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    Katherine Jackson is back in as permanent guardian of Michael Jackson's three children, and her nephew TJ Jackson will share responsibilities as co-guardian ... according to a new court ruling.

    TMZ broke the story ... Katherine had a change of heart last week, agreeing to split guardianship responsibilities with TJ -- despite previously claiming she was "devastated" by TJ taking on a guardianship role.

    In a hearing this morning, the judge reinstated Katherine's guardianship rights ... and made TJ co-guardian, but only temporarily until an Aug. 22nd hearing. At that time the judge will consider making the split guardianship of Prince, Paris and Blanket permanent.

    During the hearing, a court appointed investigator said Katherine has been doing a "terrific job as guardian and the children love her." He added, "They also have a close relationship with their cousin, TJ Jackson."

    The investigator also said Katherine and TJ have been working well together to care for the children ever since Michael Jackson's death.


  • Katherine Jackson says she was kept from communicating while reported missing

    The mother of Michael Jackson said in court papers she was kept from communicating with outsiders while at a resort in Tucson and was unaware she had been reported missing.

    Katherine Jackson declared in the documents obtained Thursday that she had no idea she was the subject of a search until she accidentally heard a TV report.

    She said she was told her doctor had ordered her to rest and she was flown to Arizona. At a spa, her cell phone was confiscated along with her IPad and she said she was kept in a room with no working phone or TV service.

    She said she asked about Michael's children and was told they were fine.

    The disclosure marked the latest development in a series of events that began when Katherine Jackson was reported missing but later turned up at the spa with family members.

    The documents were released after a judge reinstated Katherine Jackson as the guardian of the children in an arrangement that also keeps their cousin as temporary co-guardian.

    Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff said during a hearing that an investigator who looked into the children's care found that the late pop star's 82-year-old mother was an excellent guardian and the children love her very much.

    "I think the kids are in terrific hands," the judge said. "It appears from the report that Katherine Jackson has done a wonderful job and cares about the children very much."

    Beckloff noted that the children, Prince, 15, Paris, 14 and Blanket, 10, also have a close relationship with their 34-year-old cousin TJ Jackson, who was named temporary guardian last week after working closely with Katherine Jackson since Michael Jackson died.

    TJ is "incredibly respectful" of the family matriarch and she is respectful of him, the judge said.

    Beckloff said he will finalize the arrangement later in the month but for now will issue letters of co-guardianship allowing both Jacksons to make decisions about the children's welfare.

    TJ Jackson's new co-guardianship status is temporary, but the judge could make it permanent when he convenes the next court hearing on Aug. 22.

    The shared guardianship plan is apparently designed to remove pressure from Katherine Jackson who was previously named in her son's will as the children's sole guardian.

    Perry Sanders Jr., her lawyer, has said the arrangement will allow his client to focus on the children's upbringing and not on home or logistics issues.

    Beckloff said then that he didn't believe Jackson had done anything wrong but suspended her guardianship duties because she had been out of contact with her grandchildren for 10 days.

    The changes in guardianship come on the heels of family dissension over Michael Jackson's will, which left nothing to his siblings when he died three years ago. Several of them signed a letter that was leaked to the media alleging the will was a fake and calling on executors of the estate to resign.

    The dispute at one point led to a driveway confrontation involving several family members at the Calabasas mansion where Katherine Jackson and the children have been living.

    On Wednesday, Jermaine Jackson issued a plea for peace in the family and withdrew his support of the letter.

    "Mistakes have been made and irrational things have been said on both sides in a highly charged emotional environment," Jermaine Jackson wrote. "It is time for us all to draw a line in the sand and move toward peace, co-operation, love and healing."

    He wrote that the family is still raw from Michael Jackson's death, and his mother has endured incredible stress and pressures since then.

    Another party to the Jackson family drama, singer Diana Ross, who was named by Michael Jackson in his will as a potential guardian of the children if Katherine Jackson was not available, issued a statement saying the recent turmoil is a private matter and shouldn't be playing out publicly.

    Ross and Jackson were longtime friends before his death in 2009.

    Ross, who lives on the East Coast, came to California to visit with the Jackson family on Wednesday, Katherine Jackson's lawyer said, adding the singer supports the co-guardianship arrangement.


  • Michael Jackson's Children: Judge Expected To Rule On Guardianship Changes

    By ANTHONY McCARTNEY 08/22/12 04:05 AM ET

    LOS ANGELES -- A judge is expected to appoint Michael Jackson's nephew as a co-guardian of the late pop superstar's children on Wednesday, establishing continuity for them in case
    their grandmother becomes unable to raise them.

    Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff has said he is inclined to appoint Tito Jackson's son, TJ, to share guardianship responsibilities with Michael Jackson's mother. The 34-year-old stepped in
    and was appointed a temporary guardian last month when Katherine Jackson was incommunicado during a stay at an Arizona spa with relatives.

