One of the MOST IMPORTANT READS: MJ Rehab Interventions vs. Family Concert Tours

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    MJ Rehab Interventions vs. Family Concert Tours

    This is a timeline of the conflicting stories about “interventions” by the Jackson family, and also the attempts they made to recruit him into tours during the same period, intending to show the overlap between the two; if they accuse AEG of putting undue pressure on Jackson it would seem they were guilty of the same thing.

    Story about a family member who may be selling stories on MJ’s reported drug addiction as an attempt to retaliate against him, Roger Friedman – possible source Frank Cascio, January 6th 2006

    Michael Jackson had a perfect, five-star, expensive Christmas in Bahrain, thanks to his host, the prince.

    Jackson flew in his three main surrogate families from different locations, put them up in hotels and got them expensive gifts. The families were: the Schleiters, from Germany; the Bhatti’s, from Norway; and the Cascio’s from New Jersey.

    The report from the Jackson holiday was a good one, however. Jackson, according to sources, ate heartily, didn’t seem to be drugged in any way and was friendly and upbeat with his guests. The guests did not get to meet the prince, but they did see Jackson’s new digs outside the palace at a house he, his kids and “nanny” Grace Rwarmba are all staying in courtesy of the prince.

    If Jackson is not desperately hooked on drugs, then what about all those panic-ridden stories that ran in the supermarket tabloids just a few weeks ago? Speculation is that some members of Jackson’s family who feel left out or left back since Michael split the U.S. may be selling stories to make money.

    One friend of the family who attended court sessions off and on last year has been mentioned as a go-between who sets up the deals and then kicks back the payments.

    Janet Jackson tells Oprah she’s had no contact with MJ since the trial, Sept 25th 2006

    Oprah – Of all your brothers and sisters, who are you closest to?

    Janet – It switches.

    Oprah – Does it?

    Janet – Yes, I have so many…

    Oprah – I’ve heard that in big families it does.

    Janet – It switches. It could be one person for several months and then another person for several months. I would say right now… it’s Jermaine.

    Oprah – Really.

    Janet – Hmm uh.


    Oprah – Anyway, ah, do you talk to Michael? Where is he?

    Janet – Umm, he’s in the Middle East, in, ah, Bahrain, or… No, I haven’t spoken to him.

    Oprah – Since he left? Really?

    Janet – Yes, since the trial.

    Oprah – Really?

    Janet – No, I haven’t.

    Oprah – Do you worry about him?

    Janet – Ahh, he keeps in touch with Mother, so we know what’s going on with him.

    Oprah – So you know what’s going on with him.

    Janet – Yeah.


    Oprah – Are you close to his children?

    Janet – Well, he… his children are always with him…hmm uh, so…

    Oprah – That would be hard…

    Janet – Yes.

    Oprah – …to be close.

    Jack Wishna states he never saw any drug use but it was his family coming back into his life that brought back “weirdness”, Vegas businessman and dealer worked with MJ for 7 months from December 2006-mid 2007

    “It was December 23rd 2006, it was the day before Christmas Eve and we arranged it where a private jet would pick Michael Jackson up in Dublin, Ireland, and take him directly to Las Vegas,” Wishna said in an interview for Access Hollywood and Las Vegas television station KVBC with correspondent Alicia Jacobs.

    And Wishna revealed the vision he shared with Jackson.

    “When he came off that plane, it was the old Michael Jackson of the ‘Bad Tour,’ type thing, it was the Michael Jackson that I grew up with,” he said.

    And although Jackson’s use of prescription drugs became big news after his death, Wishna said he never saw any of that kind of stuff around.

    “Never saw any drugs,” Wishna said. “Never saw any intravenous, or needles or anything like that. Never met any doctors around Michael.”

    “As he stayed in Las Vegas, he started to get debilitated while he was here and debilitated from a mental health standpoint, debilitated from a physical standpoint,” Wishna said.

    “The family started to, you know, bother him again… His father Joe. It just started – a lot of the weirdness started to come back,” he continued.

    People magazine claim of an “intervention” held by family with Janet on the phone, 2007 sometime

    As far back as 2006, members of Michael’s family were terrified that his escalating dependence on prescription drugs had become a danger to his life – and attempted an intervention in Las Vegas.

