MJ wrongful death suit / kitkat gegen AEG

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    This is a wrongful death lawsuit brought by Katherine Jackson, Prince, Paris and Blanket accusing AEG of negligent hiring of Dr. Murray

    AEG denies any wrongdoing, saying they haven't even hired Dr. Conrad Murray. They claim Michael Jackson was the one who hired the doctor

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    Reporters are lined up outside the courtroom ready to go in. Can't take pictures inside the courthouse, fyi.

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    Katherine Jackson, Randy and Rebbie just entered the courtroom. Several lawyers, bodyguards and sheriffs escorted the family.

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    When Katherine Jackson walked the hallway, some MJ fans told her: "We love you, Mrs. Jackson" and she replied "We love you more!"

    Some Michael Jackson fans had tears in their eyes.

    Courtroom is filled to capacity. Dr. Conrad Murray's appellate lawyer, Valerie Wass, is also present. She says her client is innocent!

    Randy and Rebbie walked the front door of the courthouse.
    You can watch all the coverage on @ABC7 Eyewitness News at 11am, 4, 5, 6, 11pm PT

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    Judge Yvette Palazuelos is on the bench right now. However, I see the jurors in this case are hanging down the hall.

  • Michael Jackson-AEG: Fans line up to watch wrongful-death trial

    By Corina Knoll and Jeff Gottlieb
    April 29, 2013, 10:55 a.m.

    Silvia Gusmami and Laura Messina jetted in from Italy just for a chance to watch the Michael Jackson wrongful-death case, joining other fans at a downtown Los Angeles
    courtroom Monday who jockeyed for two lottery seats being made available to the public for the opening day of the trial.

    The two women said they spent last week watching attorneys pick jurors in the case, which is expected to last as long as four months.

    The case, in which Jackson’s mother and children have accused entertainment giant AEG of hiring and controlling the doctor who gave the pop singer a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol, is expected to dive into the sensational elements of the entertainer’s life. Gusmami and Messina said they are among the Jackson faithful who intend to follow the case.

    Messina, 35, with straight, chest-length black hair, and a nose similar to the last version that Michael Jackson modeled, admitted her friends say she
    looks like the entertainer. The two women are veteran Jacksonians, having come from Europe to watch the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray,
    the doctor who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the singer’s 2009 death on the eve of what was to be a run of comeback concerts in London.

    "We want justice for him," said Messina, a translator. "It was a conspiracy. There is a part of his fans that knows the truth. More in Europe than here."
    Julia Thomas also was among the Jackson faithful. The 40-year-old took the day off from her job as a high school office administrator and drove 70 miles from her home near Rialto to vie for a seat.

    "It's nothing when you love Michael as much as I love him," she said. "Somebody has to come out and speak up for him." Thomas sat on a bench beside Karlene Taylor, a woman she met during Murray’s
    arraignment. Thomas had been overcome with emotion that day when Jackson family members arrived in a blue Cadillac Escalade -- the pop legend's
    own vehicle. "I was breaking down crying and she came and comforted me," Thomas said of Taylor. "We're like BFF now."

    The two say the civil case has divided the Michael Jackson fan community. Some believe the Jackson family's greed propelled Jackson's mother and three children to file the wrongful-death suit.

    Others, like Taylor and Thomas, are steadfast in their belief that the Jackson family has every right to say AEG is at fault when it comes to Jackson's death.

    "This here is a case where he was an artist who was abused and bullied by his promoters and it stressed him out where he needed a sedative to be put to sleep," Thomas
    said. "That's Why AEG is liable." The two women did not win seats inside the courtroom, but were glad to hear that Taaj Malik, who runs http://www.teammichaeljackson.com, got inside. "We want good fans going in who will report the correct information to us," Thomas said.

    One fan who did get inside said the opportunity was "bittersweet." Samantha De Gosson, a 38-year-old photographer from Pasadena looked overwhelmed
    as she waited in the hallway. "I'm happy I can go in, but not looking forward about what's going to be said," she said. "This is a
    trial where Michael Jackson will be thrown under the bus by both parties. It's not really about justice. It's about who's going to make money."

    Though Gusmami and Messina didn't win court seats Monday, they do have another week in the United States.

  • 1.Teil des Plädoyers ist vorbei:
    ABC7 Court News@ABC7Courts

    From outside the hallway through a little windows on the courtroom's
    door I see presentation of MJ's video; mention of Pepsi commercial

    Brian Panish, attorney for the Jacksons, is showing a video presentation to the jury. There was a slide showing drug Demerol.

    There's a slide up now showing the relationship between Michael Jackson
    & Dr. Conrad Murray. Jury to decide who hired Dr. Murray: AEG or MJ?

    Panish showing slide of drug Propofol. It says MJ was given the powerful anesthetic almost daily for six months

    Panish showed jurors slide of the agreement between MJ and AEG, that AEG was to provide "producers" for the tour.


    ..von unten nach oben lesen...

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 2m
    Before lunch break, Panish discussed AEG not performing background check on Conrad Murray.
    Panish sagte, AEG hätte keinen Backgroundchek von Murray gemacht

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    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 2m
    Panish used videotaped deposition one of AEG’s experts, Marty Hom, to make point about $5 million being red flag.
    P. benutzte Videomaterial von AEG Experte Marty Holm, um zu zeigen dass die 5Mi. eine rote Fahne sind

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 2m
    He told jurors that AEG ignored red flags, including that Conrad Murray initially asked for $5 million to serve as MJ’s tour doc.
    Er sagt, AEG ignorierten diese rote Fahne, die beinhaltet, dass CM nach 5Mio fragte als Lohn um der Tourarzt zu sein.

