to the Jackson clan, will soon become co-guardian to her daughter, Paris Jackson, family sources said.
    In a stunning, hush-hush switch, Rowe will replace *****’s nephew, T.J., as co-guardian while Katherine Jackson, the children’s 83-year-old grandmother, continues as the other co-guardian, sources said.
    The change would pave the way for the troubled Paris to leave her brothers and the sprawling Jackson estate and move in with Rowe on her 2-acre horse ranch in Palmdale, Calif., about 90 miles away.
    Modal Trigger
    Debbie Rowe
    The guardianship case in LA Superior Court began when Paris, 15, cut her wrist and overdosed on pills at the family’s Calabasas estate in June.
    Child Protective Services opened an investigation and pressed for a review of the guardianship arrangement.
    The agenda for the case’s Oct. 15 hearing notes, “Removal of Guardian,” and the “Appointment of Guardian,” a lawyer formerly associated with the case confirmed.
    Jackson family sources and a person close to Rowe confirmed a “non-monetary” deal is in place between Rowe and Katherine to share guardianship.
    The $86,000 per month Katherine and the children receive from *****’s estate will continue to flow, sources said. Despite moving out, Paris would remain entitled to her share — about $20,000 monthly — and she, like her brothers, would inherit the entire $1 billion to $2 billion fortune beginning at age 30.
    “You can’t be serious if you don’t believe that there haven’t been very carefully negotiated terms of this arrangement,” a source said.
    “Debbie will get whatever Paris may need in terms of resources, but [Katherine] will continue to be in control of most things, including when and how some of the monies are disbursed.”
    Rowe’s confidantes insist she isn’t doing this for money; she’s merely being a responsible parent.
    Still suffering nightmares and flashbacks of seeing her father’s body laying on a hospital slab, Paris cut herself with a kitchen knife and OD’d on pills after a tantrum inside the Jackson estate in June.
    “She tried to kill herself,” Rowe told a jury during the family’s failed wrongful-death lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live this summer.
    “She is devastated. She has no life,” Rowe said. “She doesn’t feel she has a life anymore.”
    The guardianship change does not appear to include siblings Prince, 16, or Blanket, 11, the source told The Post. Blanket has a different mother, and Prince has been reluctant to form a bond with Rowe.
    Howard Weitzman, the attorney for *****’s estate, denied there is a hearing scheduled to change guardianship.
    Stacy Brown is a reporter and former longtime friend of the Jackson family.…ris-jacksons-co-guardian/