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    Paris Jackson veröffentlicht erste Single


    Paris Jackson: Tochter von Michael Jackson veröffentlicht ihre erste Single


    Los Angeles. Die Tochter des 2009 gestorbenen „King of Pop“ Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson (22), hat ihre erste Musik-Single herausgebracht.

    Der Song „Let Down“ und das dazugehörige Musikvideo sind am Freitag erschienen. Zuvor hatte Jackson bereits kurze Ausschnitte über Instagram veröffentlicht.

    In dem Video zu der Ballade ist sie mit langem weißen Kleid zu sehen. Sie sei „total aufgeregt, dass ihre erste Single als Solo-Künstlerin erscheine“, schrieb die Musikerin. Mitte November soll das dazugehörige Album herauskommen.

    Die 1998 als Tochter von Michael Jackson und seiner damaligen Frau Debbie Rowe geborene Paris Jackson hatte in den vergangenen Jahren als Model und Schauspielerin gearbeitet, sie war zudem Mitglied einer Musikband.…35YQSIKQB447ACEEKBQA.html

    Official full-length version of "Ghosts" by Michael Jackson ❤️🖤

    The full length version of Michael’s short film “Ghosts” has been made available for Halloween on Michael’s YouTube channel for the first time! The underlying message of this film – to be more accepting of others and not judge people based on their outward appearances - is also still a timely message for today.

    We won! 🤗 Wir haben gewonnen! 🤗

    Adrian Grant with Ian Oakley - Best Musical Director at the Black British Theatre Awards...........

    Adrian Grant

    Blown away and humbled to have won the Best Producer award for THRILLER LIVE at the Black British Theatre Awards, AND Best Musical Production - which, was unexpected having been nominated alongside Hamilton and Tina - truly an amazing honour!

    Also big shout out to Ian Oakley , MD on Respect: The Aretha Franklin Songbook, who won Best Musical Director. So it was a triple celebration!!!

    Thriller Live has broken West End records and toured around the world but this is the very first time we have won any awards.

    These accolades are for every single company member who has ever been involved in the show, my fellow producers Paul Walden and Derek Nicol, our Director & Choreographer Gary Lloyd, our Musical Director John Maher, Mark, Caroline, Sharon, Phil, Ginette, Kevin, Chris, Nigel, Rob, Jo, Rose, Aisling, Britt, Kerys, Yasmin, Debbie and everyone else of whom there are far too many talented and hard working individuals to mention.

    Michael Jackson was the most loving and caring human being, full of joy and laughter, alongside being an utter genius as a singer, dancer and songwriter - the world’s greatest entertainer, and that’s why I originally produced the show as a celebration of his amazing talent.

    But he was often ridiculed, misjudged and taken advantage of, something that is sadly still happening today more than ten years after he passed.

    I remember during one of our many conversations, Michael told me you need Rhinoceros skin to survive in this industry. Well these awards illuminate the beauty and resilience of Black skin!

    At the beginning I was told I couldn’t do this (produce a musical), but I was persistent, determined and I dared to follow my dreams.

    Thank you Michael for allowing everyone involved with Thriller Live to share your legacy and thank you to the Black British Theatre Awards for recognising our journey.

    And to every single Producer across the UK who is unable to put on financially viable shows right now due to covid restrictions, know this - we have entertained millions of people across the country, created thousands of jobs, and that time will come again.

    But until then we need the government to support our industry further - not just our great venues, but the self-employed individuals and freelancers who are the lifeblood of our arts and entertainment sectors. The performers, the crew and the creatives, many of whom are out of work right now or are looking for jobs far removed from the craft they have studied years to perfect. Our industry has been savaged like no other, and seriously needs help through this pandemic.