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 2m
    Panish showed a number of emails between AEG execs Paul Gongaware and Randy Phillips about MJ’s condition.
    Panish zeigte emails zwischen AEG Leuten wie Gongaeware u. Phillips in denen es um MJs Zustand ging

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 3m
    Panish walked jurors briefly through Jackson’s contract with AEG. Lots of slides, and jury seem to be looking at them, some taking notes.
    Panish ging mt den Juroren kurz den AEG Vetrag durch. Viele Dias, Jury sah sie an und machte Notizen

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 3m
    “They didn’t care who got lost in the wash.” _ Brian Panish on AEG’s involvement in Jackson comeback concerts.
    Panish zur Rolle von AEG bei der Comebacktour: "Es war ihnen egal, wer dabei verloren ging"

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 3m
    Jackson’s London shows were a solution to AEG's problem, and it was basically win-at-all-costs, Panish said.
    Jacksons Show waren eine Lösung für ein Problem von AEG, und es war im Grunde ein "Gewinnen zu jedem Preis"

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 3m
    AEG had problems too, Panish said during openings, arguing they were feeling pressure from concert promoter Live Nation.
    AEG hatte auch Probleme, wegen Druck vom Promoter Live Nation

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 4m
    Panish detailed Murray’s money problems. He also used a slide drawing a line directly from AEG logo to picture of Murray.
    Panish detailiert die finanz. Probleme von CM. Stellt mit Dias die direkte Verbindung zwischen Murray und AEG dar.

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 4m
    Panish said MJ family, friends, knew about Jackson’s addiction problems. He says only one who claims it didn’t know is AEG.
    Panish sagt, MJS Familie und Freunde wußten von Jacksons Abhängigkeit. Die einzigen, die behaupteten nichts zu wissen, seinen AEG

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 4m
    He tells jury that MJ’s addiction worse when he was under intense schedule, lots of pressure.
    MJs Abhängigkeit wurde schlimmer weil er unter extremen Termindruck stand.

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 4m
    Panish’s openings focused heavily on Jackson’s addiction to prescription medication. Cited Jackson’s Demerol treatments.
    Panish Opening fokussiert sich sehr auf Jacksons Abhängigkeit von verschreibungspflichtigen Medis. Erwähnt auch Jacksons Demerol-Behandlungen

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 4m
    He told jury that they were there to assess the loss of Jackson to his mother and children. No dollar figure given.
    Zwei wichtige Punkte, um die es geht: Der Verlust von Jackson für seine Kids und seine Mutter. Nicht wegen Dollars.(also Geld ist nicht der Grund...-verstehe ich so..)

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 5m
    Panish’s opening statements began with a clip of Jackson rehearsing for “This Is It” tour.” He briefly detailed singer’s life.
    Panishs OpeningStatement begann mit Clip von TII und kurzem Abriss von MJS Leben

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 5m
    Jacksons (Katherine, Randy & Rebbie) all stood when jurors entered. Probably first people many saw when entering courtroom.
    Jacksons standen auf, als Jury in den Saal kam

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 5m
    Judge said before bringing in jury that two have sent notes to court. She said they can be addressed later. (No word on note's contents.)
    Richter sagte, zwei Juroren hätten Mitteilungen ans Gericht gesandt. Sie sagte, sie würden später angesprochen. Keine Auskunft zum Inhalt dieser Bemerkungen

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 5m
    $40b Statement not filed in court, Boyle argued. Judge is going to allow AEG to show damages slide to jury.

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 5m
    Plaintiff’s attorney Kevin Boyle argued that the figure was thrown out there to preserve Jackson family’s rights.

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 6m
    Plaintiff’s side also objected to several AEG slides, including one that apparently listed the $40 billion damages estimate.

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 6m
    Panish accused Wass of sitting near AEG attorneys. She was in a back row with reporters and a deputy. AEG folks are in front rows.
    Panish meckerte, weil Wass neben den AEG Anwälten sass. Sie war in einer Reihe hinten, mit Reportern. AEG Leute sitzen in der ersten Reihe

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 6m
    Conrad Murray’s appellate attorney Valerie Wass is also in the coutroom. Panish (KJ attorney) gave her a shout-out this morning.

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 7m
    There were roughly 25 minutes of objections to the proposed opening presentation by plaintiff’s attorney Brian Panish.

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 7m
    “Clearly Mr. Jackson died.” _ AEG attorney Marvin Putnam. Last week, plaintiffs tried to make point AEG wasn’t conceding Jackson was dead.

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 8m
    For those interested, AEG attorney Marvin Putnam said this morning that they’re not contesting Jackson’s death.
    AEG Putnam sagte heute Morgen, sie bestreiten nicht Jacksons Tod

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 8m
    On strip clubs reference, the judge made plaintiffs slightly alter the slide.

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 8m
    AEG preferred explicit mention of clubs to redaction. #JacksonTrial

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 8m
    AEG also didn’t want a heavily redacted email shown to jury about Conrad Murray’s strip club visits.
    AEG wollte auch nicht, dass emails mit Auskunft über Murrays Strip-Club Besuchen der Jury gezeigt würden

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 9m
    Judge forced plaintiffs to remove slide referencing Amy Winehouse from opening statement presentation. #Jacksontrial
    Eine Bild mit referenz zu Amy Winehouse musste auf Anweisung vom Richter von den Klägern entfernt werden.

    Anthony McCartney @mccartneyAP 9m
    Court day started out with AEG objecting to use of several slides in Jacksons’ opening statements. Judge overruled many of them.
    Es begann mit einem Einspruch der AEG, Dias zu benutzen im Opening Statement. Einspruch wurde abgelehnt.


  • ..wieder von unten nach oben zu lesen..

