Murray ist raus! //Murray vorzeitig aus dem Gefängnis ? // Entlassung am 28.10. 2013

  • ^ Ui, da hätte ich gleich zwei.. Schwägerin und Schwiegermutter. Beide in einen Sack und draufhauen, erwischt man immer die Richtige.... :fies Weil's wahr ist. Und wenn der Sack groß genug ist, den Murray auch mit rein... Dann hau ich gleich noch fester zu! :fies :voodoo

  • Heute vor einem Jahr ...


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    Ich hoffe, er muß die restlichen 3 Jahre auch noch absitzen.

  • :blumen..danke Karin...heut früh dachte ich mal nen Moment dran...und jaaaa...DAS hoffe ich mal auch..aber scheint ja net schlecht dafür auszusehn :ungeduld...wobei..wegen mir bräucht er seine Zelle gar net mehr zu verlassen...:devil..und meine weiteren Gedanken dazu behalt ich mal für mich und ergötze mich daran...hätte nie gedacht..das ich jemandem mal wirklich ALLES an den Hals wünsche...

  • 12/18/2012 3:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
    I Want Out of Jail
    Dr. Conrad Murray wants out of the pokey immediately while he appeals his conviction ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

    Murray -- who was found guilty of killing Michael Jackson -- has been in jail since he was convicted 13 months ago.

    The Doc claims in the docs that he's not a flight risk ... partly because he has a small child who lives in L.A. Murray also says he doesn't pose a danger to the community, and believes he was wrongly convicted.

    Dr. Murray has tried this before and was shut down, but he's entitled to make his case for freedom once again.

    Read more:…el-jackson/#ixzz2FW1x3JLw


    ... was soll man dazu noch sagen :weisnet :kotz

  • [h=1]Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray seeks bail while waiting on appeal[/h]By Alan Duke, CNN

    Los Angeles (CNN) -- The doctor convicted of causing Michael Jackson's death asked an appeals court this week to let him out of jail while the judges decide whether they will overturn his conviction.
    The judge who presided over Conrad Murray's trial last year denied bail in a February hearing, saying his lawyers had not proven he was not a risk to flee the state or harm someone else with his questionable medical practices.
    Jackson died of an overdose of a surgical anesthetic and sedatives in his home while under Dr. Murray's care on June 25, 2009.
    Los Angeles County District Judge Michael Pastor, who sentenced Murray to four years in prison for the involuntary manslaughter conviction, "unjustifiably erred" by denying Murray's request to remain free during his appeal," Murray lawyer Valerie Wass said in a motion filed this week with California's Second District Court of Appeals.

    "Appellant respectfully requests that this court order his release on his own recognizance pending appeal, or alternatively, that it order his release on reasonable bail," Wass wrote.

    Murray, who has been in a Los Angeles County jail since a jury found him guilty in November 2011, is eligible for parole after serving two years. Murray is set to be freed October 28, 2013 unless he is let out early on bail or because of jail overcrowding.
    Pastor said he doubted Murray would stick around for the appeal decision because he has "resources" to flee and "significant ties elsewhere," including to Grenada, where he was born, and Trinidad, where he was raised.
    But Murray is a naturalized U.S. citizen with children in the United States, including a 3-year-old son in California, Wass argued in her motion for bail. The prospect of losing his life in the United States would prevent him from leaving the country, she said.
    "It would be all but impossible for appellant to flee" because he has become infamous from the media coverage of Jackson's death and the trial, Wass wrote.
    As for resources, Murray is broke, she said.
    Pastor also suggested Murray was a danger to the public because of his dangerous attitude toward using propofol, the drug that killed Jackson.
    Wass argued in the appeal that Murray would not be practicing medicine since California suspended his medical license after he was convicted and he voluntarily surrendered his other medical licenses in Texas and Nevada.
    "He lacks the means and ability to prescribe or obtain pharmaceutical drugs," she wrote.
    Prosecutors have until the end of December to file their response to Murray's bail request.

