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    Gestern habe ich die "fleißige" Fee am Denkmal erwischt, wie sie die von ihr noch nicht eingenommene Seite geputzt hat. Es ist schon das erste Mal, dass ich sie selber mit dem Besen in der Hand erlebt habe. Auf Grund ihrer Anwesenheit verkniff ich es mir, mein sicheres Auto zu verlassen.

    Eigentlich wollte ich ein selber gemachtes "Beweisfoto" einstellen, nur weiß ich leider nicht wie das geht :sad

    @ABC7Courts: TJ broke down when Boyle asked him about his relationship with MJ. He bowed his head for a few minutes and cried.

    @ABC7Courts: "He was just everything," a very emotional TJ responded.

    @ABC7Courts: TJ: "My mother was murdered a month after I turned 16. My world crumbled and my uncle Michael saved it"

    @ABC7Courts: "He was just, he was there. He kept me inspired, he kept me ambitious, he was just there for me," TJ explained about Michael Jackson.

    @ABC7Courts: He said he was raised by his brothers, father and when he needed advice he'd turn to his uncle Michael.

    @ABC7Courts: TJ said MJ wanted him to go to college. He applied at LMU, UCLA and University of Pennsylvania. He wanted to study Business.

    @ABC7Courts: "I got into all three," TJ said. They are all considered the top Business schools in the country.

    (fans crying in the overflow room)

    @ABC7Courts: TJ said MJ wanted him to go, and he regrets turning it down. "He wanted me to go, he just though it was going to be good for me."

    @ABC7Courts: "I think he wanted us to earn things in our own," TJ explained, saying MJ would not use his power to benefit the group.

    @ABC7Courts: Boyle showed video of 3T and clip of MJ's song "Why."

    Boyle: Did you consider your uncle your mentor?
    TJ: Definitely

    @ABC7Courts: "He's always wanted to be a parent," TJ said about Michael Jackson.

    @ABC7Courts: "Eventually he did have his kids, and they were everything to him, the joy of his life," TJ testified.

    @ABC7Courts: TJ said he never knew how famous his uncle was until he was already grown-up.

    @ABC7Courts: TJ: He was very humble, extremely humble, checking on us, talking about school, amazing to see contradiction outside, people cherishing him

    @ABC7Courts: "He's always given couple of hundred of dollars to myself, my brothers and pretty much whomever was around," TJ said.

    @ABC7Courts: "He would drive around to areas with poor people and would give hundred dollar bills to people to make their lives a little better," TJ said

    @ABC7Courts: As to MJ's charities, TJ said he knows about "Heal the World." He said MJ visited hospital around the world, worked with "Make a Wish".

    @ABC7Courts: "He was very giving of his time, everything that help put a smile on children's face," TJ explained.

    @ABC7Courts: "My grandmother is the queen," TJ testified. "She's the CEO and I help her with the day to day stuff (of co-guardianship) as much as I can."

    @ABC7Courts: TJ said he does a lot of the doctor's appointments, school stuff, extra curriculum activity, deals with security for children.

    @ABC7Courts: "Because of who they are, it demands a lot of time and energy," TJ explained saying it's not the kids fault but their high profile status

    @ABC7Courts: TJ: I don't think I would be able to live properly my life if I didn't try to help my cousins to be who my uncle wanted them to be

    @ABC7Courts: "I can't really see myself far away from them until I make sure they are adults and are what they are supposed to be" TJ said about the kids

    @ABC7Courts: "Prince is an amazing person, very strong, very smart," TJ testified; he was always devouring books, very poised and ambitious, very loving.

    @ABC7Courts: "Paris has a heart of gold as well," TJ said.

    @ABC7Courts: TJ on Paris: I think the loss of my uncle has hit her in a different spot. She's having a difficult time, but we're giving her love/support

    @ABC7Courts: TJ on Paris: It's tough. She was daddy's girl. My uncle was her world, he gave her more love for it to be taken away it's been very hard

    @ABC7Courts: "For all of them, but for her more being the princess," TJ said about Paris.