    ABC7 Court News @ABC7Courts 2h
    Session ended 40 minutes after the regular schedule. Jurors are ordered to return tomorrow at 10 am PT
    Session endete 40 Minuten später wie geplant. Juroren sind für 10.00 Uhr Morgen bestellt

    ABC7 Court News @ABC7Courts 2h
    Putnam: this case is about personal choices. There's no question MJ's death was horrible, but evidence will show you it was not AEG's making

    ABC7 Court News @ABC7Courts 2h
    At the end, Putnam asked the jurors to wait until they hear all the evidence from both sides before making a judgement.

    ABC7 Court News @ABC7Courts 2h
    Putnam said that at night MJ would lock his bedroom's door so no one had access to the room. He said it wasn't for AEG to look into Murray
    Putnam sagte dass MJ sich Nachts in seinem Schlafzimmer einschloss und dass keiner dort Zugang hatte. Es war nicht AEGS Aufgabe, nachzu schauen was Murray tat

    ABC7 Court News @ABC7Courts 2h
    Putnam then showed the floor plan of MJ's house. He said no one was allowed in MJ's bedroom, not even the housekeepers. Only Dr. Murray
    Putnam zeigte den Plan vom Haus. Keiner durfte in MJs SChlafzimmer, auch nicht das Hauspersonal. Nur Murray.

    ABC7 Court News @ABC7Courts 2h
    Putnam said a nurse named Debbie Rowe knew about it; saw doctor give MJ Propofol on tour. She wanted to make sure she was there & MJ woke up
    Putnam sagt, Debbie Rowe wusste davon, sie sah, dass Ärzte ihm auf der Tour Propofol gaben. Sie wollte sicher gehen, da zu sein, wenn MJ aufwachte

    ABC7 Court News @ABC7Courts 2h
    Putnam: sometime in 1990s MJ began using Propofol. This was a big secret, so secret no one knew, not even his doctors.
    Putnam sagt: irgendwann in den 1990ern begann MJ Propofol zu nehmen. Es war ein großes Geheimnis von dem niemand wußte, auch nicht seine Ärzte

    ABC7 Court News @ABC7Courts 2h
    Putnam: Mr. Jackson got very good at hiding his addiction. He didn't let anyone see it, not his staff, not his children. This was private MJ
    MJ versteckte seine Handlungen sehr gut. Er lies es niemand wissen. Das war der Private MJ.

    ABC7 Court News @ABC7Courts 2h
    Putnam said MJ resisted all attempts to get help. Family tried interventions, he turned down rehab and denied he had any addiction.
    Putnam sagt, MJ lehnte alle Hilfsaktionen ab,Familie versuchte zu intervenieren, er lehnte Reha ab und verleiugnete jede Abhängigkeit.

    ABC7 Court News @ABC7Courts 2h
    Putnam said MJ was very secretive even with his own doctors. He wouldn't tell one doctor about what the other doctor was doing
    Putnam sagt, MJ war sehr geheimnistuerisch auch mit seien Ärzten. Er erzählte dem einen Arzt nicht, was der andere Arzt tat.

    ABC7 Court News @ABC7Courts 2h
    Putnam showed a slide called Doctor Shopping, where he identified 45 different doctors who treated MJ.
    Er zeigte ein Schaubild mit dem Titel "Doktorshopping", wo 45 verschiedene Ärzte zu sehen waren, die MJ behandelten

    ABC7 Court News @ABC7Courts 2h
    Putnam went back to the addiction to painkillers issue again. He said MJ would get minor cosmetic or dental procedures and get the drugs
    Puntnam kam auf die Abhängigkeit von Schmerzmitteln zurück. Er sagte MJ hatte kleinere kosmetische Eingriffe, oder Zahnbehandlungen, um das Medikament zu bekommen.

  • http://bigstory.ap.org/article…-begin-jackson-civil-case

    Das ist ein Artikel von Linda Deutsch über die Eröffnungs-Plädoyers :

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Michael Jackson's struggle against drug addiction was on display Monday during opening statements in his mother's wrongful death case against concert promoter AEG Live.

    Competing portraits of Jackson emerged during the first hours of the trial, with Katherine Jackson's attorney acknowledging the pop star's drug problems while also trying to show he was a caring son and father.

    Gegensätzliche Darstellungen von Jackson gab es in den ersten Stunden des Prozess, als KJs Anwalt über die Drogenprobleme berichtete aber auch versuchte darzustellen, dass er ein fürsorglicher Sohn und Vater war

    "His stirring voice, his musical genius, his creativity and his generosity and his huge heart was extinguished forever," her lawyer, Brian Panish, said in his opening remarks.

    "Seine mitreissende/ergreifende Stimme, sein musikalisches Genie, seine Kreativität, seine Großzügigkeit und sein riesiges Herz wurden für immer ausgelöscht" sagte Panish in seinem Eröffnungsstatement.

    AEG's attorney, Marvin S. Putnam, said that while Jackson's death was tragic, his guarded private life meant the company was unaware that he was using the powerful anesthetic propofol.

    "The truth is, Michael Jackson fooled everyone," Putnam said. "He made sure that no one — nobody — knew his deepest, darkest secrets."

    AEG Anwalt Putnam sagte, obwohl Jacksons Tod tragisch sei, war sein geschütztes Privatleben derart, das AEG nichts von seinem Gebrauch von Propofol wußte. "Die Wahrheit ist, dass MJ jeden täuschte," sagt Putnam, "Er stellte sicher, dass niemand - NIEMAND - seine dunkelsten, tiefsten Geheimnisse wußte."