    “The family believes Michael is addicted,” a family insider said. “There was an intervention in Las Vegas. Janet was on the phone, but Randy, Jackie and Rebbie were there in person,” the source said, referring to several of Michael’s eight siblings.

    “Michael got p—ed off. He said he wasn’t on drugs. But they didn’t believe him.”

    Raymone Bain refuted the idea there’d been any intervention by his family, stating his family had only seen him to ask him about a reunion tour, February 2007

    Raymone Bain, the former longtime publicist for Michael Jackson, has said there is no truth to rumors that have surfaced in the media since the pop star’s death, claiming that members of the Jackson family staged a failed intervention for the pop star in 2007.

    “It is not true,” Raymone told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush in a new interview.

    Raymone, who filed suit against the King of Pop earlier this year for $44 million over claims he failed to pay her for her publicity services and more, said a meeting with the family took place in 2007, but it was business related.

    “I recall in February, there was a meeting with Mr. Jackson and his sisters and brothers about a concert,” she recounted. “There was a concert promoter who accompanied them there. That is the meeting that I… am aware of… I know nothing else about any other intervention.”

    Concert promote Leonard Rowe stated that he had visited Michael with the family in February and April of 2007 in an attempt to have him tour with them and that they had been angry with Jackson for not agreeing

    On February 14th of 2007, I was in my kitchen fixing breakfast around 8am, and I received a call. I wondered who it could be that early, but it was too early for me to talk, so I didn’t answer. My phone beeped and I knew a message had been left. It was a message from Janet Jackson, Michael’s sister. She said, ‘Rowe, this is Jan. Would you please call me as soon as possible, it’s important.’ I said to myself, ‘I wonder what she wants this time of morning.’ I immediately returned the call and Janet answered. She was in Atlanta, and said, ‘Rowe, I’m in a little trouble; my tour has been cancelled by Live Nation, and I’m obligated to my band. They have blocked their time out this summer to tour with me. And now, if I don’t tour they will be missing income.’

    She then asked, if we could go out on tour and do twenty shows. I knew very well why Live Nation had cancelled. It was because at the time Janet was cold as ice. I did not believe she had the drawing power to tour at that time, but I could not help but think about how much Michael and her brothers the Jacksons had done for me earlier in my career. Because of my appreciation and gratitude, I knew I would do whatever was needed to help Janet. Even if it meant losing everything I owned and possessed, I truly would have done it. It was very painful to me, when later I found her to be unappreciative of my efforts. Being a black concert promoter in the concert business, ‘we have always had to learn how to take lemons and make lemonade.’ I told her to give me a few hours to think and I would call her back later that day. I pondered over her problem all afternoon, and I came up with three scenarios. I knew Michael had returned to the states. He was now living in Las Vegas.

    I later called her and said to her, ‘I’m going to Las Vegas, talk to Michael, and see if I can get him to get back with the brothers and tour. If he agrees to do that, I want you Janet, to be the opening act.’ Janet loved the idea. She asked me when I was going to Las Vegas. I told her I was going in a few days possibly Saturday. She asked if she could meet me there because she was flying back to Los Angeles, and would have her driver bring her to Las Vegas, so she could be there when I arrived that morning.

    I arrived in Las Vegas that Saturday around 5pm; we had decided that we were going to meet at her older sister, Rebbie’s house before going over to Michael’s. To my surprise, Jermaine, Marlon, Randy and Jackie were also there. After a short meeting we left to go over to Michael’s house about 7pm; when we arrived we were met by Michael’s security. We told them we were there to see Michael. He told us to wait one minute while he went inside to tell Michael that we were out there. When the guard returned he asked each of us to write down our names so Michael would know exactly who we were. After about fifteen minutes the security guard returned and led us into the house. When I saw Michael I could tell he was very nervous, I truly think he thought we were there for another reason. I noticed immediately that he was very thin. We went into the movie theatre room of the house to talk.