    @ABC7Courts: "Prince was my uncle's little assistant," TJ said. He is very mature.

    @ABC7Courts: "I think my uncle knew he would have to be very sharp," TJ said. "Prince had always been mature beyond his years."

    @ABC7Courts: Blanket was always wrapped around behind MJ's leg, TJ said. "Wherever my uncle was, Blanket was just steps away.

    @ABC7Courts: "My uncle wad everything for Blanket," TJ said. Blanket was either 7-8 when MJ died.

    @ABC7Courts: TJ said he lived a couple of blocks away from Hayvenhurst, would go out there to grandma's house quite often.

    @ABC7Courts: "My uncle just cherished my grandmother, named everything after her, from mountain to next house," TJ testified. "My grandma is the queen."

    @ABC7Courts: "I think my grandmother was everything to my uncle," TJ testified.

    @ABC7Courts: TJ on grandma Katherine: It's hard, very hard, it's tough for me as her grandson, don't know what to say or do. I try to help with the kids

    @ABC7Courts: "Our children is supposed to outlive us, so it's been very difficult on my grandmother," TJ said.

    @ABC7Courts: "The kids just liked Kai, they asked for Kai, and I asked my grandmother and she was okay with it," TJ said.

    @ABC7Courts: Boyle asked if Chase was hired back in an effort to influence her testimony in this case. "Not a chance, it's silly," TJ said.

    @ABC7Courts: "It's impossible, I did a lot of the legwork to get Kai back," TJ testified.

    TJ first heard of Dr. Murray after MJ passed.

    (Facebook) Team Michael in Court:

    (Prince) Michael Jacksons testimony June 26th #Jackson V AEG (sorry for spelling mistakes, no time to check, have lots of friends waiting for me for lunch)

    TJ, Mrs Jackson are in the court room with Prince, numerous security are in the hallway. Three bailiffs inside the court room by the door, others sheriffs outside the door.

    Michael Joseph Jackson Jr was just sworn in. Originally was named Prince, bc it runs in the family, then changed to MJJ Jr

    Have you ever testified in court before? No sir. Are you nervous? Yes sir. Don’t be nervous you are amongst fam/frnds

    Princes states his siblings full names, and date of births, attends Buckley school in Sherman oaks just finished 3rd year there

    In soft more, shows exhibit of image of KJ. Prince and Paris on first day of school. Is currently honors of National ? Society

    Outs side of school does martial arts, in school works on making jewelry, robotics competes them in national competition

    (What A well mannered sweet gentle little man ;’-( )

    Learning is important bc that’s something Dad taught me, wants to go college to do business, when was young Dad used to teach me
    To make movies. My Dad gave me A necklace that had cameras in it, says its important to have the right shot.
    Enjoys community work such as the children’s hospital, “literally healing” for children who need books, Says father taught him
    To give back to the community and help as much as we can, got all his desires from his father, says lived in Neverland property owned by father,
    Stayed A lot in DisneyLand in Paris. Remembers living in santa Barabra till 6yrs old, until police went into out house and ruined it

    For my dad. Show image of MJ at piano, says I was trying to play, Prince looks 2yrs old. Says loves music but does not have talent like dad

    Shows image of Prince with Paris laying beside him as A newborn baby, shows image of three at birthday party, at NL

    Has water gun, anth pic of Prince, Panish says you always looked dressed up, Prince says dad wanted us to look nice so..
    Someday when we have children we can show our children, shows pic of Paris, then Paris with tiara white dress, walking on wall

    Shows more pics of MJ, PPB, says dad built the house for us, NL it was very home place, from chef to housekeepers were like fam to us

    Says my dad loved making videos, shows vid of Prince Paris on vehicles inside the house at NeverLand

    Shows vid of PP singing with Michael, Prince says he picked the videos and pics to show here today.
    Vie plays “This ones for all the children” ;,,-(( (

