Michael Jackson's mom remembers her 'sweet little boy'

  • Michael Jackson's mom remembers her 'sweet little boy'

    By Alan Duke, CNN

    Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's life began on
    August 29, 1958, as the seventh child in a family crowded
    into a tiny home in Gary, Indiana.

    His mother remembers "a sweet little child" who showed
    unusual empathy for others and who was born to sing and

    Katherine Jackson, 83, shared intimate stories about her
    son's early days when she testified earlier in the trial of her
    lawsuit against AEG Live, the concert promoter she accuses
    of liability in his death four years ago.

    Her lawyers are asking a juror to award Jackson's mother
    and three children at least $1.6 billion to replace the lost
    income they argue he would have earned touring the world
    if he had not died while preparing for his comeback concerts
    on June 25, 2009.

    Jackson would have just completed a world tour of his "This
    Is It" shows and likely would have begun making movies
    with his children Prince, Paris and Blanket if he had lived to
    see this 55th birthday Thursday, according to testimony in
    the trial.

    Nurse details Michael Jackson's fatal search for sleep

    Michael Jackson's humble start as the son of a steel mill
    worker in a large family is a remarkable contrast to the pop
    icon who spent lavishly, but also set world records for
    giving to charity.

    Their first home had just two bedrooms, a living room, a
    kitchen and a small utility room for the washing machine
    and freezer. Michael and his four older brothers slept in
    stacked bunk beds in one bedroom, the parents in the
    other, while the daughters slept in the living room, the
    Jackson matriarch testified in an earlier court session.
    The mother made some of their clothes, watched
    newspapers ads for sales and visited the Salvation Army
    store for shoes. "We made it that way," living pay day to
    pay day, she said.

    When father Joe Jackson was laid off from his steel mill job
    he would go out of the city to farms to pick vegetables that
    his wife would can and store. "Every year we would buy a
    quarter of a cow or half of a cow and keep it in the freezer,"
    she said. "And that's how we survived."

    Young Michael saved his "little pennies and nickels" to buy
    candy and cookies, but he wouldn't eat it all, his mother
    said. "He liked to play 'store man.' He would take it and put
    it and set up a little store, and all the kids in the
    neighborhood would come and buy from him, and he felt
    like he was the store man."

    When older brother Marlon became ill, 3-year-old Michael
    held his hand and cried, she said.

    Michael's musical talents were obvious at a very early age.
    "He was born that way," she said. "When all the kids were
    dancing around, he was in my arms, and he couldn't be
    still. He was dancing, too, to the music. And when he
    started to walk, he would still dance."

    She's told the story of Michael's interaction to her "old,
    rickety washing machine, a Maytag."

    "It would make a rhythm noise, like 'squeaky, squeaky,
    katum, katum,' something like that, and he would be down
    there dancing, sucking his bottle to the squeaking of the
    washer," she said. "And I knew he was going to be -- he
    just loved music, and he loved to dance."

    The family's old television set helped bring the brothers
    together as a singing group, she said.

    "Sometimes it would break down," his mother said. And
    sometimes they would not have money to get it repaired.
    "And that's when the children first started singing. We
    would sing together, sing old country songs, folk songs."

    Michael was five when he joined his brothers in talent
    contests at local high schools. "They had got so that they
    won all the contests -- every time there was a contest,"
    she said.

    When their group needed a name for an advertisement,
    their mother came up with "The Jackson Brothers 5." But
    the woman who was writing the ad suggested she "cut that
    a little short and name it 'The Jackson 5,'" she said. "And I
    thought it sounded better."

    Michael's first solo performance was when he sang "Climb
    Every Mountain" in a kindergarten program when he was
    five, she said. "I was so nervous when he walked out on
    the stage, because he was always shy. He started singing
    the song, and he sang it with such clarity and didn't miss --
    not flat or anything."

    His paternal grandfather, who was in the audience "cried
    like a baby, looked around, and I was crying, too," she said.
    "He got a standing ovation for his performance and he
    wasn't nervous. I was shocked. I think he must feel more at
    home on stage."