    Murray is appealing his conviction on several points, including the contention that Pastor erred in not allowing his lawyers to present evidence of Jackson's financial troubles, which they argued would support their theory that the pop star's desperation led him to administer the fatal dose to himself.
    Wass argued that the judge's decision not to allow the defense to call Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein or his staff as witnesses denied Murray a fair trial. Murray's lawyers contended that drugs given to Jackson by Klein in the weeks before his death contributed to his death.
    The judge's refusal to sequester the jury in a hotel during the trial, which was televised live, "may have improperly influenced the jurors," Wass argued.
    Another major issue in the appeal is the decision not to allow Murray's lawyers to test the contents of a bottle found next to Jackson's bed. They contend it could reveal evidence to support their theory that Jackson gave himself the fatal dose while Murray was out of the room.
    Jackson's mother and three children are suing AEG, the promotion company they say hired Murray and supervised Murray's care of Jackson as he prepared for comeback concerts in London in summer 2009. Murray is expected to be a witness in the wrongful death trial scheduled for next April.


  • Conrad Murray Is Still Trying To Slither His Way Out Of Prison!

    You mean your fellow inmates don’t take kindly to The Man who killed the King of Pop, Conrad?!

    Ever since Conrad Murray was accused of killing Michael Jackson, he has been trying to find a loophole to get out of jail.

    After just over a year behind bars, the notorious murderer is appealing his conviction with promises that he is not a flight risk or a danger to society.

    Conrad is also still going with the story that he was wrongly convicted.

    Thankfully, Conrad has tried this before and has had no luck.

    Cheers to justice this New Years!!…hael-jackson#.UNoA6NfNnb1

  • ich bin sicher, dass er - wenn überhaupt - nach halbstrafe rauskommt.
    schon wegen der platzprobleme in den knästen.
    hoffen tu ichs nicht, aber ich glaube dass er keine 4 und keine 3 jahre sitzen wird. leider.
    mike lebenslänglich tot. :sad
    das frustriert und macht so wütend..:zorn

  • :hehe

    Prosecutors Try to Block Bid for Freedom

    If prosecutors have their way ...Conrad Murray will stay locked up, even though an appeals court could reverse his manslaughter conviction in the death of Michael Jackson.

    According to new court docs obtained by TMZ ... the California Attorney General is scoffing at Murray's bid for release pending appeal, arguing that he's totally unconvincing when he says he's not a flight risk. Murray is claiming if he gets out he'll live with his GF/baby mama Nicole Alvarez in Santa Monica, but prosecutors are quick to point out ... he has 7 kids with 5 women, which does not exactly make him the poster child of stability.

    And get this ... Murray argued that he can't flee because he's a celeb and therefore can't run and hide. But prosecutors blanch at the doctor's argument, claiming it would be a travesty to reward him for becoming a celebrity by killing a true celebrity.

    Prosecutors also say the fact that Murray has shown no remorse is a red flag that he might continue to be a danger to the community if set free.

    Read more:…nslaughter/#ixzz2GSDikYPv

    Die Staatsanwälte versuchen, den Drang nach Freiheit zu blockieren
    Die Staatsanwälte werden dafür sorgen, dass Murray eingesperrt bleibt, auch wenn ein Berufungsgericht die Verurteilung wegen fahrlässiger Tötung rückgängig macht.
    Gemäß neuer Gerichtsdokumente: Der kalifornische Generalstaatsanwalt spottet über Murrays schwebende Berufung mit der Begründung, dass Murray nicht überzeugt, wenn er sagt, dass bei ihm kein Fluchtrisiko besteht. Murray sagt, wenn er jetzt rauskommt, würde er mit Nicole Alvarez und dem Baby in Santa Monica zusammenleben. Aber die Staatsanwälte wiesen schnell darauf hin, dass er 7 Kinder mit 5 Frauen hat. Dies beweist keine Stabilität seitens Murray.
    Und man stelle sich vor: Murray argumentiert damit, dass er gar nicht fliehen kann, da er ja jetzt eine Berühmtheit ist und sich nicht verstecken könnte. Murray konnte die Staatsanwälte aber mit diesem Argument nicht überzeugen. Es wäre ein Hohn, Murray als eine Berühmtheit darzustellen, weil er eine richtige Berühmtheit getötet hat.
    Die Staatsanwälte warnen außerdem davor, Murray freizulassen, da er keine Reue gezeigt hat und dadurch weiterhin eine Gefahr für die Öffentlichkeit darstelle. findet keine Worte mehr..bei dieser verabscheuungswürdigen Überheblichkeit...

  • Die Gefängnisluft schadet seiner Gesundheit und seiner Haarpracht...aber seinem Größenwahn und seiner Arroganz scheint sie nichts anhaben zu können. Wenigstens etwas das ihm bleibt. Wobei das vielleicht genau das ist, was er mal besser ablegen sollte.

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