    A jury of six men and six women will determine whether AEG should pay Jackson's mother and three children for their losses after his 2009 death from an overdose of propofol. Millions and possibly billions of dollars in damages are at stake in the case that opened with private photos of the singer with his children and video clips of Jackson dancing.

    "This case is about personal choices," Putnam said about Jackson's decision to be treated by physician Conrad Murray. "Also, it was about his personal responsibility. There's no question that Michael Jackson's death was a terrible tragedy.

    "I believe the evidence will show it was not a tragedy of AEG Live's making," Putnam said as he ended his opening statement. Testimony will begin Tuesday.
    Putnam sagt, es geht hier um "persönliche Vorlieben/persönliche Wahl" bezüglich Jacksons Entscheidung, von CM behandelt zu werden. "Und es geht um seine persönliche Verantwortung. Aber es steht ausser Frage, dass MJs Tod eine furchtbare Tragödie war."
    "Ich denke die Beweise werden zeigen, dass die Tragödie nicht von AEG herbeigeführt wurde"

    Panish said AEG created a conflict of interest for Murray and forced him to choose between a large payday and Jackson's care. He told the jury AEG was feeling competitive pressures and wanted the Jackson tour to work at all costs.

    "They didn't care who got lost in the wash," Panish told the jury.

    Panish sagt, AEG erschuf einen Interessenkonflikt für Murray, der zwischen einer großartigen Bezahlung und der Fürsorge für Jackson wählen musste. Er sagte, AEG wollte, dass die Jackson Tour zu jedem Preis funktioniere. "Es war ihnen gleich, ob bei der Sache jemand drauf ging.."
    Er spielte im Gerichtssaal einenSong, den Jackson für seine Kinder komponiert hatte. "You are my life", und zeigte eine Notiz, die Jackson für seine Mutter geschrieben hatte, die ihr Tränen in die Augen steigen lies, als sie dort im Saal saß.

    Panish played a song that Jackson wrote for his three children, "You are my life," and displayed a note the singer had written for his mother that brought tears to her eyes as she sat in court.

    Katherine Jackson sued AEG Live in September 2010, claiming it failed to properly investigate Murray before allowing him to serve as Jackson's doctor as he prepared for his "This is it" shows. She is also suing on behalf of her son's three children — Prince, Paris and Blanket.

    AEG denies it hired Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death. AEG's attorneys have said the company could not have foreseen the circumstances that led to the singer's death at age 50.

    Panish told jurors that AEG executives ignored warning signs about Jackson's health and were motivated to push the singer and his doctor to improve their own financial fortunes.

    "We're not looking for any sympathy," Panish said. "We're looking for truth and justice."

    Panish sagte den Juroren, dass die Verantwortlichen von AEG Warnzeichen zu Jacksons Gesundheit ignorierten und daran interessiert waren, auf den Doc und den Sänger Druck auszuüben um ihre eigenen finanziellen Ziele zu erreichen. "Hier geht es nicht um Sympathien", sagt Panisch, " "Wir möchten die Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit."

    With Jackson's mother, brother Randy and sister Rebbie seated in the front row of the courtroom, jurors were shown numerous slides and several scribbled notes.

    A couple of jurors nodded when the lawyer referenced Jackson's achievements, including successful concert tours and a Super Bowl performance.

    Katherine Jackson dabbed her eyes after Panish read a note that her son wrote to her, detailing his feelings about her.

    "All my success has been based on the fact that I wanted to make my mother proud," the singer's note said, "to win her smile of approval."

    Die Notiz, von MJ, an Katherine, die Panish vorlas:
    "All mein Erfolg basiert darauf, dass meine Mutter stolz auf mich sein sollte. Ihr annerkennendes Lächeln wollte ich gewinnen."

    The personal touches came after Panish spent the first half of his presentation detailing Jackson's struggles with prescription drug abuse throughout the last half of his life.

    He also showed jurors numerous emails sent between AEG executives concerning Jackson's health and their concerns that he wouldn't be able to perform 50 planned concerts in London.
    Panish präsentierte auch mehrere emails, die zwischen AEG Verantwortlichen gesendet wurden, in denen es um deren Bedenken zu Jacksons Gesundheit ging und ob er in der Lage wäre die 50 Shows zu performen.

    Putnam recounted the chaotic days following Jackson's death as investigators and the public tried to figure out how the singer died unexpectedly. He urged jurors to remember that propofol killed Jackson.

    "One thing became very, very clear," Putnam said. "While the world may not have heard of propofol, Mr. Jackson certainly had. The evidence is going to show you that he had been using that drug for years and years."

    Putnam sagte zur Jury " Eines sei sehr klar. Während die ganze Welt (bis zu MJs Tod) noch nichts von Propofol gehört haben mag, hatte Mr. Jackson das sicher schon. Die Beweise werden ihnen zeigen, dass er dieses Medikament schon über Jahre genommen hat."
    Er sagte, dass die Juroren von MJs Exfrau Debbie Rowe hören würden, die ihnen sagen würde, dass Jackson das Anesthetikum schon in den 1990ern nahm.

    He said jurors will hear from Jackson's ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, who would tell them that Jackson used the anesthetic in the 1990s.

    "Mr. Jackson got very, very, good at hiding his addiction," Putnam said. "He didn't let anyone see it. Not his staff, not his children. This was the private Michael Jackson."
    "Mr Jackson war sehr sehr gut darin, seine Aktionen zu verheimlichen", sagt Putnam," Er lies es niemand sehen. Nicht seine Angestellten, nicht seine Kinder. Das war der Private Michael Jackson."

    Er sagte, dass Arzt-Patienten Vertrauenbsabkommen half dabei, dass das Abhängigkeitsverhältnis von Propofol nich öffentlich bekannt wurde. Das beinhaltete auch Murray. "Er konnte niemand etwas über den Propofol Gebrauch erzählen."