    After lived at Neverland traveled for A bit, Baharin, Dubai, remember staying in Vegas, father had lots of business he was doing
    In Ireland music always bought us with him, loved going with his dad, would be PPB with either nanny or teacher
    Nanny changed from time to time, Grace was one, education and learning was always important to father,
    Talked A lot about religion/ cultures, had normal education always, taught us to think for ourselves.
    If anything happened to us father taught us to learn from it to use it as A learning experience. Watched movies with father together

    First would watch movie without sound, father would teach how wide shots, close shots worked, then would watch it with sound
    Father would tell us how that could break make A movie, shows vid, Michael interviewing PPB
    Asking them their age, whats 25 December mean, love/family, MJ Asks Blanket what you going to do, break the world when you get old
    “Paris I want you say tell me what you want to do, search you heart, search you heart? Help children”

    “whats Prince going to be, I want to make Movies”
    Panish ask who tied your tie, says dad taught me to tie it, video was taken Christmas of 07/08, Prince says he was 9,

    Did you learn from your father anything about work? I learned all my work ethics from my dad, dad could never site around and do nothing
    I am the same, would you describe you dad as lazy? No not at all,
    Me and my sister found out about A concert on video once, we say girls crying and being carried out on stretchers

    Shows PPB with mask, when we were little masks were normal, now I get followed all the time, now I understand why he did it

    Grace worked on production company, then lived with us 12 years, shows pic of Grace, MJ and Prince, Grace has on denim jacket
    Prince has on mask, shows pic of Grace holding Prince/Paris hands, denim jacket on, show pic of Grace Blanket and Paris
    Dad did not let us go out with anything, but let us go out with Grace, Have you seen vid where as Paris said something bad about Grace

    Yes, Why did she say that? We were having A hard time with losing out father, but my sister is with Grace now
    Grace was fired, when she came back my brother/sister and I were very happy to see her, 06/07 traveled A lot

    But cant remember when, where, asked why moved to Vegas, dad wanted to buy A house for us, we saw A house
    The Bahraini family had began to build but didn’t finish it, dad wanted to buy it. Says Tohme was involved in that
    Says we had A dog but Dad was terrified of dogs, asked if MJ make A song for you, says yes, plays song “You are my life”
    Whilst song plays numerous videos of Prince, Paris and Blanket with MJ are played, Prince says he was very happy then

    Then there came A time when I heard father was going to go on tour at 02, lived at Bel Air, then moved to house in CarolWood

    Moved before Christmas, but don’t temember number of house, met Tohme, Randy Phillips, knows nothing bout business
    Except what father told him, MJ wasn’t happy, did you father tell you anth about Phillips? Yes, OBJECTIONS

    Who lived with you, housekeepers, nannies, was 12yrs old, Dad was very excited about the tour, it would be last time
    We would see him perform, saw MJ perform once but cant remember, dad used to rehearse for shows

    But was tired when he came home wish he had more time, heard dad get upset on the phone mostly was with Randy Phillips

    Dad would cry after the call, saying they are going to kill me, they going to kill me, OBJECTION

    HE SAID AEG, RANDY PHILLIPS, FR TOHME ARE GOING TO KILL ME, saw Phillips at the house couple of times, dad was not A fighter
    Was like my grandma, always too kind, when we were in Beverly Hills hotel dad yelled at Tohme and cussed at him
    Me and my sister didn’t like being around him, my dad was always calm person but became upset when on the phone with Tohme
    At Bel Air hotel was last time my dad spoke to Tohme, knows Conrad Murray first met him in Vegas came over

    Multiple times to treat my us for colds, never stayed overnight, my dad was always there, when first living at CarolWood
    Nurse Lee would come, not Murray, later Murray was around more, would come everyday except Sunday.
    He would spend the night at our home, saw him give my dad IV injections, thought it was vitamins, first was in library,

    Then moved to the 2nd bedroom upstairs. Shows plan of upstairs of Carolwood, says Dad always wrote notes to himself
    Sometime would be song lyrics, or comments fro Ghandi, Martin Luther King, show pic of notes, says sometimes wrote on the mirror