    I began to explain to Michael why we had come to see him. I told him that we wanted him to reunite with his brothers and to tour America. I told him Janet had agreed to be the opening act. I told him that I felt this tour would be highly successful. He said that he agreed that it would be. But he said, ‘I just can’t do it now, I have other things I am planning and working on.’ We stayed there for a few hours trying to persuade him. I think Janet was becoming somewhat angry with him. His final words to us were, ‘Maybe next year in 2008 I will be ready.’ To me this wasn’t bad because I would need the time to prepare for a tour of this magnitude, but Janet needed to work that summer. She had committed the month of July to her band, and she needed to fulfill that commitment. I could tell that Michael was becoming irritable and we decided to leave.

    “Singer says his brother and pal tried to cheat him out of fortune
    Sunday,” Trial between Stabler vs MJ involving his brother Randy was set to begin, June 17th 2007

    “Michael Jackson names a man close to his brother Randy Jackson as the lead culprit, in disposition transcripts obtained by the New York Daily News. The behind-the-scenes battle over the pop star’s finances is detailed in a sworn deposition he gave for a federal lawsuit scheduled to go to trial this week.

    The Gloved One states that Randy brought in Don Stabler, who pressured him to sign off on a multi-million dollar financing deal. Stabler, according to Jackson was persistent. He even went as far as to question Jackson’s loyalty to his African American heritage. .”[Stabler] said, ‘What’s the problem? You’re not down, you’re with the Jews now. You’re not down with blacks anymore. Jackson testified. “It was unkind,” Jackson added. “It was mean. It was meanspirited. It was nasty. Simply because he couldn’t get me to sign something that he wanted me to sign.” “It’s full of sharks, charlatans and imposters,” he said in testimony taken last summer in Paris.

    “Because there’s a lot of money involved, there’s a bunch of schmucks in there,” Jackson said. “It’s the entertainment world, full of thieves and crooks. That’s not new. Everybody knows that.” But during breaks in the trial, Jackson says he was being pressured to sign off on a multimillion-dollar financing deal by Don Stabler, an associate brought in by brother Randy, his go-to guy on financial matters during much of his career.

    By then, Jackson had turned to Burkle, the billionaire pal of former President Bill Clinton, for financial help. Burkle brought in Jesse Jackson, who’s known Michael Jackson since his Jackson 5 days, to help with the consultation. Burkle was calling him on the cell phone during bathroom breaks, warning him not to sign anything, Michael Jackson said. Stabler wasn’t happy, Jackson said. The next time Jackson saw Stabler “he wanted to take my head off.” And his brother Randy wasn’t too happy, either. Randy later claimed that Jackson and his staff had run up a $700,000 bill on his American Express card during the trial, which Jackson said he would repay. It wasn’t the first time that Stabler teamed with Randy in trying to get him to sign off on a deal, Jackson claimed. At a meeting in a bungalow at the Neverland ranch, Jackson said he had his mother at his side when he fought off another proposal. “And I vehemently told them, ‘No, I am not signing this,’” Jackson recalled. “And I just remember how angry, the intensity of the anger in the room. And so they marched out.”

    Jackson, it’s also revealed in the depositions, once tried to sell his half of the company to billionaire Ron Burkle during the child molestation trial. “I remember precisely at court in the bathroom stall with the cell phone in my hand, saying why don’t you just buy it? I want to sell it you,” Jackson said. Burkle, Jackson said, declined, telling him he had to keep the music catalog for his children.”

    Some excerpts from Stabler’s deposition about what had happened at this meeting:

    Stabler: I got a call from Taunya who said that Grace said Michael did not want to have the meeting. Randy talked to Taunya and said, “Fuck that.”

    Stabler: Randy said, “We are having this meeting. We’ve gone through a lot of trouble for it. I’ll take care of it when we get there.”

    Stabler: Randy asked us to stay in the car, he went in and spoke with Michael and then later came out and said the meeting is on.

    Stabler: Michael looked at the document we gave him and said, “I’m not signing any document that asked me to give part of my catalog.”

    Stabler: Randy tried to explain the docs to him, Sydow said he’ll go through it line by line. Michael said he didn’t want to go through it.

    Stabler: Before Randy could say anything Michael said, “you know, I don’t want any violence”.

    Stabler: Randy tried to go through the document with Michael but Michael was just not having it. I suggested to Randy that we should leave.

    Stabler : In the car Randy said to me that my brother has been drinking.