    Beckloff has said Katherine Jackson is doing a great job raising Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson, who range in ages from 10 to 15. The Jackson family matriarch's absence coincided with a split
    in the family over whether to support the executors of the late singer's estate, some of whom think should resign.

    Katherine and TJ Jackson have agreed to the co-guardianship arrangement, which is aimed at alleviating stress on the children's 82-year grandmother. The agreement calls for the other to assume
    sole guardianship duties if the other is unable to serve any longer.

    TJ Jackson was a relative unknown to the public before the recent rift in the family. He performs in a band called 3T along with his brothers and was close to his uncle, Michael,
    before the pop star died unexpectedly in June 2009 at age 50.

    TJ Jackson is a cousin of the children and has remained close to them in the three years since the singer's death.

    Wednesday's hearing is expected to be a legal formality, with TJ Jackson already earning the support of the two oldest children.
    Their mother, Deborah Rowe, has also indicated she is comfortable with the arrangement.

    Three of Michael Jackson's siblings, sisters Janet and Rebbie and younger brother Randy, have all expressed concerns about the administrators of the singer's estate and called on them to resign.
    The window to contest the singer's will is closed, but the trio said as recently as last week that challenging the executors remains their priority.

    Jackson's estate has generated more than $475 million in gross earnings since the singer's death. He left his estate to benefit his mother and children, with a share allocated to unspecified charities.


  • TJ Jackson Officially Co-Guardian
    Of Michael Jackson's Kids

    TJ Jackson is now PERMANENTLY sharing guardianship of Michael Jackson's children with their grandmother Katherine Jackson, an L.A. judge just ruled.

    As we previously reported, TJ was awarded temporary co-guardianship of Prince, Paris, and Blanket along with Katherine ... but that was made permanent today.

    TJ has received enormous support from the Jackson family to take a guardianship role, including from Katherine herself ... as well as MJ's kids. TJ has been a father figure to the children for years.

    The judge told TJ in court to be mindful of the giant rift currently tearing apart the Jackson family -- and asked TJ to make sure the children aren't negatively affected.

    As co-guardian, TJ will assume many of the day-to-day tasks involved in taking care of the children -- including management of household personnel and security.


  • jetzt aber mal ne frage von der 'praktischen' seite her...

    ich denke, der hat selbst familie/kinder?
    wo sind die alle, kümmert er sich da?
    und lebet er denn komplett im haus mit kitkat?
    (denn sonst würds ja wenig sinn machen.)

  • ..und weiter gehts

    TJ Jackson Granted Permanent Co-Guardianship of Michael Jackson Kids

    Aug. 22, 2012—abcnews.go.com

    Judge Named Tito's Son Co-Guardian With Katherine Jackson of Michael Jackson's Children
    A California judge today made Tito "TJ" Jackson permanent co-guardian of the singer's children along with their grandmother Katherine, but not without some unexpected drama.
    Ein kaliforn. Gericht entschied heute das "TJ" Jackson ständiger Vormund von den Kindern des Sängers wird zusammen mit iher Großmutter K. Jackson, aber nicht ohne unerwartetes Drama.

    A woman claiming to be the cousin of Michael Jackson showed up in court today to ask the judge to delay the appointment of TJ Jackson as permanent co-guardian of the singer's children.
    Eine Frau die sagt das sie Cousin von Michael Jackson ist erschien im Gericht und fragte an das das Gericht die Benennung von TJ Jackson als ständiger Co-Vormund von den Kindern des Sängers zu benennen zu verschieben.

    Despite a plea from the woman, Debra Jackson, Judge Mitchell Beckloff granted TJ Jackson the motion to share guardianship with Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson, of the three children.
    Trotz der Bitte der Frau, Debra Jackson, genehmigte Richter M. Beckloff TJ Jackson`s Antrag die Co-Vormundschaft zusammen mit Michael`s Mutter K. Jackson auszuüben.

    The judge made the ruling after also considering a letter submitted by singer Diana Ross, in which the singer said she has met TJ and thinks he has good intentions in caring for Michael's kids. Beckloff said Ross mentioned in the letter that she is very interested in what happens with the children and that she takes her role in the will as the next guardian in line very seriously.
    Der Richter machte die Entscheidung auch unter Berücksichtigung eines Briefes von der Sängerin Diana Ross, in dem die Sängerin sagte, sie denkt das TJ gute Absichten in der Fürsorge für Michael Kinder hat. Beckloff sagte Ross erwähnt in dem Brief, dass sie sehr interessiert daran ist was mit den Kindern passiert und sie nimmt ihre Rolle aus dem Testament wo sie als nächster Vormund benannt ist sehr ernst ist.