    This is something dad did throughout his life. Back to diagram of house, shows bedroom 3 as Prince room, Blanket had
    His own room but would sleep with Prince at times, Paris had her own room, got blanket got his name by hearing

    Someone address “Big blanket” as blessings, so dad called him blanket as A blessing. Says dads door was locked at CW
    Understood dad locked the room so dad could do skype bc he was doing meditation with someone in India
    Says saw IV, oxygen tanks in security booth, also saw them right in front of the house, was not concerned seeing Murray
    At the house, thought he was there to keep dad healthy, Dad used to give me few hundreds dollars to give Murray bc AEG didn’t pay him

    My dad would tell me to give it to him to help him, couple hundred, stack of dollars sometimes didn’t know how much

    Was surprised to see Randy Phillips at the house because dad was not at the house, once he came with Tohme

    Saw Phillips talking to Murray when dad was not there, looks very aggressive to me, dad was at rehearsals,

    It was night time, he was grabbing Murray by the elbow and pointing his hands around, I AM SURE IT WAS NIGHT B4 DAD DIED
    Cant remember seeing Phillips other times, Prince says he contacted his dad that night Phillips was there,
    Prince asked them if they would like anything to eat, and bought them out chips and salsa, then Phillips was grabbing

    Murrays arm again talking to him at the bottom of the stairs, WAS SURPRISED TOHME WAS AT THE HOUSE WITH PHILLIPS

    Hadn’t seen Tohme for A while, felt dad was healthy at the time, but seeing pics of him now he seemed mal nourished
    Some days dad would come downstairs and say he was freezing cold, it was summer, some days he was hot,
    Last convo with dad was on the phone when I told him Randy Phillips was in the house,

    Learned something was wrong when was downstairs until there was yelling, I bolted out the room, kai told me
    Dr Murray wanted me upstairs, then Alvarez came in, MY DAD WAS HANGING HALF OFF THE BED, HIS EYES WERE ROLLED TO BACK OF HIS HEAD

    THEN My sister came upstairs, she was screaming the whole time saying she wants her daddy, (sorry missed ,,,,,,,,,)

    Remembers going to memorial, shows pic of PPB on stage, says sister just took the mic and spoke, wasn’t planned
    “ever since I was born daddy had been the best father you could imagine, just want to say I love him so much”

    Shows pic of PPB in Indiana at A match. Anth pic of Prince at children’s hospital with dark glasses on, shows image of KJ PPB
    But Prince cant remember where its from, its actually from Chinese theatre

    Shows pic of Prince and children, says I wore the same suit my dad wore when he went to that same charity years ago

    Shows image of Prince during “Cast&Crew” interview on E Online. Says I told my aunt I wanted to do something she bought this to me

    Shows pic of Paris, cant remember where taken, says actually it was something to do with Cirque du Soleil

    Says TJ and grandma are present guardians, are doing A great job, but will never be the same
    Effected by fathers loss, cant sleep at night, became emotionally distanced from people,
    Wanted to share so much with dad, driving, new girlfriends, excellence in school,
    Says he tries to make father proud of him, Paris, out of all of us its hurt her the hardest, she was my dad Princess,
    She defiantly dealt with it the wrong way, shes going through hard times now, my cousin TJ is helping her, we don’t celebrate birthdays, its not the same without him,

    Blanket has birthday parties we like that, right now Blanket doesn’t realized whats he has lost ,he is still growing up, he doesn’t
    Have my dad to guide him, we are doing the best we can, miss our father A lot, not A day we don’t


    Im just going to ask you couple questions; you talked about your dad paying Conrad Murray? I saw my dad offer him money but Murray wouldn’t take it.