    He said physician-patient confidentiality kept Jackson's reliance on propofol from becoming publicly known.

    That extended to Murray as well. "He couldn't tell anyone about the propofol use," Putnam said of the former cardiologist.

    Panish, however, said AEG saw the Jackson shows as a way to make a lot of money and better compete with Live Nation Entertainment Inc.

    He displayed a March 2009 email sent before a news conference featuring Jackson, in which AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips wrote to Tim Leiweke, the former CEO of AEG'S parent company, that Jackson was drunk and refusing to address fans.

    Panish sagte, dass AEG die Shows als eine Möglichkeit sahen, Geld zu machen um besser mit Live Nation Entertainment konkurrieren zu können. Er zeigte eine mail von März 2009, vor der Pressekonferenz, die Phillips an Leiweike schrieb: "Das ist das beängstigendste was ich je gesehen habe. Er ist ein emotionales paralysiertes selbstbemitleidendes Wrack und zweifelt jetzt, wo es Showtime ist. Er ängstigt sich zu Tode."

    "This is the scariest thing I have ever seen," Phillips wrote Leiweke. "He is an emotionally paralyzed mess riddled with self-loathing and doubt now that it's show time. He's scared to death."

    Panish said Jackson's behavior was just one of several warning signs the company ignored before the death.

    Panish sagt Jacksons Verhalten sei nur eines von vielen Warnzeichen, die AEG vor seinem Tod ignorierte.

    He told the panel that they would be the ones to assign liability for Jackson's death, but they should look at AEG's actions and not focus on Jackson's issues.

    "Michael paid the ultimate price. He died," Panish said. "Michael has taken responsibility."

    Panish: "Michael hat den ultimativen Preis gezahlt. Er starb. Michael hat Verantwortung übernommen."

    AP Special Correspondent Linda Deutsch contributed to this report. Anthony McCartney can be reached at http://twitter.com/mccartneyAP .

  • :heulsuse Ich bin da so dermaßen zwiegespalten ... auf der einen Seite bin ich ja schon der Meinung, daß AEG eine große moralische Mitschuld an dem trägt, was da passiert ist und daß es schön wäre, wenn das an die Öffentlichkeit käme (wenn denn die Jury meiner Meinung ist), aber wenn ich auf der anderen Seite an diesen Schmutz denke, diese Lügen und Unwahrheiten, die jetzt über Michael ausgeschüttet werden ... grauenvoll ... einfach grauenvoll. Wird er jemals zur Ruhe kommen? :heulsuse :heulsuse

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    Today is the 2nd day of Katherine Jackson - AEG civil trial. Jacksons have called their first witness - Richard Senneff LAFD paramedic
    1. Zeuge der Jacksons heute- Richard Senneff- Sanitäter


    ..wie immer von unten nach oben lesen.
    Wird nicht lange heute gehen, da einer der Juroren zu einer Beerdigung muss. AEG fragte an, dass Randy Jackson aus dem Gerichtssaal gehen soll, da er als einer der Zeugen gelistet ist. Panish sagte, er soll bleiben, da er Kathrine unterstützt. Richterin sagt, er kann bleiben, aber es können nicht viele Jacksons zur Kathrines Unterstützung bleiben, wenn erwartet wird, dass sie Zeuge sein werden. Zeugen, die nicht Partei sind ist es nicht erlaubt den Zeugenaussagen zu folgen. Richterin sagt zudem, die Parteien müssen ihr sagen, welches Zeitmaß bei Zeugenaussagen erwartet wird. Sanitäter Seneff ist 1. Zeuge. Kathrine hat Raum verlassen vor seiner Aussage. Zudem soll noch Martinez LAPD aussagen

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 2m

    I'll update more on the early morning testimony in a little while.

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 2m
    Senneff was one of first responders and thought Jackson was dead by the time paramedics arrived.

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 3m
    Senneff is familiar to watchers of the Conrad Murray case -- he’s been a paramedic/firefighter for 28 years.

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 3m
    Paramedic Richard Senneff is the first witness. Katherine Jackson has left the courtroom for his testimony.

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 3m
    Today’s witnesses are LAPD Det. Orlando Martinez and Paramedic Richard Senneff. #JacksonTrial

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 3m
    Judge also told attorneys they have to tell her which witnesses are coming up, and how long their testimony is expected to last.

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 4m
    (cont) if they’re expected to testify. Witnesses who aren’t parties generally aren’t allowed to listen to testimony.

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 4m
    Judge Yvette Palazuelos said Randy Jackson can remain, but that there can’t be a lot of Jacksons supporting Katherine (cont)

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 4m
    Plaintiff’s attorney Brian Panish said Randy is supporting Katherine Jackson in the courtroom and should stay.

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 4m
    AEG asked to exclude Randy Jackson from the courtroom because he is listed as a witness. Judge declined for now.

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 4m
    Another alternate juror is moving out of state and judge questioned him about that. Looks like he’ll stay on case for now.

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 5m
    It’ll be a short court day tomorrow -- one of the alternate jurors has a funeral to attend and we’ll be recessing by 11 a.m.

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 5m
    Court started by tackling two notes from alternate jurors in the case, re: their availability.

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 6m
    Stepped out from morning testimony, will update with a few of the proceedings from this morning in Jackson case.

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 1h
    Randy Jackson has also arrived for court.

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 1h
    About to go into court. Will update when I'm able. #JacksonTrial

    Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 1h
    Katherine Jackson has arrived at the courtroom for today's proceedings. Court hasn't started yet.