    (In his 2013 AEG testimony Randy claims he did not know his brother drank alcohol)

    Roger Friedman reports that the Jacksons were attempting to stage an intervention during these same weeks, Friday, June 29, 2007

    Michael Jackson’s siblings — including Janet — and his parents are so worried about the failing pop star that they’ve sent out an emergency 911 call.

    Sources tell me that the Jacksons are in the process of contacting Thomas Mesereau, the superstar criminal lawyer who won Jackson an acquittal two years ago in his child molestation trial.

    The word from the Jacksons is that they’ve met several times as a family and discussed bringing Mesereau in for an intervention to save Michael.

    Mesereau, who did not return calls to this column, is said to be open to finding out what Jackson’s true mental and health status is at this point. If he doesn’t like what he sees, the Jacksons will ask him to do something legal to save their brother’s life. (conservatorship?)

    Jackson, according to insiders, is in perilous health right now. There is talk that his liver is damaged (autopsy confirmed this was untrue; Jackson had no damage associated with any long term alcohol or drug use) and that he’s been seen vomiting blood, although there’s no confirmation of that.

    Michael Jackson’s bodyguards from 2007-2009 reveal that when Jackson was in Vegas sometime in 2007 Randy and his on/off girlfriend and business partner Taunya Zilkie attempted to crash the security gate while demanding to speak to MJ, Zilkie would attempt to call this an “intervention”

    “There was another occasion when Randy came to the house and crashed the security gate with his vehicle and came inside. And at the time, I didn’t know who he was and I drew my weapon on him and the first thing out of his mouth was ‘Get that thing out of my face or I’ll call the press,’” Bill Whitfield said, who said he put away his weapon when he realized it was Randy.

    Whitfield said Jackson was “not happy” and refused to see Randy.

    Taunya Zilkie, Randy Jackson’s public relations representative, says she was with him that day. She told ABC News that she and Jackson were at the Las Vegas house that day but never made it on to the property. And Zilkie denied that a gun was pulled.

    Zilkie said ABC News Randy Jackson went to Jackson’s home that day for an “intervention” but was refused entry into the house.

    The three bodyguards said that Randy tried to sneak in behind them as the doors to the gate were closing and hit the gate as he came though. Zilkie said Randy did not crash through the gate.

    The bodyguards elaborated more to author Karen Moriarty about this incident,

    From the open window of his car Randy yelled out, insisting on seeing his brother Michael. He shouted something about Michael owing him a lot of money.

    Whitfield, doing his job, confronted Randy politely but firmly. Randy responded by threatening to call the media … on his own brother.

    When the boss was informed of the nasty incident outside his front door, he was understandably upset. Whitfield sheepishly but thoroughly explained the events as they had unfolded. He seemed afraid … of his own younger brother. Who could blame him under these grim circumstances? For the next several days, there were no security details to run or errands to complete for the boss. Mr. Jackson secluded himself in the house without any word heard from him.

    In her testimony for the AEG lawsuit Taunya Zilkie was forced to admit this had not been an “intervention” but that it had been an attempt to get money from MJ,

    - Vegas event. Taunya says she and Randy went to see Michael for a business matter. Bodyguards did not open the gate so they waited until someone came in and they drove right behind them and parked at the front door and asked to see Michael. Bodyguards did not allow it, according to Taunya they were “belligerent and aggressive”. Randy later called Joe Jackson who came and was upset that the bodyguards was coming between brothers. Taunya says they wanted to leave but bodyguards was blocking their way. They let them out a few hours later. Taunya is asked about to explain the “business matter” they went to see Michael for, she replies “it was a financial matter”. She makes it clear that visit was not an intervention attempt. AEG asks “is it about Michael Jackson owing Randy Jackson money?” Taunya refuses to answer.

    After reports in the media about interventions, Katherine and four of his brothers deny Jackson these have taken place, People 9/10/2007

    LOS ANGELES — Michael Jackson’s mother and four of his brothers have formed a united front in dismissing reports of his alleged dependency on pain killers and alcohol.

    An open letter to the media, signed by Katherine Jackson and sons Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Jackie, responds to what the family views as “troubling and heinous” rumors about Michael.

    An attempted drug intervention and takeover of Michael’s business affairs are among the rumors denied by the family in the letter, which also takes aim at quoted “sources” believed to be making false claims for profit.

