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  • #ParisJackson and her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn dress up as Gandalf and Radagast from The Lord of the Rings at the "Thriller Night" costume party organized by #PrinceJackson of The Heal LA Foundation ????

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    #ParisJackson and #PrinceJackson with their followers at #Halloween 2019 ?? ♥

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    Michaels Kinder veranstalten Halloween-Party
    28. Oktober 2019

    Letzten Freitag organisierten Michaels Kinder zum dritten Mal die „Thriller Night“ Halloween-Party im Jackson-Anwesen in Encino, Kalifornien. Es handelte sich hierbei um eine Benefizveranstaltung in Zusammenarbeit mit der Heal LA Foundation, bei der Geld für bedürftige Familien gesammelt wurde. Prince sprach mit der anwesenden Presse auch darüber, wie er und seine Geschwister, als Kinder, das Halloween-Fest mit Vater Michael verbrachten: „Viele wissen, dass mein Vater unsere Gesichter in der Öffentlichkeit bedeckte, um unsere Identität zu schützen. Es war schwer für ihn normale Sachen zu tun, denn er war der berühmteste Mann der Welt.

    Da es an Halloween jedoch akzeptabel ist, sich gänzlich zu verkleiden, konnten wir gemeinsam, als Familie, draussen etwas unternehmen. […]. Es war immer sehr lustig, denn niemand wusste, wer wir waren und somit konnten wir Süssigkeiten sammeln gehen.“ Zudem erzählte Prince, dass Michael seine Kinder immer dazu ermutigte, für ihre Träume zu kämpfen und einzustehen. Dabei bezog er sich vor allem auf den YouTube Kanal, den er vor wenigen Monaten mit Bruder Bigi und Cousin Taj gründete ( berichtete hier). „Mein Bruder will Regisseur werden, ich liebe es zu produzieren“, verkündete Prince weiter. Mehr zu Princes Aussagen in diesem Artikel:…-fathers-advice-11000338/…nstalten-halloween-party/

  • Father and son. ❤️

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    #Paris ? and #Gabriel her boyfriend... like Shaggy and Scooby ???

    At the #Paris Hilton's Halloween Party

    Beverly Hills 24 October 2019

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  • See footage of Paris Jackson & Prince Michael Jackson at Ryan Gordy Foundation "60 Years of Motown" Celebration

    More ? #RyanGFoundation ? #princemjjjaxon #MichaelJackson #Motown @RyanGFoundation @ParisJackson @motown
    — Getty Images Entertainment (@GettyVIP) 12. November 2019

    Join Paris and Prince Jackson as They Celebrate Motown Magic in McQueen

    It’s a well-known fact that Motown is all about family, so who better to honor its legacy than two of the world’s most famous siblings? Paris and Prince Jackson may be music royalty, but even they get wistful when they hear the label’s unmistakable sound. “I think of my childhood when I hear the word Motown,” says Paris from her suite at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. “I grew up listening to that, [so] it makes me think of family.” The iconic label, which celebrated its 60th anniversary last week with a star-studded gala, is an essential part of the pair’s history. At 22 and 21, respectively, they may be too young to have witnessed its heyday firsthand, but its cultural dominance has been an essential part of their lives. Many of their father Michael’s most iconic moments—from the rise of The Jackson 5 to the debut of the moonwalk—are intrinsically linked to Motown. So, when they were asked to present a special award to founder Berry Gordy, they didn’t hesitate.

    Currently on tour with her band The Soundflowers, Paris is no slouch in the style department: While her off-duty style is more bohemian, for the red carpet, she’s always willing to go full glam. Appropriately, the event allowed her to pay homage to a design hero; to prepare for the big moment, the Jacksons brought in their longtime stylist Rushka Bergman and a wealth of fantastical fashion from Alexander McQueen. “I’m excited because Lee Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite humans,” says Paris.

    With two Sarah Burton–designed pieces, Paris got the full McQueen experience. “[This] reminds me of McQueen’s fashion show ‘Horn of Plenty.’ That is my all-time favorite,” says Paris of her red-and-black lace-covered gown from the fall 2019 collection. Her princess-worthy tulle number detailed with crystals did, however, remind her of a missed high school milestone: “I never actually went to prom—I skipped it to go see Metallica—but this feels nice,” she says. “I would want my prom dress to look like this.”

    Prince got in on the fun too, wearing a bejeweled jacket that recalled the elaborate onstage wardrobe of his father. “Growing up, I got to see Rushka style my dad and put on jackets like this, so it kind of comes full circle,” he says, noting the look’s embellished details. “The sparkles give me a level of confidence that I don’t think [I’ve] felt before—this is what you’d call a glow-up!”

    But what made the experience truly special was the fact that the siblings got to share it—getting dressed up in the company of good friends like Bergman and enjoying a casual pre-show process filled with laughter. Here, the duo takes Vogue along for the ride as they talk personal style, tattoos, and a very memorable game of hide and seek.




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    Prince, 22, was joined by his girlfriend Molly Schirmang, while his younger sister Paris, 21, was joined by her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn as they were seen strolling around the Italian city.

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    Hey y’all! So I realized I haven’t really been active lately. I did some traveling and went to Rome with my family and my girlfriend (pics will come soon). But then I got super sick for New Years and I feel like I’m finally coming out of it. So enjoy the videos of my fur babies eating peanut butter bites and please listen to the sounds of Kenya eating

  • Paris auf Instagram <3

    parisjackson............ this guy. right here. greatest big brother and role model a girl could ever hope for. you already know all the things that i want to say to you, so this instagram thing is just for shits and gigs. thanks for being my twin and my bestie, i love you for always til the sun is swallowed by darkness and even after. happy birthday :birthday :torte:birthday…


    🎁🎈Today Prince Jackson is turning 23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU PRINCE...🎈💜

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    The youngest son of Michael Jackson, who changed his name to Bigi in 2015, turned 18 on Friday — and his siblings Paris and Prince Michael Jackson marked the special day with tributes on social media and a sushi dinner.

    “My little brother is a legal adult today. what the f—,” Paris, 21, captioned three throwback photos with her younger sibling. “I used to change his diapers. this is such a trip.. proud of the handsome, intelligent, insightful, funny, and kind young man he has become. he likes privacy so that’s all i gotta say. hbd lil bro♥️.”

    On Friday, Prince, 23, shared on his Instagram Story that he and Bigi had gone out to dinner at Los Angeles Japanese restaurant Yamashiro — and ordered two huge sushi boats! — to celebrate his birthday.

    “Thank you @yamashirola and @chefvallerie for helping us celebrate Bigi’s 18th bday!!” Prince captioned an Instagram Story of the sushi. Prince’s girlfriend Molly also appeared to be in attendance at the dinner.