  • ..von unten nach oben....:

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    Afternoon session about to start. More details soon.
    Nachmittagssitzung beginnt gleih. Mehr Details in Kürze.

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    Senneff: I saw a patient wearing pajama pants and shirt, and some surgical cover over the head. He looked very pale, very weak.
    Senneff: Ich sah einen Patienten der Pyjama Hose und Shirt trug, und einige OP-Abdeckung über dem Kopf. Er sah sehr blass, sehr schwach aus.

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    "When I first walked in, I asked dr Murray is the patient had a DNR," Senneff recalled.. DNR= Don Not Ressuscitate
    Als ich zum ersten mal hinein kam, fragte ich Dr Murray, hat der Patient ein DNR

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    Senneff: He was leaning over the patient, patient laying on the bed, dr Murray standing there and they were moving the patient to the floor
    Senneff: Er lehnte über den Patient, d. Patient lag auf dem Bett, Dr. Murray stand da und sie bewegten den Patienten auf den Boden.

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    Senneff: I came in to that front door and saw what later I found out was Dr. Murray and a patient on the bed
    Senneff: Ich kam in diese Vordertür und sah was ich später herausfand (???wie sich später heraussellte???) Dr. Murray und ein Patient auf dem Bett

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    Senneff said he arrived at Jackson's house at 12:25 pm PT and got out of the ambulance with their equipment, EKG monitor, needles, meds
    Senneff sagte er kam um 12:25pm PT an MJ's Haus an und stieg mit der Ausrüstung aus dem Krankenwagen, EKG-Monitor, Nadeln, Medikamente

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    Q: June 25, 2009, do you remember responding to a location with a potential fatality? Senneff: I responded to a patient not breathing
    Q: 25. Juni 2009, erinnern sie sich an die Reaktion an einem Ort mit einem möglichen Todesfall? Senniff: Ich reagierte auf einen Patienten der nicht atmete.
    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    Katherine and Randy Jackson left the courtroom when Senneff began testifying. They didn't want to hear/see what happened in the house
    K. und R. Jackson verließen den Gerichtssaal als Sennef mit seiner Aussage begann. Sie wollten nicht hören/sehen was im Haus passierte.

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    Senneff: "You learn so much about the community" He said there are about 1100 paramedics in the city of LA, about 1050 are firefighters too
    Senneff: "Man lernt so viel über die Community" Er sagte, es gibt etwa 1100 Sanitäter in der Stadt LA und auch etwa 1050 Feuerwehrleute

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    Senneff detailed the coverage area of the LA city department, what areas they serve and difference between city and county of LA
    Senneff erklärt das Versorgungsgebiet des LA City Departments, für welche Bereiche sie zuständig sind und den Unterschied zwischen Stadt-und Landkreis von LA

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    Senneff explained what a paramedic does and the different machines in a rescue ambulance which are related to trauma and cardiac arrest
    Senneff erklärte, was ein Sanitäter macht und die verschiedenen Maschinen einer Rettungs-Ambulanz, die mit Trauma und Herzstillstand in Zusammenhang stehen

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    There was last minute change in the order of the witnesses. First one was Richard Senneff, paramedic/firefighter who tried to resuscitate MJ
    In letzter Minute wurde die Reihenfolge der Zeugen geändert. Erster war Richard Senneff, Rettungssanitäter / Feuerwehrmann, der versuchte MJ wiederzubeleben

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    No one seems to be bothering Katherine Jackson. Everyone giving her the space she needs.
    Niemand scheint KJ zu stören. Jeder gibt ihr den Freiraum, den sie braucht.

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts
    Katherine Jackson in hanging out in the cafeteria at the courthouse. She's walking around the outside area with bodyguards and sheriff
    KJ hält sich in der Cafeteria des Gerichtsgebäudes auf. Sie läuft im Außengelände mit Bodyguards und Sheriff

  • ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts 16m

    Senneff: "Once someone said his name, I looked at the patient's face and saw it was Michael Jackson."

    Senneff: "Jemand sagte seinen Namen, ich schaute in das Gesicht d. Patienten und ich sah es war MJ."

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts 16m

    Senneff said initially he was not able to identify the patient, but as it progressed someone said his name was Michael Jackson

    Senneff sagte, zunächst war er nicht in der Lage den Patienten zu identifizieren, aber als jemand sagte sein Name war MJABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts 17m

    Panish showed pic with IV pole, IV bag and oxygen tank. Another picture
    showed bedside table with pill bottles, water bottle, juice bottle
    Panish zeigte ein Foto mit Infusionsständer, Infusionsbeutel und Sauerstoffflasche. Ein anderes Bild zeigte Nachttisch mit Pillenflaschen, Wasserflasche, Saftflasche

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts 19m

    Senneff said he saw an IV pole and an IV bag on the pole, along with an
    oxygen tank. There were medicine bottles on the nightstand.

    Senneff sagte, er sah einen Infusionsständer und einen Infusionsbeutel auf der Stange, zusammen mit einem Sauerstoff-Tank. Medizin-Flaschen auf dem Nachttisch.

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts 20m

    Senneff: "Patient looked underweight to me." He also said he "appeared to be chronically ill."

    Senneff: "Für mich sah d. Patient Untergewichtig aus." Er sagte auch, "er schien chronisch krank zu sein."

    ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts 21m

    Panish: How was the patient? Senneff: "To me he looked at the end stage"
    Panish: Wie war der Patient? Senneff: "Für mich sah er wie im ??Endstadium?? aus"

    Heute, 01:18
    ABC7 Court News@ABC7Courts21m
    Timeline of paramedics' response, PT
    12:22p - dispatched
    12:23- rolling down the street
    12:25- on scene
    13:07 - transported
    13:13 - hospital

    ABC7 Court News@ABC7Courts22m
    Senneff said he contacted UCLA hospital. He also said Dr. Murray then indicated he gave MJ a little bit of lorazepam to help him sleep
    Senneff sagte er kontaktierte das UCLA. Er sagte auch dass Dr. Murray dann angab,dass er MJ ein bisschen Lorazepam als einschlafhilfe gab.

