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    It’s crazy to think that you’re my lil sister @parisjackson. You’ve grown and learned so much and I couldn’t be prouder of the woman you are and the path you’re going down. I like these photos cause I think it shows our duality, the yin and the yang, I love you yabyab HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Keep doin what you’re doin you’re so awesome and I hope you have a great day!!❤️❤️❤️??

  • Full Evening Standard Magazine interview.

    Paris Jackson says that she has learned to "love herself" by expressing herself through music after battling addiction and depression following the death of her father.

    The 23-year-old actress, singer and model is the only daughter of Michael Jackson, who died when she was 11. She has two brothers, Prince, 24, and Blanket, 19.

    After the death of her father in 2009, Paris faced difficulties in her teens, including pain, drug abuse, and attempted suicide.

    But in the latest issue of ES Magazine, the star, who released her debut album Wilted last year, a collection of brooding indie-folk tracks, said that she had found herself through music.

    "I'm at a point in my life where it's the first time I've really experienced self-love," she said. “A big part is definitely self-expression. I'm accepting that this thing about music, being a musician, is what I was born for. "

    She also spoke about the lasting influence of her father Michael Jackson, both on her creativity and how he lives her life.

    “I think he will always influence everything I do in some way, be it subconscious or intentional. I was around that creativity the whole time, so I'm sure I learned a lot of what I have from that. "

    She added: “My brothers and I have always been huge fans of his music, obviously, but he was always very modest about it. He was very humble. "

    Paris said that her father had installed a strong moral in her and hers her brothers.

    “We were very privileged when we grew up, but when it came to things like buying toys and going to attractions, we had to earn that,” she said. “We were lucky to be raised with strong morale.

    “He'd say, 'Oh, do you want to go to Toys' R' Us and get five toys? Great. You have five books to read, and I'll put you to the test on those books. ' It was very clear to us that those games and the zoo were for underprivileged children, children who were sick and could not go to Disneyland. If we were good, did our homework and worked hard during the week, maybe we could go on the weekends, but we had to earn it. "

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    .. joa ..war auch mein erster Gedanke ... die Jungs sind richtig gut .. und der Song im 70er-Vibe und Ohrwurm Potential ... gefällt!

    ..ahja.. zum Leadsänger:

    Kopf des Quartetts ist Luke Spiller. Aufgewachsen ist er in Südwestengland.

    Schon als Kind war er begeistert von Bühnenpersönlichkeiten wie Michael Jackson,

    Freddie Mercury und Mick Jagger und arbeitete an einer eigenen Bühnenkarriere als Musiker

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    Peace and love to all ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Paris Jackson und Macaulay Culkin spielen in zehnter Staffel „American Horror Story“ mit

    • Paris Jackson, Tochter von Michael Jackson, hat eine Rolle in der zehnten Staffel von „American Horror Story“ an Land gezogen.
    • Mit dabei ist unter anderem auch „Kevin allein zu Haus“-Star Macaulay Culkin.
    • Die Staffel wird den Titel „Double Feature“ tragen.


    Paris Jackson joins American Horror Story season 10 cast

    Viel ist noch nicht bekannt über die zehnte Staffel von „American Horror Story“, die noch in diesem Jahr erscheinen soll und den Titel „Double Feature“ trägt. Einige Details jedoch verriet Serienschöpfer Ryan Murphy bereits im März auf seinem Instagram-Profil, wo er erklärte, dass die Staffel in „zwei schreckliche Geschichten“ aufgeteilt werde, „eine am Meer“, und „eine am Sand“.

    Auch einige der Darsteller sind schon bekannt, darunter „Kevin allein zu Haus“-Star Macaulay Culkin (40) und Leslie Grossman (49), die zur Stammbesetzung der Horror-Serie gehört.

    Nun berichtete das US-Magazin „TMZ“, dass auch Michael Jacksons Tochter Paris in der neuen Staffel mitspielen soll. Die 23-Jährige konnte bisher noch wenig Schauspiel-Erfahrung sammeln und war bisher nur in kleineren Rollen zu sehen, beispielsweise in der 2018 erschienenen Action-Komödie „Gringo“.

    Welchen Part Jackson in „American Horror Story“ übernehmen wird, ist bislang nicht bekannt. Laut „TMZ“ soll Jackson jedoch gemeinsam mit ihrem Patenonkel Culkin in der zweiten Geschichte der Staffel vor der Kamera stehen.…Q5JZHANETIL25HGGYMDU.html