    A particular target of the letter is People magazine, which has published a story on Michael and his children in their Sept. 17 issue.

    A rep for People magazine provided the following statement to “Access Hollywood”:

    “We stand by our story. Throughout the process we gave Mr. Jackson’s rep, Raymone Bain, the opportunity to respond and we reported her comments.”

    Below is the text of the letter, dated Sept. 7 and issued by Jackson’s rep, Raymone K. Bain:

    “People magazine has followed other publications in reporting untrue and inaccurate information about Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. Of these widely reported rumors, what has become the most troubling and heinous, is that my son, and our brother, Michael Jackson, is dependent on painkillers and alcohol.

    “People, and other news organizations, have quoted ‘sources’ indicating that our family has attempted a drug intervention, and engaged in an effort to take over his business affairs, because of this alleged drug and alcohol usage.

    “We categorically deny ever planning, participating in, or having knowledge of any kind of intervention, whatsoever. We strongly believe that these ‘sources’ and others, no matter who they are, are making these defamatory, inaccurate, and untrue claims for monetary reasons.

    “Michael Jackson, and the Jackson family, has endured years of false accusations and misrepresentations.
    “It is time for these unfair and hurtful rumors, for profit, to end.
    “Thank you.”

    Janet Jackson tells Larry King she’s working on getting her brother Michael to join a possible family reunion tour, 29 February 2008

    JANET JACKSON has dismissed reports she is shunning a JACKSON 5 reunion tour, insisting she’s the one urging her siblings to go ahead with the gigs. The R+B star was alleged to have refused a support slot on the group’s planned world tour, which her older brother Jermaine Jackson is trying to organise. But she claims she’d be delighted to hit the road with her family, if only the rest of the legendary band would agree to the tour. She tells Larry King, “I would love to (tour with them). I get my brothers on the phone all the time. I’m the biggest fan of the Jacksons, The Jackson 5. “I have conference calls all the time pushing them to do a huge tour. I tell them if they did, I would love to open for them.” I have never opened for anyone. My very first tour, I was the headline. It was a nation(wide) tour. I never opened for anyone. It would be an honour.” But when asked which of her siblings is refraining from the comeback tour, she refuses to confirm reports it’s Michael, coyly adding: “They would love to, but one of them is on the fence. You have to respect that. He’s worked very hard at his solo career. I don’t know. Maybe he’ll come around. Still kind of working on him.”

    Leonard Rowe speaks about a possible Jackson family tour featuring Michael, November 15 2007

    Leonard Rowe: The possibility of a Jackson family tour: “His brothers are ready. Janet is ready. But the motor of that car that makes the car run, isn’t just yet. … In April of this year, I flew out to Las Vegas and met with them all and he told me, ‘Let’s look at ’08.’ We wanted to go this year, but [Michael] said it would take a lot of preparation. He didn’t say ‘no.’ “

    Jermaine Jackson speaks about a Jackson family tour featuring Michael, 26 November 2007

    Jermaine told BBC 6 Music that concert dates have been discussed and could take place “sometime in 2008″.

    “Michael will be involved,” the singer and guitarist confirmed. “We feel we have to do it one more time. We owe that to the fans and to the public.

    “There’s been so much going on, getting over all the hurdles that we all were faced with during Michael’s trial,” he told the station’s The Music Week programme.

    “But we are stronger than ever. I’m gonna say thank you, thank you, thank you so much to all the fans and the supporters of my family all over Europe, all over the UK especially, who came out to show their love and their support.”

    Jermaine, who sang lead vocals for the band until his younger brother took over, added that Michael would definitely be part of the reunion.

    “He has to be,” he said. “He is a Jackson.”

    “He was at the meetings. Michael will be involved.”

    The star also hinted at new material, saying that the band was “in the studio at the moment”.

    Jermaine again confirms that the family will reunite for a tour including Michael, October 30 2008

    The Jackson 5 will reunite in 2009, brother Jermaine Jackson confirmed today (Oct. 29) at a TV industry function in Sydney.

    “This has been a long time coming for the Jackson family to get back together,” he told the Australian Associated Press.

