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    Michael Jackson's video for the song "Come Together" has now surpassed 15.000.000 views on YouTube


    The legendary #KingOfPop #MichaelJackson is currently on The Billboard 200 Charts, The Billboard Vinyl charts,

    The top 100 most streamed artists charts, the, OFFICIAL UK charts, Top 500 Artists Of Google Play Charts, & Rolling Stones Charts as of 8/10/19


    "Can't Let Her Get Away", "Keep The Faith", & "She Drives Me Wild" all surpassed 1M views on The Michael Jackson Vevo Channel.


    Michael Jackson's "Number Ones" album is weeks away on becoming 9X Platinum in the UK.


    :top Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall' album has surpassed 400 million streams on #Spotify.

    The future is HERE! A tech enthusiast in the UK recently rendered these robots dancing Michael’s iconic choreography from “Thriller.”

    Michael Jackson Thriller Render Robots blender 2.8

    Official Michael Jackson Calendar 2020 on pre-order at King of Shop

    August 7, 2019


    This is it! You can now pre-order your official Michael Jackson 2020 calendar at KING OF SHOP

    The Fan-run online store & Sponsor of KINGVENTION will donate £1 from each purchase to the Michael Jackson Convention which will take place in London on September 21.

    By purchasing your official merchandise at King of Shop, you will help the fan community to pursue more project such as events, books, special interviews, and so on!


    For more information and tickets to Kingvention, CLICK HERE

    If you wish to help the team to put one of the biggest MJ event ever put together, you can help by either purchasing a ticket and come to enjoy Michael or donate what you can HERE

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    MTV may cut Michael Jackson’s name from Vanguard Award at VMAs


    MTV is said to be thinking about removing the King of Pop’s name from the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award given out at the the VMAs. Would that be the right call?

    The equivalent to a lifetime achievement honor, the first Vanguard Awards were handed out in 1984 at the inaugural MTV Video Music Awards, to David Bowie, The Beatles and A Hard Day’s Night director Richard Lester. In 1991, three years after Jackson himself was bestowed with the award, it was renamed the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

    Most recently, in 2018, Jennifer Lopez became the first Latin artist to receive the award.

    But now, six months after the documentary Leaving Neverland resurfaced allegations against Jackson — two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, claim they were sexually abused as children by the singer — “There’s a lot of heated discussion at the network about how to handle the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award … and it’s getting ugly,” a source tells Page Six. “There’s talk about if they should change the name, or get rid of it altogether…. It’s a mess.”

    For this year’s VMAs, to be held Monday, Aug. 26, no recipient has been announced for award, which is not given out annually.

    fs_anon_471064_1457647114.png  hier kann man abstimmen fs_anon_471064_1457647114.png

    Should MTV remove Michael Jackson's name from the VMAs' Video Vanguard Award?

    Sollte MTV Michael Jacksons Namen aus dem Video Vanguard Award der VMA entfernen? …

    Thank you, we have already counted your vote.

    No 90.76% :thumbup: .......................... Yes 9.24%



    MTV könnte Michael Jacksons Namen vom Vanguard Award bei VMAs streichen

    July 29, 2019

    Seitdem HBO’s “Leaving Neverland” in unser öffentliches Bewusstsein geriet, sind die Auswirkungen in einer Vielzahl von Bereichen spürbar. Eine der Möglichkeiten, wie die Popkultur beeinflusst wird, besteht darin, MTV zu inspirieren, Michael Jacksons Namen bei den Video Vanguard Awards 2019 (VMAs) möglicherweise aus seinem Video Vanguard Award zu entfernen.

    Laut Seite Sechs hat der umstrittene Dokumentarfilm, der Anschuldigungen wegen sexuellen Missbrauchs gegen den verstorbenen Darsteller von Wade Robson und anderen enthielt, die Debatte darüber eröffnet, ob es angebracht ist, Jacksons Namen auf dem Preis zu belassen oder nicht.

    “Es gibt viele hitzige Diskussionen im Netzwerk darüber, wie man mit dem Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in diesem Jahr umgeht, und es wird hässlich”, teilte ein Insider mit und fügte hinzu: “Es wird darüber gesprochen, ob sie den Namen ändern oder ihn ganz loswerden sollen. Es wird auch darüber gesprochen, wer es präsentieren und wer es akzeptieren würde. Es ist ein Chaos.”