    I want to show you your depositions…… but AEG only want to play few lines, but Plaintiff want more lies played for completeness

    AEG says we don’t have that part, can we play that first, Judge says well it doesn’t take that long, so AEG attorneys prepare it, but object, are we going to do this all the time, Judge replies lets take it one at A time!!!

    depo played follows:-

    “did you see how he payed CM? I saw him couple time. Was it cash at CW? He never took cash, my dad would give us the cash then Dr Murray would only take A portion of it”

    Back to live court,
    did your dad pay CM in Vegas? Yes my dad paid him in cash until the contract.
    So it was just in Vegas? Yes
    I asked you another time bout paying cm cash in Vegas or LA. You told me in Vegas he would also give him cash? I cant remember word per word, but only remember my dad paying him in Vegas

    Did you dad pay him in checks? I don’t think so, I didn’t see that

    All the time Cm treated you in Vegas it was cash? From what I remember yes
    Did you father ever pay CM in cash in LA? Not directly, he always had us give it to him, dad would give us couple hundred but CM would only take portion of it

    Why did you dad give it to you, his son as apposed to giving it himself? From what he said that I don’t think CM would take money from my dad bc he felt bad
    Was it in envelops? No cash

    Was it hundred dollars bills? Yes
    Was it in A clip? Sometimes it was in band
    Rolled up? No flat with rubber band over it
    He would ask you to give to Dr Murray? Me or my sisters
    So he would give you stacks of money for Murray? I wouldn’t call it stacks
    How many times? Couple

    In your depo you said ten times? Yes but it only took portion of it couple times
    So did this began in Vegas? Yes
    You left Vegas prior to Christmas 08? I believe so
    When you were in CW house Christmas till your dads passing? Yes
    You know Kai Chase? Yes chef
    She was there then not there? Yes
    Did you have chef in between? I think we did
    Was A man? Yes it was
    So Kai worked there, then this man, then Kai came back? The man got fired to left, then Kai came back, was month before Kai came back
    Did she go upstairs? No
    Did that man chef go upstairs? No
    Nurse Lee gave your dad IVs? Yes
    On first floor? Yes
    First room to left when you walk in? yes
    Did she go upstairs? No
    You mentioned sister Rose? Yes nanny
    She came when Grace was let go by your day? Yes
    Did she go upstairs? No
    Is it true no boys allowed upstairs? No
    Did security allowed upstairs? They never came in the house
    Was Dr Murray allowed upstairs? Yes
    Shows exhibit plan of house, second floor,
    Is that to left your dads bedroom, master? Yes
    Right up above 2nd bedroom, is that where Cm treated your dad? Yes
    This bedroom had lock on it? Yes
    When it was first locked was it when Cm was treating your dad? No, it was when Dad was mediating
    Do you remember saying something different at your depot? I cant remember

    Shows depo, the following was played
    “I believe so,
    How did you know second bed had lock? When we were playing hide and seek but the door was locked”

    Back to live court,

    Prince says that was A different time. He would lock it for meditations, then would lock it for medication, then it was open, then locked when Cm was treating him
    Is is true your father usually locked that door with CM was there with? I didn’t really check,

    Did time ever come when you tried to get into that room with your dad? No
    Did your sister or brother try to get in there? I don’t know
    What it always locked? I don’t know I only tried it once
    You say Phillips was there with another person, you said it was Murray, then you said it was tohme. You knew Tohme for few years? Yes to all
    You saw CM in Vegas? Yes

    This encounter you saw you don’t know what date it was? Im not sure I think it was night before or two nights before

    Do you have any understanding that there was testimony here that Phillips was with your dad at staple center? No
    25th was bad morning, you didn’t see your dad? No
    Do you remember telling us at your depo, when you saw this interactions with Phillips, you talked to your dad next morning? I don’t remember saying that

    Plays depo …… with the following testimony

    “did you ever tell anyone RP was there with CM? My dad,
    As I told Brian that was one of the occasions prior to his passing.
    So this couldn’t have occurred on 24th? No this happened two occasions
    What happened? RP was talking to CM
    You not sure the first time it happened? No
    And you don’t remember the second time it happened? Yes I do, it was last night
    How would people get into your home? When AEG people came they were let in by security