    ABC7 Court News@ABC7Courts22m
    Senneff said MJ's chest was pale white, his hands and feet turned blue from not getting enough ventilation/oxygen.
    Senneff sagte MJ Brust war blass weiß, seine Hände und Füße wurden blau da sie nicht genug Sauerstoff bekamen

    ABC7 Court News@ABC7Courts23m
    Senneff: "When I picked him up and moved him, he was cool to the touch. I would say less than an hour... Body doesn't get cold that fast"
    Senneff: " Als ich ihn aufhob und bewegte, fühlte er sich kalt an. I würde sagen weniger als eine Stunde...Körper kühlen nicht so schnell ab.

    ABC7 Court News@ABC7Courts24m
    Senneff said when he moved MJ, he felt he did not have a pulse. His pupils were fixed and dilated, eyes were quite dried
    Senneff sagt als er MJ bewegte fühlte er, dass er keine Puls hatte. Seine Pupillen waren starr und geweitet, die Augen waren ganz ausgetrocknet

    ABC7 Court News@ABC7Courts24m
    Senneff asked what kind of medication patient was taking. Sennef said that according to Dr. Murray, "he was not" (taking any medication)
    Senneff fragte was für Medikamente d. Patient einnimmt . Sennef sagte das laut Dr Murray, er keine Medikamente nahm.

    ABC7 Court News@ABC7Courts26m
    But Senneff said the patient did not look like one suffering from dehydration exhaustion, which are relatively mild conditions.
    Aber Senneff sagte der Patient sah nicht wie jemand aus der an Austrocknung u. Erschöpfung leidet, was relativ leichte Beschwerden sind.

    ABC7 Court News@ABC7Courts28m
    Senneff: "I asked what his underlying condition was.... the doctor said nothing, that he was just treating him for dehydration & exhaustion"
    Senneff: "Ich fragte, was seine Grunderkrankung(bzw.Rahmenbedingungen) war.... der Arzt sagte, nichts , dass er in nur aufgrund Dehydratisierung und Erschöpfung behandle"


    Ivy ‏@Ivy_4MJ
    Senneff said MJ’s eyes were dilated& dry,his skin cool, his lips a faint blue. He thought MJ was dead (as long as an hour) when LAFD arrived
    Senneff sagte, MJ's Augen waren geweitet und trocken, seine Haut kalt, seine Lippen ein schwaches blau. Er dachte, dass MJ (länger als eine Stunde) tot war , als LAFD eintraf
    10:44 PM - 30 Apr 13

    Ivy ‏@Ivy_4MJ
    LAFD Paramedic Richard Senneff (about Murray) : Murray was "frantic. He was sweating. He was very pale."
    LAFD Sanitäter Richard Senneff (über Murray): Murray war "hektisch, Er schwitzte. Er war sehr blass."10:42 PM - 30 Apr 13

    Ivy ‏@Ivy_4MJ
    Richard Senneff (about MJ) "To me, he looked like someone who was at the end stage of a long disease process."
    Richard Senneff (über MJ) "Für mich sah er aus, wie jemand, der am Ende einer langen Phase eines Krankheitsverlaufs war."10:40 PM - 30 Apr 13

  • http://ca.reuters.com/article/entertainm…E93R04J20130430

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Michael Jackson looked pale, thin and like a hospice patient on the day he died in 2009, a Los Angeles paramedic told a jury on Tuesday in the wrongful death lawsuit involving the pop star and the promoters of a never-realized series of London concerts.

    Richard Senneff, the first witness in the civil trial, testified that he was initially unaware that the person lying in pajamas on a bed in the rented Los Angeles mansion was the world famous pop singer.

    "The patient appeared to be chronically ill to me," Senneff testified, saying he could see Jackson's ribs. "He was very pale and underweight. I thought perhaps this was a hospice patient."
    Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, appeared "frantic" but never mentioned that the "Thriller" singer had taken the anesthetic propofol, Senneff said.
    "He was pale, he was sweating, he was very busy," Senneff said of Murray, who was convicted in 2011 of the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson through an overdose of propofol, which is usually used in surgical settings.

    Senneff, who gave similar testimony in Murray's 2011 criminal trial, was testifying on Tuesday on behalf of Jackson's mother and his three children.
    Jackson's immediate family accuses AEG Live, who were promoting a series of London concerts by Jackson, of negligence in hiring Murray as the singer rehearsed for what would have been a career comeback after years out of the musical spotlight.
    AEG Live maintains that Jackson kept his dependency on propofol secret from outsiders, and that a proposed contract with Murray was never fully executed.
    Jackson, 50, was pronounced dead in a Los Angeles hospital on June 25, 2009, a day after a rehearsal and three weeks before the first concert was due to take place in London.
    Katherine Jackson, 82, and the singer's two oldest children Prince and Paris, are also on the witness list later in the civil trial along with singers Diana Ross and Prince.
    (Reporting By Jill Serjeant; Editing by Sandra Maler)

  • Katherine Jackson vs AEG Live -Daily Trial Testimony Summary

    Tag 2 zusammengefasst von Ivy

    Teil 1:


    Refresher: Link to Senneff’s testimony at Murray Criminal Trial :

    ..daraus einen Ausschnitt:

    LAPD Detective Orlando Martinez Testimony

    Jackson direct

    Martinez started by explaining his training and background. Martinez learned from his lieutenant that Michael Jackson was the victim. He went to UCLA to begin his investigation. (ABC7)

    Martinez said he saw Frank Dileo and Randy Phillips at the hospital as well as Katherine and Randy Jackson and MJ’s kids (ABC7)

    Jackson's lawyer Panish: Were you able to speak with Dr. Murray at the UCLA?
    Martinez: No
    Panish: Why not?
    Martinez: He had left (ABC7)

    At the hospital, LAPD officers decided to fly MJ’s body to the coroner’s officer so that the transport wouldn't become a spectacle.(AP)

    Martinez then went to MJ’s house at Carolwood. Martinez photographed the scene (AP). Lots of photographs were shown to the jurors. Martinez explained the photographs to the jurors. He also mentioned that police made three separate trips to MJ’s home to collect evidence.(AP)

    Martinez didn't search Murray's vehicle because he wanted a search warrant. Martinez didn't leave Murray's car at the residence, wanted a reason for the doc to go talk to him. Car was impounded to a police yard (ABC7).

    Inside the BMW -- which was registered to Murray's sister in Texas -- he found a contract between AEG Live and Murray saying he would be paid $150,000 a month to work as Jackson's doctor, along with AEG Live President Randy Phillips' business card and cell phone number, he said.(CNN) In Murray's car: handwriten note with 24 hour pharmacies names/numbers; Randy Phillips' business card; contract between Dr. Murray and AEG (ABC7)

    The detective said that when he interviewed Murray with two attorneys present, the doctor made up a story to protect himself.

    “He was not being honest and forthright,” Martinez testified. (LATimes)

    Martinez had already interviewed Dr. Murray prior to the car's search. He attempted to interview him again, but doc wasn't talking anymore (ABC7) Martinez said he was looking for a motive for MJ's death, and the contract could be important financial aspect to investigate.(ABC7)

    Seeing pictures of MJ's room, Martinez said he saw IV bag, pill bottles, vials, ambu bag. "It looked like the room had been cleaned up," he said. Martinez: "Things had been removed from the room prior to police's arrival." He took several pictures to document the scene. (ABC7) Martinez says he learned from Dr. Murray that there were 3 bags total of medicine in the closet. He went back to the house to retrieve them. Martinez took fingerprints off the bags and found Dr. Murray's prints on the bottles.(ABC7) (Jurors were shown several pictures of evidence collected and crime scene photos)

    Det. Orlando Martinez at first concluded that the cause was accidental or natural. (LATimes) Martinez said at that time the investigation was leading to natural or accidental death, no real signs of foul play, but it was odd.(ABC7)

    LAPD Detective Orlando Martinez's testimony focused on Murray's finances as a potential motive for his treatment of Jackson. (AP)

    When Martinez discovered the deep financial straits Murray, he shifted his thinking and pondered whether he had discovered a motive for the pop star’s death — “financial gain.” (LATimes)

    Martinez told jurors Murray was more than $500,000 in debt and may have been motivated by a large payday for working with MJ.(AP)

    Detective Martinez testified that after interviewing Murray and after the search of Murray's car four days after MJ's death, his "thinking at the moment was the crime was negligence." (CNN)

    Detective Orlando Martinez testified that he looked into Murray's finances searching for a financial motive for his role in Jackson's death and relied mostly on public records. He turned up that Murray's Las Vegas home was in foreclosure proceedings, and Murray faced several liens for unpaid child support and other unpaid debts.(AP)

    His investigation revealed that Murray hadn't paid his mortgage in more than six months, his home was being foreclosed on and he had several liens for unpaid child support and tax debts, Martinez said.(CNN)

    Murray's Las Vegas home, which he bought for $1.6 million, was appraised at barely $1 million in 2009, he said. The Las Vegas real estate market had suffered a major decline in home values up to that date.(CNN) The house was in foreclosure (LATimes)

    Martinez checked Dr. Murray's credit report. "There was a notice up that his house was either on a lien or being foreclosed on." (ABC7)

    Panish showed a document from a title company that said Dr. Murray owed $ 1,644,644.25 for the loan of his house (unpaid principal balance) (ABC7)

    As of January 2009, Dr. Murray had not been paying his mortgage and was behind $ 15,165.11. Late charges accruing at rate of $3,477.95 (ABC7)

    Martinez says he determined the doctor was more than $500,000 in debt, facing foreclosure and his “office was about to be closed.”(AP)

    Murray had closed his office to work with one patient — Jackson, tying his financial future to him, Martinez said. (LATimes)

    Orlando Martinez testified that Murray was trying to deal with the large drop in value of his Las Vegas home, unpaid taxes and child support payments for eight children with seven women.(CNN)

    The searches led Martinez to conclude that Murray's financial condition was "severely distressed."(AP)

    Panish: “Is there any question in your mind that Dr. Murray was in dire financial straits?” Martinez: “No, there was no question.” (AP)

    "That's a lot of money for anyone," Martinez said. "Seeing the scene and talking to him about what he had done and how he did it raised questions."(CNN)

    Martinez said that led him to believe Murray's actions were motivated by the $150,000 a month he expected to be paid by AEG.(AP)

    "Focusing on the financial aspect may have been important for Dr. Murray's willingness to disregard his Hippocratic Oath for financial gain," he testified.(CNN)

    Martinez said what he learned about Murray's financial troubles led him "to opine that he may have, for this easy money -- the $150,000 a month -- may break the rules, bend the rules, to do whatever he needed to do to get paid."(CNN)

    "He may break the rules, bend the rules, do whatever he needed to do to get paid," Martinez said. "It might solve his money problems." (AP)

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