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    happy birthday, big brother. i adore you. i’m so fucking grateful for you. thank you for always being there for me, for being such an anchor for me emotionally and spiritually and grounding me, for being a such a great role model for me and our other brothers, for being you. i miss you so much and i can’t wait for our next matching tattoos ♥️

  • Paris Jackson Taking the Leap, Releasing First EP of Music with Her Band, The Soundflowers, Next Week

    Paris Jackson is tough, I give her that. She’s not afraid of anything.

    Next week, Michael Jackson’s daughter is releasing her first EP with what she describes as her band, The Soundflowers. The band is mostly composed of her and her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn.

    What Paris is attempting here isn’t easy. Her father was the most famous music personality in the world, certainly of his generation. In these situations often the problem is that the child of the rock star sounds so similar to the parent there’s no place to go. The result is it rarely works out.

    In Paris’s case, she sounds nothing at all like Michael. Her music is kind of a Monterey Pop era folk rock, strummed on acoustic guitars. There’s no funk. No one will be singing “shamone” between the lines.

    The Soundflowers may not be groundbreaking, but there’s nothing wrong with some pleasant pop sung by nice people. We could do a lot worse.

    So circle June 23rd.

    Paris Jackson’s The Soundflowers Announce Self-Titled Debut EP

    Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, has formed a new band The Soundflowers with her partner Gabriel Glenn. A self-titled EP arrives June 23rd via Imperial.

    Jackson and Glenn met on the Sunset Strip, at a performance by Glenn’s rock band TrashDögs. As Gabriel explains in a statement, “We showed each other songs and even wrote a few on the spot. Everything fit together so naturally, from our voices to our songwriting style. I had never met someone who fit so perfectly with my sound.”
    Despite Jackson’s pop pedigree and her love of metal music (she skipped her prom to attend a Metallica show) The Soundflowers’ sound blends indie acoustic and folk with influences of blues, soul, bluegrass country and beach reggae, according to a press release. Last year, they previewed their forthcoming record with small club shows in Los Angeles and Paris. Watch fan-captured footage from one of those gigs below.

    The forthcoming EP was produced by Mike Malchicoff and mixed by Rob Kinelsk. Merchandise will launch alongside the EP on June 23rd and net proceeds will be donated to Black Women Lead, Black Voters Matter Fund, and BEAM.
  • A rare, candid, unreleased interview with Prince Michael Jackson about his father, exclusively on Jacksonology TV - A Pop Culture Channel Dedicated To The Jacksons. On the 11th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's passing, we are releasing interviews with The King Of Pop's three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket (Bigi) Jackson.


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    (Listen) Paris Jackson’s Group, The Soundflowers, Releases 5 Song EP This Week, And She’s Calling Herself PK Dragonfly


    by Roger Friedman - June 21, 2020 11:27 pm

    Paris Jackson’s group with boyfriend Gabriel Glenn is called The Soundflowers. They’re releasing their first record, a five song EP, this week. All songs are written by Glenn and Paris, who calls herself PK Dragonfly. The PK is for Paris Katherine.

    The tracklist:

    1. your look (glorious)⁣⁣

    2. geronimo ⁣⁣

    3. notes on a ghost⁣⁣

    4. in the blue ⁣⁣

    5. best version of myself⁣⁣

    The EP seems to be on something called Imperial Records, which is an old imprint under Capitol and presumably owned now by Universal Music. So The Soundflowers may be under the large Universal umbrella. Do they have marketing, promotion, etc? Who knows? If you do, drop me a line at

    From the sound of this sampler, this pretty happy upbeat 60s like folk rock, which we could use right now.

    PS Paris posted a really lovely Father’s Day tribute to her guardian, and the guy who stepped in when Michael Jackson died, her cousin TJ Jackson. I really like Paris, always have. I hope this music thing goes well for her this week.

  • Find Your Grind Podcast - S2 E2 - Prince Jackson

    Prince Jackson separates his life by two timelines — before his father, the King of Pop’s Michael Jackson passed away, and afterward. It hasn’t always been easy to live up to the pressure of his father’s legacy. That’s why Prince, connector and leader, has based his life around what he’s learned from his childhood experiences and what his mentor (his father) instilled upon him. Homeschooled for more than half his life while traveling the world, Prince Jackson learned and got first-hand looks about other cultures and communities. While he followed his interests like art, he always had a heart for advocating for those who weren’t able to speak up for themselves. In college, he studied business admin for entrepreneurship and co-founded a charity and works to end child hunger, homelessness, and abuse. Still building his own legacy, Prince knows it’s about what you learn about yourself that’s the truest form of education you can receive.

  • Paris Jackson Rare Interview about her father, Michael Jackson.

    This rare and unique interview with Paris Jackson was part of a Tribute documentary project about Michael - involving Katherine Jackson, and interviewed by Sonia Lowe.

    Paris speaks about some of her earliest memories with her father, and siblings, celebrating her birthday on Neverland. She also opens up about her father's favorite songs at the time, discovering her father's fame, watching him perform. She also shares some of her father's most important lessons and comments on reasons for speaking up at Michael's memorial in 2009.

    Stay tuned for more with Michael's one and only daughter, Paris Jackson.

  • "He taught me about the universe, how it's ever expanding. He was philosophical I guess when it comes to thinking like that. He believed in a higher power, he believed in Jehova, or whatever god your religion is. But he didn't believe in a lot of the religious stuff, saying that you can't do this and you can't do that or something like that. But he respected all religions, no matter what your god was. But he thought that there was more out there, because the universe is ever expanding. Each one of those stars is twice as big as our sun. And he says that we can't be the only planet out there. He used to talk about how beautiful the world is and who could have made something so beautiful. Thats how he used to talk about god a lot." - Prince Jackson ?



    Michael Jackson’s Kids Are Working Together: Son Prince Produced Sister Paris’s Soundflowers Video

    Prince Michael Jackson, the late King of Pop’s son, just announced something very cool on Instagram. He produced the first video for The Soundflowers, the group his sister, Paris, has with her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn. He says in his post there’s more come, too. These kids are great, and are the best evidence of Michael’s real persona. His kids are absolute sweethearts. (Debbie Rowe can take credit, too.) They’re working together, and relying on each other. I’m sure they’re looking after little brother Bigi, too. You could never imagine after all that chaos with Michael the last few years–through his untimely death– that these kids would turn out so well. Bravo!

    Prince writes: I’m not sure if I told you guys but I was fortunate enough to produce my sisters @parisjackson first music video for the @thesoundflowers. It was a true pleasure and honor to be able to work together and create this magic that was so palpable on set. It’s rewarding to see the fruit of our labors with the lyric video for Your Look (Glorious) but I don’t want to give too much away but there’s more to come. @parisjackson I’m incredibly proud of you for following your dreams, building on your skill set and it’s always a pleasure to see you grow and thrive I love you yabyab and I’m excited for your future. Thank you for bringing me on this magical project.”