    Earlier, Beckloff heard from Debra Jackson, who arrived with her adult son Anthony Jackson, whom she says the singer helped raise after Anthony's father died. Earlier, Debra and Anthony Jackson submitted a letter to the court expressing their concerns with appointing TJ co-guardian.
    Zuvor hörte Becklof von Debra Jackson, die mit ihrem erwachsenen Sohn Anthony Jackson erschien, von dem sie sagt das der Sänger half ihn großzuziehen, nachdem Anthony`s Vater starb. Sie hatten zuvor einen Brief eingereicht wo sie ihre Besorgnis über die Bennenung der Co-Vormundschaft von TJ als Co-Vormund zum Ausdruck brachten.

    Debra Jackson told the judge that she and her son were abruptly cut off from the lives of Michael's three children and that their relationship with the kids had been curtailed. Debra said that not allowing a relationship between her son and Michael's children is "cruel and not in their best interest and well-being."
    Debra Jackson sagte das sie und ihr Sohn abrupt vom Leben von Michael`s 3 Kindern abgeschnitten wurden und das die Beziehung mit den Kindern abgeschnitten wurde. Debra sagt, dass das nicht Erlauben eine Beziehung zwischen ihren Sohn und Michael`s Kindern "grausam und nicht ihr bestes Interesse für ihr Wohlbefinden ist"

    She described an incident at a birthday party for one of the children in which she and Anthony were asked to leave. She said Katherine Jackson was very unhappy with that order and neither Katherine nor the kids wanted them to leave.
    Sie beschreibt einen Vorfall auf einer Geburtstagsparty von eines der Kinder wo sie gebeten wurden zu gehen. Sie sagt K. Jackson war sehr unglücklich darüber und weder sie noch die Kinder wollten, dass sie gehen.

    Debra added that she's asked several times for an explanation as to Why they have been cut off from the children, but she was never given one.

    The letter Debra and Anthony submitted to the judge today was written last year around Christmas time. It's unclear Why they waited so long to file the letter.
    Der Brief von Debra und Antohnoy Jackson, der an das Gericht heute übergeben wurde, wurde bereits um Weihnachten letztes Jahr geschrieben. Es ist unklar warum sie solange warteten um den Brief zu übermitteln.

    Beckloff said he had read and taken their letter into consideration, since the two are relatives. However, he added that he has a very good understanding of what's going on with Michael's children based on the report written by his investigator.
    "It's clear to me that the children have a very strong, loving relationship with TJ and that they love the grandmother very much," the judge said.
    Beckloff sagt er hat den Brief gelesen und ihn bewertet, da die beiden Verwandte sind.
    Wie auch immer, er sei gut informiert was mit Michael`s Kindern vor sich geht basierend auf den Reports der Ermittler.
    "Es ist klar für mich das die Kinder eine sehr starke Beziehung mit TJ haben und das sie ihre Großmutter sehr lieben", sagte der Richter..

    He then granted the motion for permanent co-guardianship to TJ.
    The son of Michael's brother Tito Jackson, TJ had been appointed temporary guardian after Katherine Jackson was suspended amid a bitter family dispute over Michael Jackson's estate. Days later, Katherine Jackson was reinstated as guardian and announced she would be seeking joint guardianship with her grandson, TJ.

    Responding last month to the announcement, Randy Jackson, one of Katherine's sons, told ABC News that the agreement was based on "lies."
    "In order to obtain temporary guardianship, TJ lied to the court. Rebbie, Janet, Jermaine and I would never harm our mother and we are doing our best to protect her and the Estate knows that," Randy said in an exclusive statement to ABC News.
    Guardianship Ruling for Michael Jackson's Kids

    "The same people that are trying to manipulate my mother are the same people that were involved with my brother when he died," Randy said in the statement. "The Estate is trying to isolate my Mother from her family JUST LIKE THEY DID TO MICHAEL, in order to propagate their lies, financial agendas and to protect a fraudulent will." He concluded his statement with, "It is my fear and belief, that they are trying to take my mother's life."

    In court today, Beckloff asked Katherine's attorney Sandra Ribera if she was being unduly influenced to agree with the new co-guardianship agreement, to which Ribera replied "absolutely not! Ms. Jackson is well informed, makes her own decisions and wholeheartedly supports this arrangement."
    Im Gericht heute fragte Beckloff Kathrine`s Anwältin Ribera, ob sie beeinflusst wurde die Übereinkunft zur Co-Vormundschaft zuzustimmen. Ribera sagte "Absolut nein! Mrs Jackson ist gut informiert und macht ihre eigenen Entscheidungen und unterstüzt dieses Arrangement mit ganzem Herzen."