    Weiter sagte die Quelle: “MTV, der seinen Namen[potenziell]verbietet, ist der neueste Fall. Sie haben sich noch nicht entschieden, aber sie haben sich hin und her bewegt. Es gibt viele Probleme.”

    Wie Complex mitteilt, würdigt MTV mit der Auszeichnung seit 1984 “die Leistungen legendärer Künstler, Regisseure und Entertainer”. Jacksons Name ist jedoch seit 1991 mit der Ehre verbunden, da er sich für das Medium einsetzt.

    Zuvor erhielten Rihanna, Beyoncé und Britney Spears die Ehre. Diese besondere Auszeichnung unterscheidet sich von allen anderen dadurch, dass sie nicht jährlich vergeben wird, was MTV etwas Zeit gibt, um die am besten geeignete Vorgehensweise für die Zukunft zu bestimmen.…rd-award-entfernt-werden/

    Michael Jackson's music keeps blowing up. :thumbup::thumbup:Sales and streams keep raising and he's aming for 15,000,000 YouTube subscribers.


    Top 10 most American Music Awards Winners

    1. #MichaelJackson (24)
    2. #TaylorSwift (23)
    3. #Alabama (23)
    4. #WhitneyHouston (21)
    5. #KennyRogers (19)
    6. #GarthBrooks (17)
    7. #JustinBieber (15)
    8. #RebaMcentire (15)
    9. #LionelRichie (15)
    10. #Rihanna (13)


    Top 10 pop solo artists with the most #1 Hits.

    #MichaelJackson 13
    #Madonna 12
    #katyperry 9
    #JustinBieber 9
    #BrunoMars 8
    #Beyonce 6
    #BritneySpears 6
    #TaylorSwift 5
    #Edsheeran 4
    #ArianaGrande 1


    Top 8 pop artists with the most fans on @Deezer

    #Edsheeran 13,309,606
    #MichaelJackson 8,811,944
    #BrunoMars 7,544,259
    #ArianaGrande 7,344,260
    #JustinBieber 7,778,531
    #TaylorSwift 6,886,508
    #KatyPerry 6,706,041
    #ShawnMendes 4,301,722

    Sailors honors Michael Jackson <3

    July 30, 2019


    Do you remember the time when Michael Jackson dated Madonna and seen in public with a Sailors jacket?

    Well the brand is back in Japan and to honor the King of Pop, they have re-released the special jacket he wore with some extra in the back “MICHAEL”!

    That ultra collector is set for 98,000 yen (around £741.00).

    “SAILORS” is a fashion brand that was born in 1985 when Shizuka Miura made a trainer with Hori as the character.

    The brand will release a very limited edition of the jacket between August 9 to 18!

    As well as the jacket, few other items will be available:


    The jacket is not an official Michael Jackson product but it is a nice touch and again only available in Japan!

    The reproduction of the jacket is the one made especially for Michael by its owner:


    For more information and details to order, CLICK HERE

    Follow Sailors on TWITTER & Facebook

    Lionel Richie - WE ARE THE WORLD :heart - Radio City Music Hall, New York City - 7/18/19

    Lionel Richie performs We Are The World during his All The Hits Tour at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on July 18, 2019.

    Michael Jackson's "HiStory" album is certified Diamond in France.:top

    "Off The Wall " album is just 15,000 away from going 9X in the United States.

    :thumbup:The #KingOfPop has surpassed 11 million followers on #Spotify and has 22+ million monthly listeners.

    The #KingOfPop has more followers than Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and more on @Deezer

    Michael Jackson is currently #104 on "The Top 500 Most Streamed Artists By Rolling Stones. "Thriller, & "Billie Jean are the most streamed songs by Jackson.

    Michael Jackson's "Thriller" is certified 33X Platinum in the US. It is probably eligible for 34X Platinum by now but "The Michael Jackson Estate" has to ask the RIAA for an update on the sales.

    The #KingOfPop Studio Albums and others physical, downloads, streaming numbers Worldwide. NOTE: Last Update September, 2017. Still waiting for an update by @RIAA and the Michael Jackson Estate.