    Did you hear Putnam say your depo was two hours? No
    I like to apologize I didn’t know I had to wear A suit that day, laughter in court

    So you remember Saturday your depo started 10.36 am and you took 15 minute break at 11.28 to 11.44, then at 12.23. till 1.04 you were there till 2.24
    Second day you began at 2pm, during school it finished at 5.12

    How many pages of questioning did mr Putnam do, ? 323
    Did they take your sister in? i told TJ they couldn’t take her
    Did she have problems? Yes she had emotional problems
    Do you know who questioned your sister? Mr Putnam,

    Where did you sister have to give her depo? It was supposed to be at Putnams office but TJ petitioned for it to be done here in court
    I want to show you depo where Mr. Putnam left off, Putanm wants to see it first
    Putnam says sure

    When Phillips was grabbing the arms of that person do you know who it was? Yes it was Murray, not Tohme, they look completely different

    When you were trying to answer Putnams question, did he cut you off? Yes
    Why did your father give you money to pay CM? because my dad was helping him get by till he got his pay check from AEG

    Depo plays
    “so your dad gve you money for murray? Yes
    Did he pay him with check? I cont know
    Did he give you money to give to CM in Vegas? No
    Why was he doing it in CW? Something was going on with Murray my dad was trying to help him”
    Back to live court
    Did Mr Putnam cut off at your depos too? Yes
    Did you see Lee give IV to anyone else in your fam? No
    What was it for? So he could ??? whilst he was going though something in his life

    You came to my office for your depo? Yes
    You came with bunch of security? Just one
    You came with your grandma, TJ? Yes
    Do you remember we offered you Saturday? Cant remember
    You were bought upstairs? Yes
    Remember there was A big spread laid out? Yes
    Do you remember you grandma thanking us? No
    You depos took 2 hrs? im not sure
    Remember you ended because you were tired? Yes
    We told you you can come back anytime you wanted? No, I remember we wanted to leave but it continued
    The location was chosen by you counsel?

    I will change..

    Your sisters depo took place here because you requested it? Yes,
    That ended bc your sister was tired? Im not sure
    Then that continued at our office? Im not sure

    Do you have an understanding that depo was in good manner? I don’t know

    Did Putnam have A huge office? Yes
    Was he mean to you? What do you mean, he was acting like A defense lawyer, it was not somewhere I wanted to be
    Putnam was not mean to you? I don’t know what that means, im not used to that word


    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Michael Jackson's eldest son testified Wednesday that his father was excited about going back on tour before his death but wasn't happy about the terms of the ill-fated shows.

    Prince Jackson told jurors his father wanted more time to rehearse and had several tense phone conversations with promoters of his "This Is It" shows that sometimes ended with his father in tears.

    The 16-year-old said his father remarked after one of the conversations, "'They're going to kill me.'" He did not elaborate.

    The testimony came in a lawsuit claiming AEG negligently hired Conrad Murray, the doctor who was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving Jackson an overdose of the anesthetic propofol.

    AEG denies it hired the physician or bears any responsibility for the entertainer's death.

    Prince testified that he saw AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips at the family's rented mansion in a heated conversation with Murray in the days before his father died. The teenager said he saw Phillips grabbing Murray's elbow.

    Phillips "looked aggressive to me," Prince testified.

    Michael Jackson wasn't at home at the time and was probably at rehearsals, Prince said.

    For the first time, the teenage publicly provided details about the day his father died. Prince testified that he saw Murray performing CPR on his father, who was hanging halfway off a bed. It appeared his dad's eyes were rolled up in the back of his head, Prince told jurors.

    Prince's eyes appeared red as he recalled being told by Murray at a hospital that his father was dead.

    The testimony began with the teenager showing jurors roughly 15 minutes of private family photos and home videos.

    He described growing up on Neverland Ranch and showed the panel videos of the property's petting zoos and other amenities. After his father's acquittal of child molestation charges, Prince described living in the Middle East, Ireland and Las Vegas.