    The judge also ordered TJ to consider visitation between the kids and Anthony and Debra. However, he told Debra that the final decision lies with the co-guardians.
    "You have a right to be heard as relatives, and I'm going to be mindful of what I heard," the judge said. "There have been lots of conflicts within the family, and the duties of the guardians consist of navigating through these conflicts and helping the children maintain important relationships."
    Das Gericht sagte, das TJ Besuch von Anthony und Debra zu den KIndern in Erwägung ziehen soll. Aber er sagte Debra, dass die endgültige Entscheidung bei den beiden Co-Vormunden liegt. . "Sie haben ein Recht als Verwandte gehört zu werden und ich werde gedankenfoll mit dem umgehen was ich hörte", sagte der Richter. "Es gibt eine Menge Konflikte in der Familie und die Plfichten des Vormundes sind es durch die Konflikte zu navigieren und den Kindern zu ermöglichen bedeutende Beziehungen zu erhalten."

    Only TJ and the attorneys were present for the hearing. Beckloff had previously excused Katherine and the children from having to appear.
    Nur TJ und die Anwälte waren anwesend in der Anhörung. Beckloff hatte zuvor Kathrine und die Kinder von dem Erscheinen entschuldigt.

    Also not present in court was a woman named Billie Jean Jackson, who claims she is the biological mother of Blanket. Judge Beckloff said she filed a petition requesting guardianship of Blanket and that he scheduled a hearing for the end of September.TJ's attorney, Charles Shultz, argued that the judge had already found Billie Jean has no biological relationship to Blanket, but Beckloff said he will have to hear her arguments one more time.

    Auch nicht präsent bei Gericht war eine Frau mit Namen Billie Jean *****sn, die behauptet die biolog. Mutter von Blanket zu sein. Es gibt eine Anhörung des Antrages Ende September. Das Gericht hat bereits ermittelt, dass es keine biolog. Beziehung zu Blanket gibt, aber Beckloff sagte er muss die Argumente noch einmal anhören


    ..:hm..dabei war Billie Jean nie Michaels lover..:grübel..


  • Gute Entscheidung vom Richter....ich mag TJ...(er hatte (hat:?) die meiste Ähnlichkeit mit Michael....so empfunden zur History Tour)......:top

    Debra Jackson....who is it.....unglaublich dieser Clan und all die anderen im Tross......in den USA gibt es genug Milliardäre, schmeißt euch an die ran und lasst die Kids und damit auch Michael einfach und endlich in Ruhe.......wird aber wohl leider nie passieren...:sad.....unfassbar das Ganze

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    Some people like to eat well and take.
    I guess, I like to sleep well!

    Michael Jackson[/CENTER]

  • ^ Die sollen überhaupt niemanden ausnehmen, sondern sollen sich selber mal krumm machen. Michael hat es ihnen doch vorgemacht, er wurde schließlich auch nicht mit einem goldenen Löffel im Mund geboren. Aber er hat sich ein Leben lang seinen zierlichen Knackarsch aufgerissen und hat sein eigenes Geld verdient, an dem sich die Sippe lange genug bereichert hat. Jetzt sollte langsam mal schluss sein. Sucht Euch Arbeit, ihr Vollpfosten! Anstatt sie ihre Energie in Arbeit stecken, hecken sie einen Plan nach dem anderen aus, wie sie an Michaels Geld kommen... Dass die sich aber auch für nix zu blöd sind... :never

  • ..:schwitz..thread gesucht und gefunden...

    ...noch was aus der Dr. Metzger-Aussage zum Thema letztjähriges Sommertheater...

    "Janet and Randy asked me to evaluate her health," Dr. Metzger said. "I've previously taken care of Janet many years ago."
    "Janet und Randy fragten mich nach ihre Gesundheit zu schauen" sagte Dr.Metzger. "Ich habe vorab viele Jahre nach Janets Gesundheit geschaut."
    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts 16h

    Dr. Metzger: I advised her to fly to Arizona for a concert. I do not know where she was in Arizona, I did not advise her to go to a spa.
    Dr. Metzger: "Ich riet ihr zu einem Konzert in Arizona zu fliegen. Ich weiß nicht wo sie in Arizona war. Ich riet ihr nicht in ein Spa zu gehen.
    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts 16h

    He gave Mrs. Jackson advice about traveling because of her health.
    Er gab Mrs. Jackson Rat zum Reisen wegen ihrer Gesundheit.
    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts 16h

    Dr. Metzger met Katherine Jackson many years ago, he said. He provided some medical care to her last Summer.
    Dr.Metzger traf K. Jackson vor vielen Jahren. Er bot ihr medizn. Fürsorge im letzten Sommer
    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts 16h

  • ..egal wie oder warum Katherine damals "verschwunden" is...hab das auch schonmal irgendwo gelesen mit dem Konzert..:grübel...is immer noch die Frage..WARUM ohne den kids bescheid zu geben und die einfach hängen zu lassen..:never

    ..okeee...er war scheints auch der vertraute Arzt von Janet...das passt wieder in die Geschichte..