    Older brother Jermaine was the Jackson 5's lead singer from
    the start, but their mother told her husband it should be
    Michael. "I told him Jermaine needed help, and I told him
    Michael could help him," she said. "He didn't believe me,
    so I forced him to listen. And that's how Michael got the job."
    The boys rehearsed in their living room. "We would push all
    the furniture back on the walls, and they would dance and
    set up the drums and things and rehearse right there," she

    Instead of moving to a larger house as the family grew,
    they used any extra money to buy musical instruments.
    Katherine Jackson made their performance costumes.
    Michael was nine when Motown signed the Jackson 5 to a
    recording contract and moved the boys to California, she

    While much is made about Michael Jackson missing out on
    a normal childhood because of the constant touring and
    recording, his mother's stories suggest he always found a
    way to have fun.

    Jackson recorded the title song for the 1972 film "Ben" -- a
    story about a young boy and his rat friend."He liked that
    song because he liked rats," his mother said. "I can
    remember a story that we went to Beverly Hills to have
    dinner and we were eating. Michael kept pulling his coat up
    and putting crumbs into his pocket. I said 'What are you
    doing?' and he held it up and he had a rat in his pocket. He
    was feeding it. I was really upset with him."

    Katherine Jackson was not in court Thursday to hear the
    day's testimony because she was in Gary for her son's
    birthday celebration.


  • ..ich häng das hier mal an..

    ..das 60Minutes-IV wurde inzwischen in Australien ausgestrahlt.. im übrigen auch auf Havenhurst gedreht....

    .....ein paar weitere Ausschnitte...
    Rundgang in Havenhurst..
    [ame='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dq1WOlk_X1I']EXTRA MINUTES | 'A Mother's Pain' | Jackson Family Home Tour - YouTube[/ame]

    ..und hier bereits das ganze IV:


  • Jackson's children made ten morgue visits to see his body, reveals star's mother in first TV interview since his death

    * Michael Jackson's daughter Paris tried to commit suicide earlier this year
    * His mother Katherine gave the emotional interview days after what would have been the King of Pop's 55th birthday
    * The 83-year-old said all three children struggled to come to terms with their father's death

    PUBLISHED: 19:38 GMT, 1 September 2013 | UPDATED: 19:56 GMT, 1 September 2013

    Michael Jackson’s three children went to visit their father’s body ten times in the morgue following his death, the singer’s mother revealed in her first TV interview yesterday.

    The star’s daughter, Paris – who tried to commit suicide earlier this year – was particularly traumatised by the tragedy.

    ‘She was screaming and crying when Michael died saying ‘I want to go with you daddy, I don’t want to live without you,’ said Katherine Jackson.

    Speaking days after what would have been the King of Pop’s 55th birthday on August 29, the 83-year-old Jackson family matriarch added: ‘I was feeling so bad for her.

    'Paris suffered a lot after his death. She had to have pictures of Michael all over her room. Every picture that was hanging on the wall had to be of Michael.’

    Mrs Jackson, who has 26 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren, said all three children struggled to come to terms with their father’s sudden death in June 2009.

    ‘Michael’s kids went back to the morgue where Michael was about ten times. When I was in the room, I couldn’t go there,' she said, adding that she asked her daughter LaToya what the children were doing at the funeral home.

    ‘She said the children are all kissing and hugging Michael. Even though he is dead they are still doing that,’ she explained.

    The grandmother said Paris is doing ‘much better’ after cutting her wrists and swallowing an overdose of pills in her failed suicide attempt.

    The emotional interview was screened on the news show ’60 Minutes’ in Australia last night.

    Mrs Jackson, who was appointed guardian for Prince Michael, 16, Paris, 15 and 11-year-old Blanket after their father died, is currently suing concert promoters AEG Live in a wrongful death civil suit in Los Angeles.

    The Jackson’s claim the entertainment giant was negligent in hiring Conrad Murray, the private doctor now serving four years behind bars for causing Jackson’s death by giving him an overdose of the anaesthetic drug propofol.

    Mrs Jackson said it was ‘the worst day of my life’ when her son died.

    ‘I’ve never had that feeling before and I never want to feel like that again,’ she said.

