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  • 2 Michael Jackson albums re-enter the Google Play Top 500 Albums Charts over night. "Number Ones" (#335) and "Thriller" (#377)


    Thriller" (Song) leaves the US iTunes 200 Charts just to come right back on 7 hours later

    Last night this time Jackson's "Thriller" was #200 on US ITunes 200 Charts. It climbed 10 spots up in 24hrs. #190

    Michael Jackson's "Thriller" (Song) keeps moving up on The US iTunes 200 Charts going from #200 to #190 to #183


    6,001,689,587 streams on Spotify for @michaeljackson! The legendary king of pop is the first solo legacy artist to reach the 6 billion mark with songs available on his page, nobody else made it to even 4 billion! Oustanding :top:thumbup::top

    All details at …

  • :thumbup:"Dangerous" (Album) has surpassed 400 million streams on #Spotify.


    As of 10-6-19 the #KingOfPop #MichaelJackson is on these charts

    Billboard Vinyl Charts

    Billboard 200 Charts

    Billboard 100 Artist Charts

    Billboard Catalog Charts

    Google Play 500 Album Charts
    iTunes 200 US Song Charts

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    YouTube Charts


    Best-Selling Products of All Time .

    1. Playstation (344M)
    2. Lipitor ($141B)
    3. Corolla (40.7M)
    4. Star Wars (4.6B)
    5. iPad (211M)
    6. Mario Bros Franchise (262M)
    7. Michael Jackson's Thriller (120+M Worldwide)
    8. Harry Potter Books (450M)

  • xhalloween-01-1024x389.jpg

    Sony hat gerade eine brandneue Michael Jackson Play-Liste Halloween-Special mit dem "Michael Jackson X Halloween" auf Spotify veröffentlicht! Dem vorausgegangen waren Umfragen auf den offiziellen Social Media Accounts von Michael Jackson. Es sind 37 Michael Jackson Tracks, die man während der Halloween-Saison und auf Halloween-Partys rauf und runter spielen kann!

  • 30+ years ago since its release, and still made it to number one. Im amazed on how #mjfam did this, and absolutely the one and only KING OF POP and THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME, a musical genius, MICHAEL JACKSON. No one will ever take his place.
    — undisputedkingofpop (@mjinnocent0829) 30. Oktober 2019

    1. MJ @Forbes’ #1 Highest Earning Deceased Celebrity of 2019.
    2. “Thriller” #1 on @Amazon’s Top Pop Songs Chart.
    3. “Billie Jean” surpasses 700 million views on @YouTube.

    These accomplishments are exactly what @Oprah Winfrey & David Geffen tried to stop from happening this year.
    — Malhotra (@amkwindsor) 30. Oktober 2019

    The King of Pop has ranked No. 1 in this year's list of highest-paid dead celebrities for the 7th consecutive year, despite recent controversy. His streaming jumped 2.1 billion U.S. spins from 1.8 billion a year ago
    — Forbes (@Forbes) 30. Oktober 2019
  • Michael Jackson is still at the number one place on the top Earning Dead Celebrities list set by Nielsen.

    With $60 Million, Michael Jackson Estate is ahead of Elvis, Bob Marley or John Lennon. Yes, a bit less than the previous year but this is nothing to do with the so called “Documentary”!

    If you recall, last year, the Estate got $300 million from the sale of Michael’s stake in EMI Music Publishing, a record deal with Sony (SCREAM compilation) and a CBS Halloween special. This year, an increase of 17% in US streaming made it to 2.1 billion and continue to grow (let’s wait for Halloween with “Thriller” being streamed across the world!).

    Not to mention that more income is about to come in 2020 with the Broadway musical.

  • Launched 36 years ago, Billie Jean continues to accomplish great things. The most recent was: Reach YouTube's impressive 700 million views!:thumbup:

    The Grammy's award-winning track is the biggest hit of Michael Jackson's career. The video, directed by Steve Barron, went down in history as the first video of a black artist to be televised by US broadcaster MTV.

  • "Thriller" (Single) has been played more than 5,000,000,000 this October on #Spotify making it one of the most streamed songs in the month of October.:thumbup:


    Michael Jackson's "BAD" on the verge of surpassing 1 Billion streams on #Spotify :top and should OFFICIALLY do it for 2020 or even earlier. It will be Jackson's 2nd album with 1 billion streams so stream "BAD" as much as you can.

  • "Thriller" was as popular as ever this past Halloween with millions and millions and millions of streams all over the world proving

    he's still indeed the King Of Pop.:heart


    Michael Jackson didn't have streams/downloads when he was alive but if he was alive he would of been one of the most streamed artist after this Halloween.


    To 5 Most Popular Halloween Song Played This Year.

    "Thriller" - Michael Jackson
    Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell Feat. Michael Jackson
    Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.

    Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett
    This Is Halloween - Marilyn Manson


  • Fast track Best-Selling Music Artists 1969 – 2019 is an internet hit

    November 5, 2019


    A Fast track of the Best Selling music artists from 1969 to 2019 has been hugely shared on social media by Michael Jackson’s fans.

    The reason is that Michael Jackson mostly top the list from 1980 to 1997, nearly 2 decades!

    While the visual is really interesting to watch and you can see artists going right up and right down within a year, this is a really interesting video as showing Michael Jackson being the only artists staying so long to the top of the list. I guess this is why he is the King of Pop!

    Check it out here:

    The video is based on data from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) and various record labels and also the animation takes into account both physical and digital sales as well as streams.…-2019-is-an-internet-hit/

  • :thumbup: "The Essential Michael Jackson" has now surpassed 300,000,000 streams on #Spotify.


    Only 5 artists in history have Top 40 Hits on the Hot 100s in 4 different decades, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s.







    YouTube Charts Worldwide Jackson is #62 that's a +33 with over 49,000,000 views the week of Oct 24-31.

  • Michael Jackson is the only artist in the history of music to have at least 1 Top 10 in 5 different decades. 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s.


    A few weeks after Halloween "Thriller" remains on iTunes 40 Most Popular Music Videos Charts coming in at #35


    'HIStory" has surpassed 300,000,000 streams :top on #Spotify.