Michael Jackson's Kids Could Turn Preppy

  • The home schoolin' days may be over for MJ's kids -- we've learned Katherine Jackson is "seriously considering" sending the golden children to one of the most elite private schools in LA.

    Family sources tell us the Jackson matriarch is talking about enrolling Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince in the Buckley School -- the same place Tito's three kids attended, as well as several other members of the Jackson clan. In fact, Tito's deceased wife, Dee Dee, once served as president of the Buckley Parent's Association.

    Our sources say the family has talked to friends and school reps about enrolling the kids.

    We're told Grandma Katherine used to show up for different events at the school and just loves the place -- great education, it's close to their Encino home, and it's heavily protected.

    Problem is ... the school ain't so easy to get into. Plus, classes start really soon -- as in this Wednesday -- and it's unclear if the kids have even applied yet.


    wäre sicher ne gute sache :top

  • Ja, denke auch das es für die Kids eine gute Sache wäre.
    Zu bedenken hätte ich, das es evtl. noch etwas früh ist die Kinder auf diese Schule zu schicken ...
    Michael ist noch nicht beerdigt und die Paparazzi hängen doch wie die Schmeißfliegen an den Jacksons.......

  • @ stella - das leben der jackson-kids ist gezeichnet... da werden ab sofort immer die paparazzi dran hängen - es sei denn sie leben ein stinklangweiliges leben :tatort

    allerdings find ich das mit der schule auch eine super sache :top
    hat ja schon familien-tradition :D