    Despite her advancing years, she rejects claims that she’s too old to care for her son’s children adequately, but admits to doing some things differently.

    ‘I didn’t like Michael’s children wearing masks in public so after his passing I never put any on them,’ she said.

    She said the vultures began circling soon after Jackson’s overdose. ‘People have been so greedy and have been taking things that don’t belong to them, and stealing things. All that happens when someone dies, especially when people think they have a lot of money,’ she added.

    And she insisted she always believed in her son’s innocence in the face of claims that he molested young boys.

    ‘I know that Michael didn’t do it,’ she said. ‘I have no doubt.

    ‘I didn’t ask him but we talked about it all the time. We talked about a lot of things.’

    She said it made her ‘angry’ that Jackson made a multi-million pound pay-off to the family of Jordan Chandler, one of his accusers.

    Mrs Jackson also defended Jackson over claims that he abused drugs and tried to surgically change his appearance.

    ‘Michael was in a lot of pain so he was taking a lot of painkillers. Michael’s life changed when he was seriously burned doing the Pepsi commercial.

    'It burned him so badly that his hair wouldn’t grow back at the top of his head and he didn’t like that part of it. That’s why he started wearing wigs,’ sher added.

    ‘People might think that Michael would over-indulge in plastic surgery but they don’t know what went on before. Michael also had a disease so the colour of his skin was changing.

    ‘I don’t know why people said he had too much facial surgery. He got his nose done so that being in the centre of his face would change how he looked but I don’t think he got too much done.’

    She reminisced about how the singer refined some of his famous dance moves when he was still a child.

    ‘When he was a baby he used to dance to the sound of a washing machine. He used to dance to the rhythm of our old rickety washing machine so he started doing those rickety moves and dancing to the sounds,’ she said.

    ‘There will always be questions hanging in the air that I would like the answer to but I probably won’t get them,’ she said of the circumstances surrounding her son’s death.


  • ..oh Mann :heulsuse ..darf garnet da drüber nachdenken..:depri

    Michael Jackson: Kinder konnten Nicht Loslassen!
    Am 2. September 2013

    Sich vom eigenen Vater zu verabschieden ist niemals leicht! Den Kindern von Michael Jackson ist der Abschied von ihrem geliebten Vater auch sehr schwer gefallen. Prince, Paris und Blanket nahmen mehrfach von Michael Abschied, als er 2009 unerwartet verstarb. Katherine Jackson verriet gegenüber "60 Minutes": "Die Kinder gingen sicher zehn Mal in die Leichenhalle. Ich konnte gar nicht hineingehen. Die Kinder küssten und umarmten Michael dort innig."

    Natürlich kann man heute über solche Dinge reden, doch ist es nicht eigentlich ein sehr privater und intimer Moment? Hier wird wieder einmal mehr die Frage aufgeworfen wie viel Öffentlichkeit man seinen Kinder zumuten sollte, zumindest in Bezug auf das Thema, welches sie eh ein Leben lang verfolgen wird.

    Michael Jackson Facts:

    Der King of Pop verstarb am 25. Juni 2009. Er wurde leblos in seiner Villa in L.A. aufgefunden. Jackson hatte eine Überdosis des Narkosemittels Propofol im Blut.


    ähnlicher Bericht

  • Öhm, Frage: Ich dachte Hayvenhurst ist gar nicht mehr im Besitz der Jacksons sondern wurde verkauft?? Doch nicht?? Scheint sich ja nix verändert zu haben, oder?? :?

  • Nein, Hayvenhurst gehört weiter zu MJs Estate,
    nur war der Ollen ja - trotz Renovierung - das Haus scheinbar zu klein...obwohl nichtmal mehr die Hälfte Leute drin wohnt(e) wie noch vor paar Jahren.
    Ist halt schicker, das Haus wo man jetzt wohnt... :Q

  • Klar, Mööönsch! Das Haus ist ja Michaels Eigentum. Klar, da könnte es Kathi ja gar nicht verkaufen. Na Gott sei Dank! Aber schön, dass es immer noch so aussieht, wie es Michael verlassen hat! :wub