    Congratulations to Adrian Grant on winning Best Producer for Thriller Live <3 at the Black British Theatre Awards!:blumen

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    #BlackBritishTheatre #thebbtas #SaveTheArts

    #Halloween2020 Der Estate of #MichaelJackson wird vom 29. Oktober 2020 bis zum 1. November 2020 den Kurzfilm #Ghosts auf dem Michael Jackson Channel von YouTube zur Verfügung stellen:

    "Hello #MJFam:

    With the spooky season coming up soon, the MJ Estate has some exciting news for this year! The Estate is putting the full-length version of “Michael Jackson’s Ghosts” on the MJ YouTube channel for Halloween. The video will be available on Thursday, October 29, and remain up until Sunday, November.


    The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™"

    "Ghosts" ist ein Kurzfilm, das an die klassischen Horrorfilme wie Frankenstein oder Dracula angelehnt ist. Michael Jackson arbeitete für "Ghosts" mit dem für seine Horrorromane berühmten Schriftsteller Stephen King zusammen, der auch die Idee für diesen Film lieferte. Regie führte der Spezialeffektkünstler Stan Winston. Zuständig für die Make-Up-Effekte war der Oscarpreisträger Rick Baker (u. a. American Werewolf und Men in Black).…o-youtube-this-halloween/


    Cirque du Soleil going digital

    October 19, 2020 cirque-virtual.jpg

    With the pandemic, all Cirque du Soleil shows have been halted including Michael Jackson ONE in Las Vegas.

    Cirque also filed for bankruptcy protection last June and so far only one show has re-opened in China “X: The Land of Fantasy”.

    Now Cirque is looking at different way to entertain its fans until all shows resume.

    Started on October 14, Cirque created a new platform called “CirqueClass” where fans can explore the creative thinking of the creators and artists of the shows through in-depth intimate masterclasses with a wide range of subjects such as art, creation, inspiration, imagination, performance and so on.

    The series will be presented every 3 weeks. The upcoming episode will include costume designer for Rupaul, Zaldy Goco who designed the costumes for “THIS IS IT” and “Michael Jackson ONE”.


    Other content such “Cirque Up!” offering children a chance to learn the tricks of the trade starting October 25, and “Cirque Me Out”, a series of work-out classes that fans from around the world can join to train and exercise with real Cirque du Soleil artists starting October 15.

    “While our fans are eagerly waiting for us to get back on stage, we want to keep providing original, and exciting content for them, all in one place,” said Sebastien Ouimet, Director of global content and strategic partnerships at Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group.

    “Cirque du Soleil’s mission is to invoke the imagination, provoke the senses and evoke the emotions, and CirqueConnect’s programming embraces this in a genuine way as it aims to bring a bit of the extraordinary to the life of our fans all over the world.”

    Originally launched in March 2020, the CirqueConnect content hub provides a source of high-quality entertainment for fans to enjoy from the comfort of their homes. To date, it has attracted some 60 million views and offered more than 50 original programs.

    Its aims to offer fans of all ages “a new way to experience the unparalleled content” from its iconic vault, as well as a chance to view newly-produced series that go beyond the big top and the company’s various live entertainment creations.

    It is not clear yet if more content from “Michael Jackson ONE” will be included in the virtual Cirque du Soleil but you can get CirqueConnect HERE


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    Link in bio.

    I am excited to share with you something I have been working on over the quarantine. About ten years ago I began working with my grandmother to archive and learn about SOUL Newspaper, a music periodical she and my Grandfather started in the 60's. It was because of the Watts Rebellion that they saw a need to showcase black musicians, entertainers and artists to people across the country. It was one of the first music publications of its time to focus on Black musicians and as a paper, predated even Rolling Stone. It quickly became a nationally and internationally circulated paper, publishing around 370 issues between 1966 and 1982. It has been a goal of mine to create a site that these issues could be accessible to a new generation and old generation alike. We have attempted to work with institutions to make this possible but after much exhaustion and in the wake of recent events I took it upon myself to advance this into the digital age. I have created a site that will be updated weekly with more past issues of SOUL and SOUL Illustrated. The more interesting part to me is the search capabilities. This is something I will be constantly fine tuning but most musicians, writers and photographers in SOUL can be found using a simple search. There are currently 17 issues listed with more added every week. Covers can be purchased as prints, we also have pins, stickers and more merchandise to come.