    “It is just the timing, so what we’ve been doing is working on the music and all the logistics. It is going to be more like a family affair, Janet’s going to open and, of course, the original Jackson 5 … Michael, Randy and the whole family … We’re in the studio, we’re planning on being out there next year.”

    The Jacksons received a lifetime achievement award from BMI in early September in Los Angeles, but brother Marlon made no secret of his displeasure with Michael’s absence at the ceremony.

    Asked where Jackson was, he told the Associated Press, “I don’t know. I think he’s in Egypt riding a camel or something.”

    Michael issues a statement denying he will take part in any Jackson 5 reunion, October 31 2008

    Michael Jackson has issued a statement saying he will not participate in a Jackson 5 reunion in 2009.

    “My brothers and sisters have my full love and support, and we’ve certainly shared many great experiences, but at this time I have no plans to record or tour with them,” he said. “I am now in the studio developing new and exciting projects that I look forward to sharing with my fans in concert soon.”

    Joe Jackson calls Roger Friedman to tell them that he and Leonard Rowe are trying to take over MJ’s TII shows, March 26th 2009

    This year, on March 26th 2009, Jackson himself called me to say he wanted to take over the just announced concerts at the O2 Arena because only he and his partner Leonard Rowe would know how to run them. Shortly after that, Jackson and Rowe threw in with another concert promoter. The latter man filed suit against Michael to get a cut of his AEG Live contract.

    April 3 2009

    Paris’ birthday, Joe shows up with Leonard Rowe to see MJ after not having seen him for the last 2 years, he does not bring a gift for Paris, is there to speak about the concerts.

    April 14, 2009

    Joe and Leonard visited Michael carrying the letter of direction drafted by Rowe’s attorney on March 25. The date was changed to April 14 and Michael signed the letter but changed it to emphasize Rowe would only be overseeing his financial matters with regard to the O2 tour.

    Joe and the family were still trying to get Michael to also include them in the tour, 15th May 2009 (already using Propofol)

    We’ve learned there was a secret meeting yesterday at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where Michael Jackson made it clear — he will not perform with Janet and the Jackson 5; and the dude who organized the concert tour tells us he will sue them.

    As we first reported, Jackson’s manager signed a deal on behalf of M.J. to perform with his sis and bros at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas in 2010. Part of the deal — that he not sign any other concert deal for 18 months. But then Jackson went and signed up for his London concerts which are scheduled to begin in July.

    The company that organized the family concert — AllGood Entertainment — got Michael, daddy Joe Jackson and several others in a room yesterday at the Bev Hills Hotel. Joe tried to convince Michael that the family tour should go on, but Michael wouldn’t budge because it would have aired on pay-per-view and M.J. said he doesn’t like pay-per-view! The meeting was heated and no one agreed to anything.

    Patrick Allocco of AllGood Entertainment tells us he’s going to sue Jackson and his family next week.

    Stay tuned.

    UPDATE: Patrick Allocco has resubmitted his offer for MJ to perform with the Jackson 5 and Janet without the pay-per-view. For this one night event, MJ would be paid $3million, Janet $1mil, and the brothers would get $500,000 to split.

    Allocco is making this his last and final offer. If Jackson refuses, AllGood Entertainment will proceed with suing him and his family.

    MJ fires Leonard Rowe (and Joe Jackson) 20th May 2009


  • Randy ist ja mal echt der Burner! Sagt er doch glatt zu Michaels Security, die ihm eine Waffe ins Gesicht halten, nachdem er durchs Tor gebrettert ist: "Nimm das Ding aus meinem Gesicht oder ich rufe die Presse!". Jeder andere hätte bei so einer Bedrohung mit der Polizei gedroht, Randy ruft die Presse. Sehr geil! :rofl :lmao

  • Randy ist ja mal echt der Burner! Sagt er doch glatt zu Michaels Security, die ihm eine Waffe ins Gesicht halten, nachdem er durchs Tor gebrettert ist: "Nimm das Ding aus meinem Gesicht oder ich rufe die Presse!". Jeder andere hätte bei so einer Bedrohung mit der Polizei gedroht, Randy ruft die Presse. Sehr geil! :rofl :lmao

    wennde mich fragst, hat der eh ne standleitung zu diversen tabloids.
    von sehr vielen negativen meldungen war ER die "source".
    :kotz und ist es noch...