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    Episode 107 vom australischen "MJCAST"

    mit Gast Allan ‘Big Al’ Scanlan, der von 1990 bis 2005 auf Neverland als Manager / Instandhaltungsdirektor arbeitete.


    ▶▶▶ http://www.themjcast.com/episo…n-big-al-scanlan-special/


    Q and Jamon celebrate Michael Jackson’s 61st birthday with a very special guest, Allan ‘Big Al’ Scanlan, who worked as Neverland Valley Ranch’s Director of Maintenance from 1990-2005. During that time, Big Al oversaw the grounds and attractions, including the theatre, rides and trains. He also became a close personal friend of Michael’s.

    In this in-depth conversation, Big Al shares amazing, heartfelt stories about his life at Neverland, from what it took to keep the Ranch running, to his personal interactions with the King of Pop. He also discusses how the property became a place of refuge, entertainment, and hope for underprivileged children, and how Michael Jackson’s entire staff worked to make that humanitarian dream a reality. The MJCast can’t imagine a better way to recognize Michael Jackson’s birthday than with this trip down memory lane, to the golden age of Neverland Valley Ranch.

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    25. Januar

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  • The MJ Cast 115: Kevin Dorsey Special

    Welcome to Season Six of the The MJCast! In this special episode, Jamon Bull puts the focus back on the music with an interview featuring Kevin Dorsey, who worked with Michael Jackson for twenty-five years as his Vocal Director, Assistant Music Director and one of his background vocalists. In addition to lots of positive stories, we deep dive on two of the most topical issues amongst fans, Michael’s ever increasing reliance on lip syncing and the mysterious months leading up to his death. This is a topic Kevin is particularly well placed to speak on as he was suddenly and inexplicably let go by This Is It’s tour promoters after completing the task of assembling the live band. Kevin also goes into detail about his early career, how he initially came to work with the King of Pop and what is was like to tour together.

    Willkommen zur sechsten Staffel des MJCast! In dieser speziellen Folge konzentriert sich Jamon Bull wieder auf die Musik mit einem Interview mit Kevin Dorsey, der 25 Jahre lang mit Michael Jackson als Vocal Director, Assistant Music Director und einem seiner Background-Sänger zusammengearbeitet hat. Neben vielen positiven Geschichten beschäftigen wir uns intensiv mit zwei der aktuellsten Themen unter den Fans, Michaels immer stärkerem Vertrauen in die Lippensynchronisation und den mysteriösen Monaten vor seinem Tod. Dies ist ein Thema, über das Kevin besonders gut sprechen kann, da er plötzlich und unerklärlich von den Veranstaltern von This Is It losgelassen wurde, nachdem er die Aufgabe des Zusammenbaus der Live-Band abgeschlossen hatte. Kevin geht auch detailliert auf seine frühe Karriere ein, wie er anfänglich mit dem King of Pop zusammenarbeitete und wie es war, zusammen zu touren.


  • The MJ Cast 116: We're All Experts in the Rearview Mirror

    Damien Shields returns to The MJCast as a guest host, joining Jamon for our first regular news and discussion episode of Season 6! Damien is a long-time Friend of the Show, author, and Cascio tracks expert. The fellas catch up on loads of updates in the world of Michael Jackson, including the Estate’s #HealTheWorld2020 video, newly leaked MJ vocal snippets, an awkward snafu by Teddy Riley, developments around Dan Reed, good news for Tom Mesereau, a beautiful film-tribute to Michael Jackson’s artistic legacy, and more. Plus, Jamon and Damien ask the question: Could HIStory 25 happen?

  • Howard Bloom joins host Elise Capron for her first solo episode to discuss his time working as Michael Jackson’s publicist in the 1980’s, during the Victory era. Though Bloom grew up as full-blown science nerd who knew nothing about popular music, he fell into the music world through magazine publishing, and, in 1976, founded what would become one of the biggest PR firms in the music industry during the ’70s and ’80s. He helped build or sustain the careers of more than 100 rock and roll icons, including Prince, Bob Marley, Joan Jett, ZZ Top, Bette Midler, Billy Joel, and, of course, Michael Jackson.

    Howard and Elise discuss his fascinating and unusual journey into music, how he came to work with the Jackson family, and dig deep into Howard’s philosophies around what made Michael Jackson so seemingly magical—a concept Howard describes as “finding the gods within”. They also chat about Howard’s new book, which goes even further into his many great stories, Einstein, Michael Jackson, & Me: A Search for Soul in the Power Pits of Rock and Roll.