    Check it out and check back for updates. #art #soul #love #music #archive #la #losangeles #funk #supremes #michaeljackson #jacksonfive #blackmusic #blacklivesmatter #vintage #beauty #family #quincy #photography #jazz #blues #repost #soulmusic #motown

    Ich freue mich, Ihnen etwas mitteilen zu können, an dem ich über die Quarantäne gearbeitet habe. Vor ungefähr zehn Jahren begann ich mit meiner Großmutter zusammenzuarbeiten, um SOUL Newspaper zu archivieren und kennenzulernen, eine Musikzeitschrift, die sie und mein Großvater in den 60er Jahren begonnen hatten. Aufgrund der Watts-Rebellion sahen sie die Notwendigkeit, Menschen im ganzen Land schwarze Musiker, Entertainer und Künstler vorzustellen. Es war eine der ersten Musikpublikationen seiner Zeit, die sich auf schwarze Musiker konzentrierte und als Zeitung sogar vor Rolling Stone erschien. Es wurde schnell zu einer national und international verbreiteten Zeitung, die zwischen 1966 und 1982 rund 370 Ausgaben veröffentlichte. Es war mein Ziel, eine Website zu schaffen, auf der diese Ausgaben sowohl für eine neue als auch für eine alte Generation zugänglich sind. Wir haben versucht, mit Institutionen zusammenzuarbeiten, um dies zu ermöglichen, aber nach viel Erschöpfung und nach den jüngsten Ereignissen habe ich es mir zur Aufgabe gemacht, dies in das digitale Zeitalter voranzutreiben. Ich habe eine Website erstellt, die wöchentlich mit früheren Ausgaben von SOUL und SOUL Illustrated aktualisiert wird. Der interessantere Teil für mich sind die Suchfunktionen. Dies ist etwas, das ich ständig verfeinern werde, aber die meisten Musiker, Schriftsteller und Fotografen in SOUL können mit einer einfachen Suche gefunden werden. Derzeit sind 17 Ausgaben aufgeführt, von denen jede Woche weitere hinzugefügt werden. Abdeckungen können als Drucke gekauft werden, wir haben auch Stecknadeln, Aufkleber und weitere Waren zu kommen.

    BBC Radio 2 Ultimate 80s Album – Revealed!

    October 15, 2020 BBC2-80sAlbums.jpg

    Last month, BBC Radio 2 asked their listeners to vote for the Ultimate 80s Albums and the top 10 has been revealed!

    Michael Jackson’s Thriller album came 4th in the list. Ok, this is not the first place we wanted but considering BBC Radios have muted Michael Jackson during a good part of 2019 (no worries, Michael is back on most radio programmes, not as much as it used to be but it is a start!), coming 4th is still a winner!

    Not to mention that the radio has given 50 albums to chose from and from what we understand, the top 10 came very close to each other!

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    Letzten Monat hat BBC Radio 2 ihre Hörer gebeten, für die Ultimate 80s-Alben zu stimmen, und die Top 10 wurden enthüllt!

    Michael Jacksons Thriller-Album belegte den 4. Platz in der Liste. Ok, dies ist nicht der erste Ort, den wir wollten, aber wenn man bedenkt, dass BBC Radios Michael Jackson während eines Großteils des Jahres 2019 stummgeschaltet haben (keine Sorge, Michael ist wieder in den meisten Radioprogrammen, nicht mehr so viel wie früher, aber es ist ein Anfang! ), der 4. Platz ist immer noch ein Gewinner!

    Ganz zu schweigen davon, dass das Radio 50 Alben zur Auswahl gestellt hat und nach unserem Verständnis kamen die Top 10 einander sehr nahe!

    SOURCE: BBC Radio 2…imate-80s-album-revealed/