Jackson-Familie plant Benefiz-Konzert //fans against!

  • La Toya ist sowas von unprofessionell, würde ich nicht wissen, dass sie aus einer Showbizz-Familie kommt, würde ich sagen, dass sie ein naives Mädchen vom Land ist, die das erste Mal auf der Bühne steht. Auch ihre Bewegung - sie hat ja gar nichts von einer Tänzerin. Keine Spannung im Körper, keine präzisen Posings - NIX. Sie sollte es wirklich besser sein lassen... und dann noch Michaels Songs "kopieren"... und sich durch seinen Gesang tatkräftig unterstützen lassen.. oh oh oh... :never

    Eines muss man ihr allerdings lassen: Für weit über 50 hat sie wirklich eine spitzen Figur! Dann hört es sich allerdings auch schon auf...

    hat ja auch genügend kohle (vielleicht sogar dank ihres bruders???)... :pfeif ich konnte die blöde bitch noch nie ab :gschdörd ohne mike würde sie doch kein arsch kennen...


    Gone to soon... We never forget you :ehre

  • hat ja auch genügend kohle (vielleicht sogar dank ihres bruders???)... :pfeif ich konnte die blöde bitch noch nie ab :gschdörd ohne mike würde sie doch kein arsch kennen...

    Das gilt allerdings für fast die ganze Familie!

  • 'singt' die einfach drüber, oder hab ich was an den ohren...? :hm

    jedenfalls...das ist schauderhaft.
    und ich finde auch nicht, dass sie gut aussieht - vom gesicht her, meine ich. diese augen...das ist gruselig :fear


    Finally got through to Sky and this is what they told me - "it's not being shown until the near future"

    More from Sky: 'We were called this morning and were told that under contractual rights we are not aloud to show the concert"


  • [h=1]Michael Jackson Tribute Organisers Global Live Events Go Bust?
    Staff & Crew Left Unpaid[/h]

    When Stereoboard first wrote about Global Live Events, they were a company plagued by ongoing controversy and argument over the infamous Michael Forever Tribute concert
    they held at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium last month. There were boycott's from MJ fans saying that it was a money-making scam, fans saying the line-up simply wasn’t a fitting
    tribute to the King of Pop and that tickets were grossly overpriced.

    So it was a little surprising when the concert (seemingly) went ahead with no problems whatsoever – apart from the fact that the Black Eyed Peas pulled-out last minute amid
    suspicious rumours that they were to break up. Following the concert, you probably expected never to hear about the organiser Global Live Events again – until now as it emerges
    that the company may have gone into administration with workers and personnel that worked on the show left unpaid for their work, according to reports from users on Twitter and Facebook.

    The news comes after a handful of the apparently unpaid employees took to Twitter to get their voices heard, using the hashtags #unpaidMJTalentTeam and #HELPGETMEPAID.
    And it’s not just some of the backstage crew who haven’t been paid, as one user wrote that the event's administration team had not been paid and neither had artists who had
    performed at the concert. He went on to say that perhaps even the charities, which included the AIDS Project LA and the Princes Trust, may have been left without their promised donations from fans.

    While Stereoboard cannot confirm these rumours, a Twitter user named Dom Pisani has been tweeting and writing about the company these past few days, after it appears he learnt
    that GLE had gone bust. He’s received dozens of re-tweets and messages of support from the same MJ fans that hounded the promotors to not go ahead with the concert.

    He wrote on the 10th of November: “Not impressed that Global Live Events have gone bust leaving all who work tirelessly on the MJ Tribute concert unpaid!! #unpaidMJTalentTeam.”

    He’s since followed this up with many messages, including: “Still no payment from Michael Jackson Tribute Concert, apparently even artists are missing money. Doesnt look promising."

    “@Ivy_MJJC @misschiviouss @loakim45 #unpaidMJTalentTeam Keep tweetin guys, we need ppl to notice. Noones paid, guess that means charities too. wud really appreciate you posting it guys,
    they can't be allowed to get away with it.”

    Another user, Aaron Mavinga, wrote: “HELP! I worked on the #MJtributeCONCERT last month and Global Live Events gone bust. PLEASE RT message #HELPGETMEPAID #unpaidMJTalentTeam.”

    It’s not just Twitter-ers who are upset at GLE either - Ester GillT-Pleasure Gill said on the M4Tribute official Facebook page,
    "It's disgusting that not one person who worked on the concert got paid! A total scam and a real shame to end on! I worked hard on this show and then got told the promoter had not paid
    any bills at all and went bankrupt over night. What a Scam!! The Promoter should be ashamed of himself for ripping off hard working crew!"

    Nothing official has been said by GLE and Stereoboard cannot confirm these accounts are true, but if they are, there’s going to be many unhappy parties on the administrators creditors list.
    Stereoboard are currently seeking comment.