    He told the jury that his father was always working, but his children had no idea he was a global superstar.

    "We always listened to his music, but we never knew how famous he was," Prince said.

    He said he and his sister Paris watched a video of one of their father's performances and got a sense of his fame when overwhelmed fans were carried from his shows on stretchers.

    Prince is the first Jackson family member to testify during the trial, now in its ninth week. Attorneys have said TJ Jackson, who serves a co-guardian to Prince and his siblings, and Taj Jackson, are also expected to take the witness stand. They are the sons of Tito Jackson.

    Prince Jackson, his sister Paris and brother Blanket are plaintiffs in the case against AEG, which their grandmother and primary caretaker filed in August 2010.

    In court, Prince wore a black suit with a dark grey tie with his long brown hair tucked behind his ears. He spoke softly as he began testifying, and the first exhibit shown to jurors was a photo taken with their grandmother on his and Paris' first day of school.

    He described his school life, including taking a summer course in U.S. history, participating on the school's robotics team and volunteer work.

    Another image shown to jurors was Michael Jackson playing piano with his son while Prince was still an infant or toddler.

    Plaintiffs' attorney Brian Panish asked Prince whether he was interested in pursuing a career in music.

    "I can never play an instrument and I definitely cannot sing," Prince said to laughter from the jury.

    He said he wanted to study film or business when he goes to college.
    Prince said he helped attorneys pick out the videos and photos shown in court.
    Michael Jackson sheltered his children from the public eye while he was alive, often obscuring their faces while out in public. The children have been more public in recent years, appearing at a star-studded memorial service and other events honoring their father.

    Paris, 15, had also been expected to testify during the case but was hospitalized last month and her status as a witness remained unclear. Attorneys for AEG played a snippet of her videotaped deposition last week, and more of her testimony may be played for the jury later in the trial.

    Blanket, 11, is not expected to testify.

    The jury of six men and six women has learned numerous details about Jackson's role as a father during the case. They've heard about a secret trip to a movie weeks before Michael Jackson's death, a private circus he hired for Paris' 11th birthday, and Blanket's interest in his father's dance rehearsals.

    The trial is expected to last several more weeks.

    Anthony McCartney can be reached at

    I sags gleich - i bin a Bayern Fan :top

    und bestimmt kein Fan dieser Selbstdarstellerin. :kotz

    Zu gerne würde ich Mäuslein spielen und beobachten, wie SIE heute Nacht IHR Denkmal bewacht. ;D Aber vermutlich wird SIE schön brav in IHREM warmen Bettchen liegen, sich eins :kicher und IHRE Follower an die Front schicken. :negativ

    Am Wochenende kann ich nach München, da bin ich gespannt, was ablaufen wird und wie SIE sich wieder mal selbst inszenieren wird. :spinnen

    Ich kann blos immer net nachvollziehen, warum man dieses wunderschön gepflegte Denkmal immer wieder zerstören muss. :heulsuse

    Was haltet ihr davon??

    05 Juni 2013, 12:46

    Paris Jackson kommt zu "Wetten, Dass..?": Über diese Nachricht hatten sich bereits viele gefreut. Doch die Tochter des berühmten King of Pop Michael Jackson hat ihren Besuch offenbar abgesagt. Stattdessen soll ihr Bruder Prince Michael bei der Sommerausgabe am Samstag auf die Couch zu Markus Lanz. Was ist passiert?

    Noch vor wenigen Tagen hieß es doch, Paris Jackson (15) werde bei "Wetten, Dass..?" auftreten. Nun erscheint auf der offiziellen Homepage der Show jedoch nicht mehr ihr Gesicht in der Bilderserie von Stars, die in der großen Show auf Palma dabei sein werden, sondern das ihres Bruder Prince Michael (16). Genaue Gründe für das Gästechaos gibt es nicht. "Bild" spekuliert jedoch, Paris Jackson müsse die Schulbank drücken und könne deshalb nicht kommen.

