The great Jermaine Jackson “J” Bass

  • The great Jermaine Jackson “J” Bass

    Our mutual friend and phenomenal bassist Dammo Farmer decided that Jermaine Jackson should meet me and that I should make him a knock ‘em dead gorgeous
    custom Signature Bass. I said, “You bet, bring him over, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of that guy!!”
    So one day The Great Jermaine Jackson showed up at my door and we were instantly like little kids in a candy store, thinking up the coolest bass ever for Jermaine.
    We’re barely at the starting point but something tells me it’s not going to be anything like my normal Wyn basses!! Strap in folks, here we go!!!!!

    Jermaine Jackson has a unique look and style about everything he does. I welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with Jermaine to build him a very custom bass.
    He came over one night with our mutual friend, Dammo Farmer, and we went about discussing bass construction, ergonomics, materials, and just about everything else we could think of!!

  • The great Jermaine Jackson “J” Bass – Part 2

    Progress continues on Jermaine Jackson’s custom Wyn bass.

    Progress has been made. We toyed around with many different ideas for how the bass could look and what materials to use. We’ve gone from one that was pure white with clear jewels
    to lights and colored jewels to a variety of exotic hard woods. We decided that the first one would be all hardwoods as we prove out the concept of a great sounding and playing bass.
    I made the body wings in the shape of Jermaine’s trademark “J” out of Ziricote (the blackish wood), Quilted Maple (center of the “J”), African Mahogany and Padauk (body core layers).
    The neck is made from Eastern rock Maple and Wenge with Bubinga stripes. As you can see, we’re going to inlay the rest of Jermain’s name into the fret board.

  • The great Jermaine Jackson “J” Bass – Part 3

    Jermaine Jackson’s custom Wyn bass has been completed!

    I have worked with Jermaine off and on over the course of more than a year to brainstorm, make crude drawings, cut out cardboard mock-ups, make the basic guitar block and hang a strap on it to see
    if the ergonomics were right, and of course, (of course) went shopping for the exact right Swarovski Crystals. Yes………….

    Through this entire process, Jermaine has been like a little kid. So in awe of the concept that his idea could actually become a tangible playable bass. Okay, I’m a bit in awe of that myself!!
    I spent a lot of time explaining the “prototype” thing to Jermaine. There were just a lot of things that I did on this bass that I haven’t really done before, it’s a work in progress, there are no guarantees
    this will be anything you’ll want to play, etc………. handle in the middle of the top, working with Jermaine’s logo “J” as the basic body shape and coming out with something you could put on your knee and actually play,
    inlaying the entire fretboard with pearl, and the Crystals………

    Did I have my moments?? You bet I did!! But some how (as usual, luck played a role) the “prototype” turned into a very playable, very funky sounding growly bass! Our wild and crazy scheme actually came together
    as a real bass!! I now know how Geppetto felt when all of a sudden Pinocchio started talking!!

    The magic day arrived when Jermaine was ready to drop by the shop and I had the guitar tuned up and ready to go. Glee I tell you, one of those super fun days you do not forget!! Here, Jermaine poses in my crowded little lunch room/ guitar storage area/ office space, surrounded by my other in progress basses. Obviously the other basses are a bit miffed that they didn’t get the jewel treatment. I tell ya, they won’t shut up about it!!