  • :tatort Michael Jackson Tribut-Konzert: Arbeiter wurden nicht bezahlt! :tatort
    Deutsch Türkische Nachrichten | 16.11.11, 14:55

    Katherine Jackson ist geschockt: So hatte sie sich den Ausgang des Tribut-Konzertes für ihren im Sommer 2009 verstorbenen Sohn Michael nicht vorgestellt. Wie jetzt bekannt wurde, sind einige Helfer hinter den Kulissen nicht entlohnt worden.

    Die alte Dame ist sichtlich bewegt. Das Konzert Anfang Oktober sollte an ihren toten Sohn Michael Jackson erinnern und Fans wie Familie nach den schrecklichen Ereignissen der Vergangenheit mit ein wenig Freude erfüllen. Doch jetzt hat auch dieses Event einen faden Beigeschmack erhalten.
    Crew-Mitglieder kritisieren Global Live via Twitter

    Gegenüber dem US-Promiportal “tmz.com” erklärte sie, sich im Nachhinein sogar zu schämen, überhaupt etwas mit diesem Tribut-Konzert Anfang Oktober dieses Jahres zu tun gehabt zu haben. Denn gegen den Veranstalter Global Live stünden schwere Vorwürfe im Raum. Angeblich seien sie nicht bezahlt worden. Entsprechend hatten sich kürzlich zahlreiche Crew-Mitglieder auf Twitter geäußert, wo sie Global Live scharf kritisierten. Beharrlich behaupten diese, dass sie von dem Unternehmen betrogen worden seien, nachdem sie sich für dieses Event förmlich “den Hintern aufgerissen” hätten.

    Die Anwälte von Katherine Jackson ließen nun gegenüber “tmz.com” weiter verlauten: “Nachdem Mrs Jackson alles dafür getan hatte, um diese Veranstaltung zu promoten und sie zu einer großartigen Sache für alle Michael Jackson-Fans zu machen, ist sie nun extrem verärgert darüber zu erfahren, dass die Konzert-Promoter offenbar versäumt haben ihre Rechnungen zu bezahlen.” Sie fügten hinzu: “Katherine hofft nun, dass diese reagieren und ihren Verpflichtungen nachkommen werden.” Global Live hat laut “tmz.com” bisher noch nicht auf die Vorwürfe reagiert.



    [CENTER]Some people like to sleep well and give.
    Some people like to eat well and take.
    I guess, I like to sleep well!

    Michael Jackson[/CENTER]

  • Quote

    und sie zu einer großartigen Sache für alle Michael Jackson-Fans zu machen

    ähm...ja, is klar...;D :gschdörd :rolleyes :never kitkat, bleib mal zuhause und stricke socken für deinen alten.
    das kannste vielleicht besser.
    was weiss die schon, was wir fans wollen...tzzz :bla

  • hatttharrr... :hehe

    Michael Jackson tribute concert company goes bust

    Global Events LLP, promoters of Michael Forever gig in Wales earlier this year, now in administration

    Tuesday 29 November 2011 11.45 GMT The company behind last month's controversial Michael Jackson tribute concert has gone bust.
    Massive debts have apparently sunk Global Events LLP, promoters of the Michael Forever gig in Wales.
    Accountants at RSM Tenon confirmed Global Events had gone into administration, telling the Western Mail they are conducting an initial review of the business.
    The promoter reportedly owes thousands of pounds, particularly to contractors who worked on Michael Forever. "A number of my members are owed money by the company,"
    said the Welsh officer for Bectu, a broadcasting union.
    Global Events was formed in March, three months before the Cardiff Millennium Stadium concert was announced, by film producers Michael Henry and Chris Hunt.
    While some members of Jackson's family endorsed the event, others argued it would draw attention away from the trial of Conrad Murray, the singer's former physician.
    The show was also criticised by Jackson's estate, which claims it was not consulted over the use of Michael's name or image. Acts such as Jennifer Hudson and the Black Eyed Peas
    pulled out, and Kiss were sacked as headliners when Global Events learned that Gene Simmons had called Jackson a paedophile.
    The gig did go ahead – with performances by Christina Aguilera, LaToya Jackson, Leona Lewis and, er, Alien Ant Farm. Organisers claimed it sold out.
    But Michael Forever was not the triumph that was hoped for, and many fans emerged disappointed. Certainly it did not live up to Katherine Jackson's promise of
    "the biggest, and the best concert in the world for many years to come".
    According to documents filed with Companies House, Henry and Hunt both quit Global Events LLP on 8 October, the date the concert took place.
    Contacted at his office in London, Henry told the Western Mail "all enquiries about Global Events should be made to the administrators".

    (the guardian)

    :prust :lmao tja... hätte man uns mal gefragt...:P