    Damit wird nicht das Mädchen mit den strahlenden Augen, sondern ihr Bruder Prince Michael in die Fußstapfen seines berühmten Vaters Michael Jackson treten. Dieser war im März 1999 zu Gast bei "Wetten, Dass..?", damals allerdings noch unter der Moderation von Thomas Gottschalk (63). In der Sommer-Show am 8. Juni wird Markus Lanz (44) den jungen Amerikaner Prince Michael in Empfang nehmen und sicherlich auch die eine oder andere Frage über den King of Pop stellen.

    Immerhin die anderen vorab angekündigten Gäste werden bei "Wetten, Dass..?" am Samstag dabei sein. So werden unter anderem die dralle Blondine Pamela Anderson (45), der Schauspieler Gerard Butler (43) sowie TV-Wunderwaffe Stefan Raab (46) bei Markus Lanz sitzen.

    Ganz ehrlich, ich bin NICHT der Ansicht, dass, falls das stimmen sollte, Paris einfach durch Prince ausgetauscht werden soll. Ich verstehe hier das ZDF
    in keinster Weise. Geht´s hier wirklich immer nur ums "liebe" Geld??
    Für mich gehören Michael´s Kinder noch lange nicht in die Medien.

    Katherine Jackson: I'm Fine and NOT Missing

    Katherine Jackson has spoken to police, and she is not in danger ... TMZ has learned.
    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ police were able to make contact with Katherine today ... and she informed them "she is fine and with a family member."
    Another source tells us she is Arizona. The LA County Sheriff's Department has been investigating Katherine's whereabouts since she was reported missing late Saturday night. We're told the Sheriff's Dept. is still speaking to Jackson family members to find out exactly why Katherine's nephew filed the missing person report in the first place.…on-report-arizona-police/

    Via Twitter: Jermaine Jackson

    Let me put to bed today's nonsense: as I made clear some days ago, Mother is safe and well in Arizona with her daughter and our sister, Rebbie, resting up on doctor's advice, so it is beyond me how she can be reported "missing"

    This incredulous claim was made for reasons best known to the adult/s who filed it but it seems no accident that it comes after we, the sons and daughters, put in place care-taking for our own mother, taking her to Arizona in line with doctor's advice following a check-up.

    Furthermore, it dismays me that such an alarmist "missing person" report has caused unnecessary anxiety among Michael's children who will understandably react to what they misunderstand, hear or are told.

    No-one is being "blocked" from speaking with Mother. She is merely an 82-year-old woman following doctor's orders to rest-up and de-stress, away from phones and computers. Everyone has been well aware of this within the family, but I would like to reiterate my reassurance to the outside world that Mother is fine. In the meantime, thank you for all your thoughts and concerns.

    Vielleicht haben die beiden deswegen gestritten

    Janet Jackson von Schauspielplänen ihrer Nichte Paris nicht begeistert

    14-Jährige Paris übernimmt Rolle in der Kinoproduktion "Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys"

    New York (dapd). Janet Jackson (46), US-Sängerin, ist von den Schauspielplänen ihrer Nichte Paris (14) nicht begeistert. Die 14-jährige Tochter des verstorbenen "King of Pop", Michael Jackson, habe eine Rolle in der Kinoproduktion "Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys" angenommen, berichtete die Onlineausgabe der US-Zeitschrift "Us Weekly".

    "Janet ist der Meinung, es sei gegen Michaels Willen, seine Kinder bis zu ihrem 18. Lebensjahr vom Rampenlicht fernzuhalten", verriet ein Insider der Zeitschrift. "Sie sagte Paris, dass sie nur eine Kindheit habe." Die 46-Jährige kann ihrer Nichte jedoch nur als Ratgeberin zur Seite stehen. Das Sorgerecht für die drei Kinder ihres Bruders ist nach seinem Tod auf ihre Mutter Katherine Jackson übergegangen.…ris-nicht-begeistert.html