Janet Jackson Contract Demand: No Michael Jokes!

  • [h=1]Janet Jackson Contract Demand:
    No Michael Jokes!


    The riders for the singer’s current world tour forbid any comedian she shares the bill with from making reference to her or anyone in her family.[/h][h=1]

    Janet Jackson doesn't want to hear jokes about her brother Michael, and if she hears them when she's about to perform there will be serious trouble. The singer, who is in the middle of her Number Ones, Up Close and Personal world tour, has a provision in her contract that forbids comedians she may be sharing the bill with to make jokes about anyone in the Jackson familyThe Smoking Gun has posted Jackson's tour contract, which among the usual set of demands for a star of her stature, admonishes the purchaser to ensure "that comedian will not make any reference to Janet Jackson or the Jackson family."How much is Jackson making per show? The contract states that her minimum guarantee is $475,000 for a show. She's also entitled to 85 percent of the gross box office receipts over $650,000.The promoters will also reimburse her $25,000 for the use of her own lighting and sound equipment during the show.While none of Jackson's backstage demands are as demanding as Van Halen's legendary "no brown M&Ms" rider, some of the specifics are a little surprising. Such as Jackson's preferred brand of beer (two cases of Miller High Life Not Light), or her preferred scent (Votivo Red Currant scent candles).