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    ..Wow!!! :heart ... erzähl mehr ... bittöööö :hotkiss

    ja, ich hab mich gewundert, denn als wir vor 3 Jahren da waren, war es nicht so voll. Die Leute waren total begeistert, hab viele dementsprechende Bemerkungen gehört. Ich versuche Mal ein paar Bilder hochzuladen. Auch von dem Thriller dance in Old Town.

    Wenn die Ärzte ernsthaft meinen, dass die Annäherung an diese Familie Heilung bringt, ziehen die sich ihre Hosen morgens wohl auch mit der Kneifzange an. Jede Annäherung an diese Familie endet wieder in Chaos und heartbreak, weil die nicht an Paris denken, sondern immer nur an das Geld, das sie einbringt.


    Goldstein taught chemistry and his wife, Lynn Goldstein, taught biology
    at Laurel High School in the 1970s. Alan Goldstein had a few memorable
    incidents at Laurel High, and a great story about a surreal vacation his
    family experienced with superstar Michael Jackson. He recalled some of these memories in a phone interview from his home in Las Vegas, where he and his wife live in retirement.

    Goldstein laughed as he described the day some students came to school
    early to work on a project. "It's funny now, but it wasn't then," he
    said. When Goldstein arrived, they proudly showed him what they had
    created in the school's lab. A small beaker contained a dried compound
    that sparked and popped when disturbed. As Goldstein probed further, he
    discovered the beaker contained just a small sample of the compound the
    students had made. He quickly realized that they had unknowingly made
    enough to blow up the classroom. Responding to a 911 call, the Laurel
    Volunteer Fire Department evacuated the whole school and hosed down the
    entire chemistry classroom and lab, rendering the compound inert. It was
    only explosive when dry. "It was a little overkill," recalled
    Goldstein. The other incident he recalled was much more serious. As
    Goldstein retrieved a container of sulfuric acid from the secure
    storage, he heard a "clink" and wondered what it was.

    "I'm pretty sure the glass container had a crack or something," he says
    now. The result was the acid spilled onto the leg of his trousers and
    quickly melted through the fabric. By the time the Laurel Volunteer
    Rescue Squad arrived at the school, Goldstein's leg was severely burned
    by the acid. He was flown by helicopter to the hospital and required a
    three-month convalescence. Although his leg healed and he continued to
    run and play soccer, "I'll never win any best looking leg contests," he

    Goldstein was also the head soccer coach and the assistant coach of
    Laurel's premier wrestling program, under head coach Beryl Cohen. Laurel
    won multiple state wrestling championships during the decade, and Cohen
    was later inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

    In 1978, Goldstein left Laurel High School for Oakland Mills High School
    in Columbia, while Lynn Goldstein stayed at Laurel. It was at Oakland
    Mills that Goldstein saw the most success as a coach, winning four state
    soccer championships and being named the East Coast Soccer Coach of the

    'Off the wall' vacation

    After eight years at Oakland Mills, both Alan and Lynn Goldstein had an
    opportunity to switch careers and sell time-shares for Marriott Corp.,
    so the family relocated to Orlando. It was while they lived in Orlando
    that the family had what Alan Goldstein described as a "surreal"
    experience: Going on vacation with the "King of Pop," Michael Jackson.

    In 1991, the couple's son, Brock, was 10 years old and had done some
    acting in commercials and small roles in films. He had met Macaulay
    Culkin, who was also 10, and they had become buddies. The Goldsteins
    were planning a family vacation to Bermuda, and Brock asked if "Mac"
    could come along. This was soon after "Home Alone" was released and
    Culkin had become a big star.

    The Washington Post chronicled the vacation in a 2005 story. The Post
    tracked the Goldsteins down when Culkin testified about the vacation as a
    defense witness in Jackson's child molestation trial. In the phone
    interview, the Goldsteins confirmed that the Post article was accurate.

