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    selbst bei rtl hat man sich gestern über diese 'meldung' lustig gemacht.

    aus nem einfachen grund -
    paris ist 16 - und DARF öffentlich garkeinen alkohol trinken.
    und ein bisserl 'bauch' kann man auch haben, wenn man nen legga eisbecher zuviel hatte.
    (oder bei manchen frauen, wenn sie ihre tage haben..)

    story ende.


    Queen Waiting For Clearance From Michael Jackson’s Estate On Unreleased Freddie Mercury Duets
    August 30, 2014 11:54 AM

    Arguably the most eagerly awaited tracks to be found on Queen‘s next album, ‘Queen Forever,’ are the official release of some duets Freddie Mercury made with Michael Jackson. However, drummer Roger Taylor says that Jackson’s estate is currently holding up the proceedings.

    “[Yes], if we could get a decision from the Michael Jackson estate, who seem to be, well, difficult,” Taylor told the London Evening Standard. “William Orbit did a really nice mix of one of our tracks with Michael and I’m pretty certain that will be on ‘Queen Forever.’ But it’s been like wading through glue.”

    Taylor and guitarist Brian May have been working with Orbit on completing unfinished music that in their vaults and debuted one of the possible songs, ‘Love Kills,’ this summer while on the road with Adam Lambert. While they hope to have it ready by Christmas, Taylor admitted that he’s still a bit vague on the details.

    “I’m not quite sure what’s on it yet,” he continued. “We’ve got some great new tracks that haven’t been heard and there’s an interesting selection of older stuff.”

    Happy Birthday, Engel.
    Breite deine Flügel aus, fühl den Wind, und fliege frei und ohne Zwang
    in der wärmenden Sonne und mit all der Liebe deiner Fans in Herzen
    der Unendlichkeit entgegen.
    Wir werden die niemals vergessen, Michael.


    :wub süüüüüssss

    @210lauramary . #HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson
    Little MICHAEL JACKSON is so adorable !♡

    @210lauramary #HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson
    Little MICHAEL JACKSON is so adorable !♡

    Deborah L. Kunesh
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    In the recent past, there has been a lot of commentary about the upcoming Robson/Safechuck case. Many fans have wished for Mr. Mesereau to be the defense attorney in charge of this upcoming case because not only is he one of the top lawyers, but he knows the past case inside out and he also was a first hand witness to Wade Robson's adamant stance that NOTHING inappropriate had happened between himself and Michael Jackson. Now, as many know, Robson has changed his story stating that he was aware the entire time of what was being done to him, stating opposite his original stance that he has held (that NOTHING happened) even up until a few years after Michael's death (and after he was turned down for the choreography job that went to Jamie King he suddenly brought this suit against MJ's estate).

    Due to some fan concerns that the estate may try to settle again and Mr Mesereau stating that this is his concern also due to the past '93 settlement, fans have started a petition to the Estate of Michael Jackson, to appeal to them that they need to contact Mr. Mesereau to hire him as the defense attorney for this upcoming case. Mr. Mesereau did not voice anything against the petition to me personally and on recent interviews, Mr. Mesereau stated that he would be open to the Estate of Michael Jackson contacting him for advice on the case.

    One of the concerns in some of the fan base, was Mr. Mesereau needing to be aware of this petition and also the concern that this may put him in an awkward position with MJ's estate. So I was asked to make him aware of this petition.

    Mr. Mesereau stated to me, the following:
    "I speak my mind and I'm not concerned with what the estate may think. When they do great things, I support them and acknowledge that. When they do things that I think are a mistake, then I say so as well." Mr. Mesereau went on to say that he feels that settling this case would be a mistake but that he fears this may happen due to past history and other factors.

    One suggestion I may make I woud suggest maybe a complete rewording of the petition to more effectively communicate the fan's desires in a way that will come across professional and in the heart-felt manner in which it was created. As it currently stands, it may come across in the wrong way and be ineffective.~…h/posts/10152673974541310

    das ewige #mimimi des clans/von einzelnen mitgliedern.
    wenn sie kohle davon bekämen gäbs kein wärtchen dazu -
    im gegenteil, die würden klopapier mit mj-krönchen verkaufen, wenn sie dürften.