    After the Goldsteins and Culkin's parents agreed he could go, Alan and
    Lynn Goldstein overheard their son on the phone talking to Culkin about
    the trip. According to the Post, they heard him say "something to the
    effect of yeah, sure, bring him along." "Him" turned out to be Culkin's
    friend, 32-year-old Michael Jackson.

    The Goldsteins and Culkin had been in Bermuda for two days when Jackson
    arrived, alone. When they asked him why he wanted to come along,
    Goldstein said that Jackson replied, "I just need a break. Do you mind?"

    Jackson had the group moved to suites in another, more expensive hotel
    and the entertainer paid for the entire vacation. In the Post article,
    Goldstein recalled, "He'd brought this huge trunk. It looked like he'd
    raided a Toys R Us.
    He's got water guns, race cars, chewing gum that made your mouth turn
    black, snaps-and-pops… ." Jackson's presence changed everything. Stores,
    malls, pools, restaurants and anywhere else the group wanted to go were
    opened after-hours for Jackson and the Goldsteins.

    Their vacation became a closed, after-hours excursion, but the family
    had a ball. Brock, who was 24 at the time of the Post article,
    remembered the "once-in-a-lifetime excitement of his favorite music star
    suddenly becoming a playmate." Alan Goldstein told the Post, "We were
    talking one day about how it might be fun to try diving and the next
    thing you know, we've got a dive boat to ourselves with some dive
    masters to teach us." Arrangements were made for the group to watch a
    variety show at a resort at 1 a.m. Jackson, Culkin and the Goldsteins
    were the only people in the audience. "There was a Michael Jackson impersonator, which was a little awkward, but Michael was fine with it," Alan Goldstein told the Post.

    The Goldsteins were questioned by investigators from the Los Angeles
    Police Department in 1993 when abuse allegations were first made against
    Jackson. It was a short conversation. Lynn Goldstein told the Post,
    "They said, 'We have a victim, we believe him, and we're going to get
    [Jackson]. He fits the profile.' I didn't like that. I wanted to know
    what evidence they had." Lynn Goldstein was adamant about their vacation
    and told the investigators that "nothing improper ever happened, the
    kids slept in their own room in the Goldstein suite on a separate floor
    from Jackson's, and Jackson never once tried to get the guys alone."

    As exciting as it was, their experience with Michael Jackson,
    who died in 2009, was an eye-opener for the Goldsteins. As Brock
    Goldstein told the Post about two, 10-year-old boys playing with
    Jackson, "He was like one of us. It makes perfect sense to me because he
    never had a childhood. Obviously he's not normal. He had a twisted

    Alan Goldstein eventually rose to become Marriott's national director of
    sales operations for time-shares, and Lynn Goldstein went on to work
    for Hilton Hotels, and kept her hand in teaching with real estate
    instruction. In 2004, Marriott sent Alan Goldstein to Las Vegas to run
    the sales operations for a new resort. He retired in 2008.

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    Hm...von den moves her war es Michael teilweise sehr ähnlich....aber das Gesicht war so hinterlässt bei mir nur riesig große Traurigkeit.

    Wenn sie es nicht ganz perfekt hinbekommen, sollten sie es öffentlich nicht bringen. Ich hab da so ein Gefühl, dass Michael vor Schreck erstarrt wäre, hätte er das sehen können. Er ist ein Perfektionist, da geht das garnicht.

    Trotzdem würde ich es mir wieder ansehen...weil ich Michael so vermisse.......... :sad

    Hoffentlich kriegt Debbie das durch, für Paris wäre es extrem wichtig, Prince ist eh bald volljährig und für Blanket wäre es ein Segen, wenn er auch zu Debbie käme.

    Bady, du hast Recht mit Prince, der lässt sich jetzt nix mehr vorschreiben, der ging mit 14 schon auf 30....


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    [/ame] 1:19 geht die Musik los....aber auch davor...schaut euch den mal an......also ich könnte fast glauben, dass es da michaelige Gene gibt ...

    irgendwie scheinen die Spermien von Michael ganz wunderbar in Ordnung gewesen zu sein :D